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  1. The answer is yes you can destroy enemy tanks/armor whit infantry sqd´s if they have molotov coktails etc... but to get infantry sqd near by the armor that is the hardest thing but i think that you should get panzerschreck or something to destroy armors easyer. jani_tillanen@hotmail.com
  2. I usually send only 1 tank if i don`t know what is behind next hill (tank has 1sqd passengers) and if there will be broblem i can save the first tank from destroy whit back up because i always keep tanks in pairs so i have fire power enaugh to give the attacker a lesson
  3. use on your own risk it sounds little risky to me =D
  4. Before you are going to learn good tactics in CM you have to remember two things because these tips become very handy in combat.. 1.Destroyed vehiles don`t serve cover.. so the enemy is able to shoot right trought them 2.When you have to run trough steppe to the next cover use always run mode not move because if you walk trough they will be eliminated Capish? The real thing... So those two were easy to remember. But to think your own strategys you have to have shallow and opened mind remember that too.... You have to think like real General in the war you cannot kill your own arm
  5. run forest run others shouted in ForesGump movie so i think you should run like chiken whit out head and when you are in cover you can give them good lesson
  6. ok i tested jus 2 minutes ago so it dont work whit mozilla i can tell you that but on explorel it is working fine so your broblem is that mozilla or netscape cannot download that file....
  7. yep it could be that it doesn`t work whit Mozilla and Netscape im using mozilla now but Explore is better in downloading...
  8. i had same broblem but it did fix when i just re downloaded it but i don`t know about xp because i have the old school 98 second edition :E
  9. Please could you tell me that has battlefront got somekind irc channel and is it in gamesnet quakenet or irc.net...etc.. please reply
  10. It fits good and it doesn`t have any broblems because last time i added on of that kinda interface it had some color broblems but in this one there isn`t any of those so props to you and i hope that you keep modding more of those
  11. i was about miss something you can also ad me to your messenger my id is also my official internet mail adress jani_tillanen@hotmail.com
  12. I know my topic isn`t the best to this theme but i would like have new friends who play Combat Mission so if you would want to have new friend just reply your hotmail msn id (i dont have any other chatting program) second thing what is more important is that does battlefron.com have quakenet channel in irc????
  13. Try to download it again... if it doesn`t work then some one more pro than me wanna help you whit that im sure from that
  14. 1.Please tell your top-5 maps or campaing`s 2.Tell Your favorite Tank/Panzer in CMBB
  15. Looks Bretty good i cant wait when i have those in my CMBB ____________ ___________ ____________ _______________ __________________ ___________________
  16. So it have been a while since i`ve been here last time but now the question is has someone done great map about Stalingrad??? And it is sure nice to bee here again :] :confused:
  17. Markl i cant send you mail i don`t know why but hotmail says that your mail adress is incomblite so i have broblems still but who care`s
  18. Ok thanx now i can do my own map about helsinki and Mikkeli
  19. Has some one done CMBB map from Helsinki or Mikkeli i would like to have That kind map tell if you know about these maps pleace tel ------------------------------------------ PS. or if you find maps about these places from 1930-1944 you can give a link to those
  20. ok i belive you much easyer than my friend who oviesly don`t know anything about Combat Mission
  21. So this time my question is what will be the next Combat Mission. One of my friends told that it will be vietnam but i don`t belive it so do any 1 know....
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