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  1. Well I finally managed to lay my hands on a copy of MS Excel and use it with RobO's campaign generator. This takes the campaigns to another level as it greatly reduces the book-keeping time. The printed forms are fine and not difficult to use but the Excel spread sheet saves a lot of time. And it is easy to use ! I do recommend using the spreadsheet as it demonstrates the true elegance of RobO's design. BTW my original LW infrantry company was wiped out in southern Russia. I now have an SS infantry company in northern Russia which is doing better. Good gaming !
  2. Hi guys, I have got all the CM games and have enjoyed the different challenges each one presents. My preference is for operations and I have played all of these to death. So CM was put aside while I looked for other challenges in other war games. Then I discovered RobO's Quick Campaign generator ( through browsing this board). This is an outstanding addition to the CM series. Using ROQC has breathed new life into the games.The campaigns are challenging and varied. And they make you really care, and be careful, for the fate of your core units as you progress form battle to
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