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  1. Let me support that wholeheartedly. In CMBB back in the days my regular CM opponent and me had a system in place using the troops/map import feature, and seriously, this turned awesome CM battles into truly epic campaigns. We're currently playing a CMBN meeting engagement QB and it would be just awesome to be able to followup on this. In this case for instance, we where fighting for a village. My opponent will clearly leave the game in full possession of the village and I would love to be able to counter-attack and try to re-capture the village, but only if the troops from the previous battle
  2. Awesome! I missed this in the manual but it is indeed explained as you mention. Thanks! JV
  3. Currently Combat Missioning in Normandy. 

  4. Thanks Bulletpoint. In regard to simultaneous fire, I assume I need *three* different spotters to direct the fire of those three mortars? I think I'll rather bring them up for direct fire. I am looking at my 3.01 manual right now and haven't located the multi-battery barrage you mention (unless you refer to setup phase fire missions planning). I only see this one note that states that a spotter can only direct one support request/mission at a time. Can someone possibly elaborate on this? Thanks again
  5. Hello gentlemen, Currently playing CMBN and I have a question about using on-map mortars, just to make sure I am not trying to do something that just isn't feasible in the game. I'd be glad if anyone of you could let me know if I'm missing something here or incorrectly interpret what can or can't be done. So I have this mortar section deployed behind a tall bocage. The HQ is up forward, looking at an open field up ahead, while its three 60mm mortar teams are slightly behind, deployed, ready to fire, and in full contact with the HQ, but WITHOUT LOS on the field. I want to deliver mortar fire
  6. Latest I tried is 163.69 and I get 4 fps. I just realized I'm on DirectX 10 though. IIRC, this version is rather unhealthy for older games. But I also seem to recall rolling back to an earlier version isn't exactly simple.
  7. I confirm, this fix do work, but the framerate remains rather low, almost unplayable. Time is now to find the proper settings to enhance performance. I admitt my lack of knowledge for most settings within the Nvidia control pannel though. Running on Vista (32b) AMD duo core 4000+ 2GB ram Nvidia 8600GT (Forceware 163.44 drivers) JV
  8. Eventually, most of this stuff will be moddable to booth JV
  9. Hey, I remember toiling on quite a few of your offerings ! (We Fight and Die Here, 29th Let's Go, etc. mmm, not sure I have those titles right) Welcome back, and I hope you feel inspired by the editor ! Let us know what you come up with ! JV
  10. If I may somewhat chime in as a guy from the outer ring of this extraordinary crew, I'd say none are afraid of constructive comments, no matter how hard it might be to take sometimes. Some calls are legit, some are due to the fact that CM2 is NOT CMx1, some because differents gamers have different experiences, likings, etc. All this is perfectly fine. I commend your taking the time to put these comments "in perspective", and I'm tempted to do the same from the other side of the fence: release is release, the game everybody were waiting for for a long time is finally here, it's pretty en
  11. Uedel, I feel someone from the crew will smile reading this part of your comment. Yup, something tells me that member #42 will smile indeed Cheers JV
  12. I'm not sure exactly what the demo has under the belt in terms of AI plan, but what we might have here is the occurence of two different plans used by the computer player. One super feature of CMSF is that the computer player can have different plans, thus the games Severin and SmithyG played may have been two completely different affairs.
  13. Check the hotkey window. There's a key doing just that, albeit I can't remember which one from the top of my head.
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