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  1. HI KennyT I had the same problem. What i did was install CMAK go into CMMODS and pull up all the CMAK MODS. There are about 12 scenario packs on the bottom of the first page. They included many scenarios and operations Most take place in Europe not in the sand. It feels like playing CMBO. It includes Normandy, Market Garden and many more. Try it great fun. Let me know what you think.
  2. Hi Battlefront The muzzle flashes are fine. Please leave it alone. You did a great job.
  3. Hi It is a game a very good one. Lets enjoy this new game CMSF 107 for awhile. Lets give BFC a chance to rest. Remember 2 patches one for TOW and One for CMSF in Two Weeks. BFC very GOOD.
  4. Hi Sargemy Could be low ram. I have xp and usually have as much as 1.4 gb of ram to play game out of 2 gb of ram. I also think that with vista you may need 3 gb of ram, rather then 2 gb. VISTA is a HUGE memory hog. I always play with 2 cpu's but when i start it sometimes gets laggy what i do is go back into 1 cpu apply then go back into 2 cpu's and apply, it clears for me. Let me know if it works good luck.
  5. Hi Battlefront Is 106 coming out today, tomorrow or Friday. Thanks
  6. Hi Sneaksie I'm sorry i left you out. When no one else was here you were. Your expert knowledge and quick answering of the many questions, was what kept us going. Thank you
  7. Hi Madmatt Thanks for the good news. I am glad you got involved it seemed to have moved things along.
  8. Hi Madmatt Is the patch still on for Friday.
  9. Hi Madmatt On 1/14/08 you said you would have more info on the patch in 24 hours or so. Its now 4 days latter any info. Or is it safe to assume the patch will be out the early part of next week. Any info would help Thanks
  10. Hi BigDork Try The new campaigns Crossroads and The Ghost, they are very good. Have a safe Tour of Duty. God Bless to you and all our troops. God Bless America
  11. HI Webwing GREAT! GREAT! GREAT! This is better then any of the campaigns in Cmbo, Cmbb and Cmak. This is what CMSF was meant to be. The game is much better with lots of infantry. I hope Battlefront thanks you. I hope you make more infantry campaigns. BTW Battlefront his campaign really showed off patch 105.
  12. Hi Reichenberg Battlefront put out 5 patches for CMSF and CMSF is out a shorter time then TOW. My point is that we waited for months already. I think that if we get a patch now and another latter it not only will help us, but it also will help them on the bottom line. Remember better game more sales.. Quicker patch better game. Happy Holidays
  13. Hi everyone Why not let them put out the patch and then in another patch let them put out the battle generator. It might take a long time for the battle generator to be ready. Doesn't it make more sense. Happy Holidays
  14. Hi Aries I agree with you 100 percent. Rune please no more when its ready its insulting after awhile. If we wait years for the patch there will be problem's. I think Steves way of telling us the real reasons is better. I'm a great fan of Battlefront games. I want them to be successful. Remember Steve put out 105 with problems and said on to 106 and 107, that's fine. The game over the last 5 patches got better and better. By the way its all about customer retention
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