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  1. If I remember correctly the way to fire the flamethrower is to target "area fire" and when the question comes "use main weapon ?", you choose "no".
  2. As long as the engine of my computer recognizes the Combat Mission language I can't see me stop playing these games. Still play all three of them and I've got more games running at the moment then one or two years ago ! Still haven't seen all the weapons available in the game(s). So much to discover yet... Better graphics would be nice, but in the end, that doesn't make the game as such better.
  3. There is a sort of DAR (not rely, but there are some screenshots) about these games on the message boards of the Blitz.org.
  4. I read somewhere that it is possible to play the Combat Mission games without the CD's in the CD player of my PC. How do you do that ? I play all three games PBEM on both my desktop and my laptop, but have to drag the CD's with me from computer to computer and have to change them from game to game. Don't think this benificial for the life-expectancy of the CD's. Can anybody help me out ?
  5. You should post this at The Blitz. The person who has run and posted the test has an ego the size of New York, so his response should be fun to read ! Don't I know it ! I fear you've got a bunch of them and they are very hard to spot ! Even a "green" one !
  6. Well Sly, someone else did the test already and posted it on another messageboard. According to his test, it makes a difference in accuracy what the experience level is of the sniper is. A vet sniper hits more often then a regular one and-so-on. I won't give the answer because it would be a kind of cheating... Link to snipertest: http://www.theblitz.org/message_boards/showthread.php?tid=39828 On the same forum there are some tests about the spotting ability and (in)visibilty of snipers too.
  7. Since this thread is sliding towards a whole different subject I add my two cents: the HE capabiltity of a Sherman 75 is enormous compared to any TD. Of course the 90 mm of the Jackson gives a bigger bang, but the TD's carry a lot less shells ! So, in CM, as in real life, you really cannot do without either of them. Although, in a small points battle (ME), I would choose the Sherman 75 over a TD because it is more versatile in my opinion and the chance of encountering a Tiger or Panther in a small points game is very small because of the price of the german tanks. Besides: it is difficult for a Sherman 75 to knock out a Tiger, Panther or, for that matter, one of the big TD's, but not impossible.
  8. Great pics ! Never used a 150 mm infantry gun myself (in CM or otherwise), but it looks awesome !
  9. For everybody who loves to play in a tournament, here are some links where they are regularly organised. You may have to join though... It will, of course, be difficult to top the "Out of the Dust" tournaments , but it is a good surrogate ! http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/ http://www.theblitz.org/message_boards/forumdisplay.php?fid=10 http://www.667.hab.dsl.pipex.com/Wargaming/CM/CM-Page.html
  10. Are you sure it were indeed handgrenades ? In the scenario "Two pounders and Tigers" the british side has engineers with satchelcharges. When I played this scenario myself in a PBEM they took out one of my Tigers with their charges.
  11. Hey Sly ! When I played this one your Tiger was a Panzer IV !? Does that explain perhaps why it was relatively easy killed by your Sherman ?
  12. Have to dissapoint you Crow. Playing 7 games already, which is to many as it is...
  13. Ok, at whose place do we meet ? Is playing CM mandatory at that get together or can we just talk, sip some beers and generally relax ?
  14. Thought of something else: in the Eyes and Ears of Death scenario the "raison d'etre" fot the 75 mm guns sem to be the AT role. Not the HE role. The 50mm AT gun of the germans is just as effective against the Greyhounds as the 75 mm one. Idea to swap them in the scenario ??
  15. Oops, I forgot: Dinga, congratulions with your victory !! Sly, thank you very much for hosting, organizing, developing and-so-on this tournament. Must have cost you a lot of time and -for a natural like you- a little effort. . Hope you had a laugh and some satisfaction every now and then out of it. My personal top 3 of the scenario's: 1. "Bluecoat Surprise": Lots and lots of options for both players 2. "The Brick and Mortar Fest": Non stop action from the start with chances for both sides 3. "Eyes and Ears of Death": Should I ask for a replay ? Perhaps I would have liked Unlucky Company B and The Last Hurrah better if I had known that the function of the axis side was to lose as best as possible.
  16. Bluecoat Surprise seems to be quite the balanced sceanrio !
  17. And yes, I agree with Walker: this is a very good scenario. I think it can give a different outcome almost every time you play it. Although the appearance of the german reinforcements can be anticipated upon after the first time you played it..
  18. As all the other allied players have given their description of their tactics and how the games went, I will give mine too. SET-UP At set-up I considered my options. I had two compagnies of infanterie, a 81mm arty FO, a jeep and 4 Greyhounds. In the briefing reinforcements in the form of another 4 Greyhounds were announced, but not at what turn. In the set-up zone there was the road which led to the village and on the left of this road a large area with scattered trees. It was clear that I had to go the vilage. Three big flags were positioned there. The plan I made up was to move (walk) all the infantery through the scattered trees area to the village. It was a long way to go, so the first part of it, they were ordered to run. On the road I loaded two of the Greyhounds with MMG troops and the jeep with a Lieutenant squad. The vehicles were to proceed as fast as possible to the villages and occupy -if possible- key buildings. I wasn’t aware if there were any german forces in the village. I expected a small token force, although the briefing said there was none. THE OPENING MOVES So much for the plan. The Greyhounds never got close to the village. Already in the first movie I lost one of the Greyhounds, but the germans lost a 20mm HT. In the next 2 or 3 turns I lost the other three, but they took a Puma(at the end of the game it turned out that this one kiled 3 of the 4 Greyhounds) and another 20mm HT with them. How to proceed further ? Reinforcement were announced, but when would they come ? Only one option at the time: move on with the infantery ! And so I did. But while my infantery walked on, I witnessed Dinga's HT's, trucks and armoured cars race to and into the town and I could not do anything about it. As my infantery got closer, they were greeted with a hail of MG an gunfire from the HT's, the infantery and the Armoured cars. It took a toll. I decided to target the edge of the vilage with my FO to drop smoke and cloak the further approach of my infantery. After all, I did have a couple of bazooka's ! Then my other 4 Greyhounds arrived as reinforcements. MIDDLE GAME The Greyhounds went on " hunt" to the village. They killed a 75mm HT and a 75mm aroured car. A HT was killed by a bazooka. In the village were still some 4 HT's left, but only one Puma. The only danger to the Greyhounds. Although my infantery was partially in a bad shape, I liked my chances. Then the 75mm PAK spoke up. It was situated in the woods on the ridge with a prime sight to the road. It knocked out one Greyhound. The other 3 targeted it, but multiple shots didn't kill it: not enough bang in the 37mm gun of the Greyhound. Next turn the gun killed another 2 Greyhounds. What to do. Would the last Greyhound succeed where three didn't ? But if I would order it ti race to town into cover, it would take seconds before it got underway and during that time it would get shot at by the gun. And when it would get to town it could get killed easily. So I decided to stick it out and continue the duel with the gun. And it won ! So one Greyhound left. Still not all lost. If the Greyhound could knock-out the Puma I figured I had a good chance to kill the HT's and drive out the infantery with my infantery and Greyhound. It was not to be. The Puma won. ENDGAME I expected the game to be lost by now, so I planned how to achieve the most points as possible: to lose as good as possible. I did have a lot more infantery and only the Puma had HE capability and not that much. The plan was to storm the town with the infantery under cover of smoke. The plan succeeded but at a high price. I only had a small number of infantery left, so I stppoed the advance after taking the church. Better one flag then losing all while trying to get to the other two. Just when trying to consolidate the reinforcements from Dinga arrived. They went through my remnant forces as a hot knife through warm butter. Only very few of my infantery survived uninjured. I'm not totally happy with my play in a few instances: I should have area fired teh 75mm AT gun when it went "gun?". Possibly that would have killed it sooner. And I don't feel I handled the duel with the last Puma as good as I could. But the way Dinga played this one made sure it was me who had to bring the fight to him. He "just" had to wait. The biggest difference with the other games seem to be that Dinga was able to get to town with almost all is forces before I got there. Fighting from cover is never a bad thing....
  19. OK guys. Since Ears and Eyes is finished by everyone I think I can safely post this question. It is especialy directed to the other allied players: how did you win this game ? - How did you handle the 75mm AT gun ? - How did you get your Greyhounds to the town over that open road without losing most or all of them ? - How did you handle all the german armoured cars in the town before your Greyhound(s) got there ? I don't raise this question to take anything away from Dinga ! I think he played it very well. Just to find out if my plan was flawed. Personally I don't think I did very much wrong, but nevertheless was slaughtered by Dinga(the only one to lose this one as allied). So guys, enlighten me !
  20. Sly, Shellshocked and I finished our game already about a week ago. Mailed you the score this evening. The game with Dinga is almost over too: at turn 29.
  21. Dinga, You're to modest ! You know you have to "help" luck a little bit. If you hadn't positioned your gun at the spot you did, it never could have "made" you lucky. Before that gun I was pretty confident to win our game...
  22. Don't worry about me sleeping... Perhaps I played it wrong or perhaps Dinga played/plays it better then the other axis players. Or a combination of the two. Or I was unlucky in a couple of situations or Dinga got lucky or, or, or... One thing I learned in this game is that a Greyhound isn't very well suited for a gunfight with an AT gun. The blast of the 37mm gun is just to small..
  23. OK, I admit guilt in the sense that I'm involved in too many games right now (luckily Sly is otherwise engaged at the moment, so that game is on hold), which cost a lot of time and that my personal, real life is very hectic and busy at the moment, BUT the fact that my games aren't finished is not entirely due to these facts.... Short update: scenario D (great one ! Lot of fun. Don't know if Stephen has the same opinion): turn 27 (from 35) Scenario E (if this was chess, maybe I would get a draw, because almost nothing of my forces is still able to move, but I fear the score will be different): turn 29 (of 30). Scenario F (very unfair: Dinga just got some reinforcements; like he did need any ! I have to suffer this one a few turns more.): turn 22 (from 30).
  24. Dinga I sent you nr.65 last night, the 17th, and resend it this afternoon.
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