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  1. There are a lot of communists in this thread...hmmm.
  2. A world divided is the sequel and is completely seperate. I got the original from Half Price book store a few days ago and I'm still picking it up but I'm interested in a PBEM game with someone maybe after another week of learning.
  3. I got dropteam to load but never tried multiplayer. The one server was empty and I've forgotten my password. I'll try to figure that out sometime this week.
  4. I'm a huge gametap fan and noticed dropteam is now coming soon to gametap. I wonder if the online portion will work and bring in new players at all.
  5. Can you just give me an idea of what slow is? Can I find games from 6pm-10pm CST? I don't need tons of people and a huge community...as long as some people are on.
  6. The reviews are excellent, sounds fun, multiplayer sounds even better. But it looks dead, hardly any posts and I'm worried I'm wasting my money if multiplayer is empty.
  7. I think I would agree that smoke seems to be the biggest indicator. I can run 60fps with all options off or 30-40 with most all on except high texturing...but both share the stutters (which although troublesome, which is why they are worth noting, are rare) mostly with the cause seeming to be fog or actually artillery screen shake seems to do it sometimes for me.
  8. The system requirements. I have a 6600gt 128mb and I run at 1280x1024 but I turned terrain detail to medium, distance 2 notches down, particles off, ambient sound off, vegetation off, smoke off, shadows off. It runs okay but in heavy action it still stutters sometimes. It isn't often but when it does I think for a few seconds the game has frozen then I see my tank with the turrent only then if I back up again behind a hill it works again. I like the tank combat with the variety of different vehicles. I like the physics and how hover vehicles plop down to stabilize as a firing platform...etc
  9. You guys sure got some built up spite...yeesh.
  10. If you guys want to add anything feel free to post a thread that helped you, I'm still around.
  11. I'm sorry guys. I'm still around, but I've been distracted for a long while. To my suprise I got accepted for an internship and I'm carrying a full time job for the first time ever during my summer. I'm 17, so it's a lot for me. I might actually pick up Combat Mission again, it is fun. But I have to go a 40 hour week, I have summer reading, I am learning PHP, C++, VB.net. I just don't have a ton of free time. I'll look over the articles though, sort them, and like always check back and accept people's suggestions. I'm not an expert, so I don't know what is the most use to you all. I'm relying
  12. I just played it through. Minor victory. I also thought the Crocodile was pretty amazing at first...but...at the end...well yea. I'm not sure how you use it in a tank to tank engagement. No spoiler as the briefing says as much. Anyone have any tips for using it against other tanks? Was I supposed to try and get it close in first? I had one crocodile of mine take a gun damage and hide, the other panicked and got finished off before it could recover. I enjoyed that scenario a lot though.
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