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  1. stool breeze, if Trurl and Klapacious get wind that you have been stealing their ideas they will give you such a thrashing...
  2. I feel that putting in a LOS tool is a bad idea. For me, the best way to determine wether there is a line of sight is to move around untill ones' own start firing or are fired upon. Adds to the drama. On it's own the game has no issues, only those that people invent for it.
  3. When I was researching Naval warfare un the 18th and 19th centuries the general breakdown of losses were about 95% disease, 4% shipwrecks and about 1% combat(if that). When one considers that during the Seven year war and the Napoleonic Wars the Royal Navy ran up losses of about a quater of a million men in EACH conflict (yes you heard me correctly, and you can verify this for yourselves), there can be seen to be some correlation to the land losses. For reference the operating strength of the Royal Navy was about a hundred thousand men (both marines and sailors) and the first conflict covers a seven year period, while the second conflict is for a twelve year period. So losses would run at about 35,000 and 20,000 a year respectively.
  4. RT only versus live opponents. Able to finish a game in a reasonable amount of time plus the experience. Another one wishing for replays, and a T64, and a BMP-T, ooh and an IT-1, and a SU-130, and a ....
  5. Yes. Though waiting for a modern theater that interests me (hint,WP).
  6. For the most part, all I see are people producing perfect answers and then fabricating questions to fit that answer. If any of those people ever design something, you will quickly dicover this is a certain path to failure and disaster.
  7. Inflatable wading pools, various sizes. Flippers and snorkels. National bathing suits. Spear guns. A submersible T64.
  8. An interface that reads my thoughts. I don't know why this hasn't been implemented before as it's so easy to do. Just ask Grumbling_Grognard. And where is my T64. I'M WARNING YOU BATTLEFRONT, DON'T MAKE US BE REASONABLE. YOU WON'T LIKE IT!!!!!!
  9. Noone wants motorcycles? What about motorcycles with sidecars? And guns? And a T64 too please.
  10. Finally finnished fooling around with the Demo. Runs fine on my HT P4 3.0,1GB RAM and 9800PRO, with graphics a notch below maximum. Some lag from time to time but nothing intolerable. Visual impressions were initially good, but after a while I disliked the washed out look everything has. The icons made that dislike worse as I found they contrasted with the background to much. Feel that TOW has it done better, though I think SM:SF has far superior audio effects. I found the menu more cumbersome than that of CMBB, and the easy way I slid into CMBB without worrying about which key I was pressing was not there. More keys to press to get things done as well worries me. Played the missions against the computer, and, as usual found nothing special in the gameplay or the decisions of the computer. Predictable and easy to beat, with odd beahaviour here and there. Then Played online against a friend, which was better but not that exciting. We both thought that the gameplay may be too tactical with little in the way of strategy, and didn't feel like repeating the effort either. Overall, I was disenchanted. The gameplay I found limited and boring. The real time did not add anything for me or detract from it either. The other considerations are of minor concern and would probably fade with time. As I'm a fan (not an expert, just a fan) of modern ground combat and all it's toys I'll be interested to see how this develops. This product, however, is not for me.
  11. Grumbling Grognard, not only do you not have a clue about what you are talking about. You haven't even shed any light what-so-ever. And please, could you pull your pants back up.
  12. Ah, the old argument that if one can't see it, it's good, but if one can see it, and one doesn't like what one sees, it's bad. Bunk, twaddle and **** for brains.
  13. Uh-huh. Are you certain you're in the right business?
  14. Complicated designs create complicated prablems with complicated solutions. And the solutions don't work all the time in every instance. And thousands of hours is not enough to uncover every instance in a complicated design.
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