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  1. I have a great recommendation (I conducted a vote at home and it was unanimously voted to be great, so I can call it great!) Why don’t we make a new discussion group called After Action Reports. Then people could start threads detailing how their games went with screen shots, etc. so that newbies can learn from great veterans (or other peoples mistakes) (and yes, I was the only one home when I conducted my vote) Kolaivo
  2. Sorry about the thread but I swear I searched and searched and searched. My question: What in the world does "double blind" mean??? Thanks
  3. Sorry... wrong forum. Please delete [ September 19, 2004, 06:52 PM: Message edited by: Kolaivo ]
  4. So when I finally get CMBB up and running, I should use advance or assault? What's the difference between these two? (Sorry about the manual type questions, but I am halfway around the world playing on my laptop so I don't have the manual on me.)
  5. But won't the odds of hitting my men increase because they're not watching out as well for enemy troops?
  6. When you have to move from cover to cover through open ground, is it better to run or move? (I'm stuck with CMBO at the moment) I'm assuming I have other troops in overwatch.
  7. Hello. I'm trying that Ham and Jam Scenario, where you have to try and save the bridges. I havn't started and am trying to place my men. I was wondering what the point of the two engineers are (I'm playing allies). They have two demo packs, but I want to SAVE the bridge, not destroy it. Do they have other uses?
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