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  1. I can do Turkish - what needs to be done ? Trust me - there will be a difference...
  2. Hi ! Is there an update on the turkish mod ? I am sure you can evern charge for it  - especially in these days - these guys are an important addition to the CM2. I wonder BF left them out.

    So please tell us when wil you have it ready pleassseee

  3. I was a lurker for this thread. Will it be finished ever ? I would like to play these guys....
  4. Long time player of CM1.0 and some CM2 ones looks for a player for a PBEM ( still dont get the hang of "modern stuff" ) . I can do 1 to 2 turns a day, I am happy with medium to large scenarios.
  5. How can i manually activate cmsf2 ? I click on the link in the menu and it bring me to a page that says thisnpage no longer exists ?
  6. so this place is not used for oppoent findng anymore ?
  7. Turks are not there , and the Iranians... I dont know about the Iranians but turkish toc can be easy to find
  8. Returning to CM after a few years - I would like to meet worthy opponent in a PBEM game at Iron Level. Will play either side on any of the Normandy / CW / FInal Blitz or the Red Thunder or the Italian campaing. I prefer medium sized games. Any takers? Please send me a PM.
  9. Hi this great news really. I Might have missed if someone asked this before but : 1. will there be new armies like Russian regular/irregulars and Turkish army ? 2. Irregulars such as YPG / FSA and ISIS ?
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