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  1. I have an MG team with a clear los all the way down a street with buildings on both sides.But it is unable to area target the buildings directly in front.It alows me to area target any portion of the street, as soon as the target line gets to the building it wont target it.I brought a vehicle down the same street.Same problem.Whats up with that?
  2. Is there any way to toggle them off?They get quite annoying when you have alot of them.
  3. The cliffs are about 14m up. Are they not equipped to do this?
  4. Just played 1st battle of TF Thunder.Killed all tanks.Had only 3kia and 6 wounded for blue.Red had 106kia.I held the entire barrack bldg with 4 min left.I had blue forces in all of the barracks.It gave me a draw.What did I do wrong?I did do a cease fire with 4 min. left.I did lose 1 M1A1.
  5. How do I generate a quick battle on a map down loaded map?
  6. Are there any plans to make them darker, more visible from above?They seem to be too faint.
  7. In CM1 you had the option of scenario default or the ai could place the computer forces mixing up the scenario.Just finished playing The Prophet and the Mountain, can I expect the forces to be in the same exact locations?
  8. Hit face command first, then pop smoke, the smoke went in front of the unit, not to the 90 degree position I chose with the face command.
  9. How do you put smoke where you want it from the squad pop smoke command?
  10. Is the lack of trees by the scenario makers due to the real terrain of Syria or they dont want to burden systems with lots of lag time?
  11. Since I am too lazy to read the manual.Would anyone like to tell me about the proper use of the Javelin?I cant get it to fire.
  12. Where can I find more CMSF scenarios or Campaigns?
  13. It does not work for me at any time, i have to agree to watch the replay, then hit the red button to move on to the next turn.
  14. At the end of each turn it reads, End of Turn,You May Now Replay The Action.How do I bypass this without watching the replay at all?
  15. It appears that the modern AT weapons of Shock Force are so lethal that many tanks and vehicles will have very short lives unless extreme caution is used.Very short lives even if extreme caution is used.In CMBO, CMBB,and CMAK you could casually stroll your uber armor along with moderate worries.That does not seem to be the case now.
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