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  1. Still playing all three games. All games are around turn 25. Haven't received a mail from Dinga for about a week, but I know it is holiday time for him in Australia, so I expect that he is at the beach or something ! :cool: The other two are progressing in a good tempo. Surprises me that almost everyone else has already finished his games. I did lose some time with the Fiaros game and we had some e-mail receiving trouble, but I wasn't aware that it cost so much time compared to the other games.
  2. Seems unlikely to me that a Tiger can be immobilized by a MG. Even if the MG was a .50. But very unexpected things do happen. Like a Tiger getting killed with one shot by a Stuart from the front: armour penetration at weakpoint. Flukes like these were appearently put in to represent a hit on and through the bow MG position or teh position of the driver. No surprise, that my opponent did feel a bit unlucky when it happened. In the later CM games these things were scaled down considerably. You should play the remake of the Villers Bocage scenario for CMBB: one big shooting gallery. Very hard for the german side to even lose a tank !
  3. After reading this sig: Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend. Albert Camus, I'm beginning to understand the remark of a german fascist before WW2: "just the sound of an intellectual is enough for me to go for my gun !"(parafrased and translated very loosely). Or maybe the quote by the Lord Flashheart when describing Baron von Richthofen says it even better: "what a poof !" Nothing personal of course. Just an observation.
  4. Guess not. Resend you my last one last week. Could you resend your last one again ? Please also to my other e-mailadress: bert@hamoen.nl
  5. Great work Gibsonm You must have put a lot of time in it !
  6. Sly, if you didn't receive mine (sent it yesterday), please give me a warning.
  7. Mikado is one of my regeular opponents. Haven't heard from him for a while too. Last time he wrote he "told" he would be busy wiht exams and the like (he is a teacher). I found Michel during the years we've played to be a reliable opponent. Don't know though about FIAROS. He hasn't send a reply for two weeks now...
  8. Fiaros, haven't heard from you for over a week now. Any problems ? To busy pondering and contemplating some theological enigma's ?
  9. I thought the bluecoats were the yankees in the civil war ?
  10. Well, there was the sound, the shadow on the ground, the howling of the falling bombs, the big, big craters after they landed, the strifing the next couple of turns. Yeah, it looked like a plane, it sounded like a plane: I believe it WAS a plane
  11. @Sly, Something else: in the later days of the war weren't Volksgrenadier and/or Volkssturm not much more common then regular infantry ? They would give the defender a lot more close-in firepower and the Volksturmsplatoons do have 4 panzerschrecks. Of course, when creating a scenario, you can put in as much schrecks in as you want ! I agree with Walker that the defender should have some "loose" AT capability. they can be 50mm PAK,schrecks and the like. In the current scenario the defender can only run when the tanks succeed in breaching the (bunker) line. @Walker What airplane ? The plane that killed one of my scarce and precious squads with one bomb, panicked an other and made a nuissance of itself in general ! Come to think of it: Sly, couldn't you put in some AA ? Like two 37 mm ? They sound great ! Can be used against light armour (bye, bye Priests and Greyhounds !) and infantry too ! With all these adjustments maybe the defenders can't loose anymore !
  12. Sly: I will get back to you shortly and resume our game !
  13. Some points of (my) view regarding the B scenario: - less turns; will force the attacker to attack with less preparation - less smoke for the Priests and Sherman; in our game the attacker walked/run his engineers through the smoke to some of my bunkers and took them out from the front without being fired upon - more wire and minefields and a lot of TRP's for the defender - more ammo for the FO's, maybe a rocket FO (or 2 with one volley each) for pummeling the town (with a TRP !) - the airplane seems a bit overdone; but it could always attack its own side ! - the defender has almost no overlapping field of fire; the bunkers can't support each other mutually. - the set-up of this game took me a very long time, but when the game had started there wasn't very much to do for the defender; almost all its forces were stationry. Not the most exciting play - maybe you can make this one a good scenario for attacking against the AI ?
  14. Slysniper wrote: Yes, I did feel quite helpless against the methodical (Boa Constrictor type of play) approach of Crow Warrior. Appearently, though, the other axis players did feel even more helpless ? I don't mind the score of course !
  15. Sly, Walker and I are at turn 24 (haven't seen the movie yet), so we should be able to finish in the next few days. I hope. Chris ?
  16. Nightkin, You may see bushes on your screen, but how the game translates that to blocked LOS is something else altogether. Sometimes tanks will even have LOS through a building and sometimes there will be LOS "through" bushes. "Scattered trees" (vereinzelte baueme) wil break LOS if the patch is big (deep) enough. They will diminish LOS to a certain extent in any case. But it is quite possible, as you've found out, that the loss of LOS isn't enough to block LOS.
  17. Crow Warrior wrote: Liked to lose to you. It was an honour and a privilige. NOT !
  18. Very special to become a father. Especially when the child gets another birthdate then the one he actually is born on ! So, will you celebrate his birthday on the coming 8th of december ? And how old will he get then ? Must have been the "becoming-a-fathter" jitters ! Congratulations !!
  19. Sly, must be those e-mail problems again. Just resent my last move to again. Any you've send me after that one, I didn't receive.
  20. Oops, misspelled your name I see now.. why making it difficult ? English isn't my native tongue as it is and now you're confusing me even more ! Not nice !
  21. Hey Johnny ! Quit frequenting this forum and/or send me your move !!
  22. Hard to tell. I think I'm doing fairly OK (that means: not losing heavily), but you never know whether our esteemed scenariodesigner, or my opponents for that matter, has a surprise up his sleeve which will throw everything up and over. I think I'll only know for sure when the games are (almost) over.
  23. This: http://robmin.50megs.com/cm/index.html site has various scenario packs for both CMBO and CMBB. Can give you more playing pleasure then you've got years to live ! Well, almost.
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