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  1. I think I was lucky - I got the email (on a gmail account) while using my Mac. By the time the email was deleted - I had clicked on the link to go to the "battlefront" site and it had downloaded this little puppy 5 times onto my computer before I left the site. However, vmware was running XP at the time, and while I thought that wouldn't be a problem, when I went over to the windows vm it was shutting itself down? Highly unlikely (and highly sophisiticated if true) but I'll do further checking.
  2. http://www.amazon.com/Battle-Kursk-David-M-Glantz/dp/0700613358 That'll keep you busy for a while.
  3. The only issue I had with the UI was the camera and turning off the RTS setting in the preferences fixed that. Not sure what else is bothering everyone. Curious though - do tanks rush blindly at the enemy like they did in TOW1? That was the chief reason I gave up on that one.
  4. I was caressing the trigger last night. Almost purchased Empire: Total War. I am holding off though to throw my money at TOW2 because I thought the demo showed more promise. ETW has awesome graphics and I'm sure a great strategic element, but the battles were a bit to arcadish for me. I can see myself getting it sometime in the future however . . .
  5. These technologies are real. I don't necessarily need them in the stock campaigns, but I like having units available for people to make other hypothetical missions.
  6. Sneaksie - that must be what I'm seeing. Thanks for the tip. While I have your attention, do we have a ballpark on gold status? Can't hurt to ask, right?
  7. Here's what I'm observing that seems a bit off: I use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. When I'm focused on a spot, it seems as though zooming in actually moves the camera forward simultaneously, resulting in me overshooting the intended spot. Zooming too far in results in the camera pointing somewhat downward. Zooming back out has me up in the air, with a camera pointing at the ground. Have I hit something by accident?
  8. Is that how the final is going to be? Since I don't understand the Russian, is there any way to make it more like TOW 1? It seems to be more difficult to control than before (I have only tried the TOW 1 demo).
  9. As and FYI, the Admin privileges issue was preventing me from changing resolutions. I set it to run as Admin and all is well.
  10. I think it's the memory footprint. When I run this application it wants to max out my 2GB of ram.
  11. I'll give it a try. And I think I'll change my name here to Lagavullin4Me :-D
  12. Tartari - yes we should wait for the English Demo, but who are we kidding ! ;-D Those instructions are exactly what I did. Just won't "stick" for me. Don't know why.
  13. I have noticed that on my system this game is using up just under 2 GB of ram. Try stopping as many background process as you can. Try EndItAll for a fast way of doing it. Then again, I'm running Vista. I doubt you're using as much memory as I am :-D
  14. When I hit the bottom right button I get a dialog box with a radio button on it immediately afterwards. I hit the button and am right where I was. I have to hit another button to go back (not the "restore defaults" - that one also gives me a dialog box with either Da or Niet as options). The changes are never saved :-(
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