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  1. I've played CMBO with Mikado/Michel for a number of years, and he never let me down in responding regularly. Don't know what or if something is wrong, but it doesn't sound like the Michel I played.
  2. Ozi_Digger: beer is important ! To me, a holiday isn't completely right if you can't drink a decent beer ! So, when I go to France I take my own beer with me. I like my pilsner (lager) bitter, so american beers are out ! The best pilsner in my opinion is made by the germans and (of course) the Czechs. Luckily ther are some good ones in Holland too, but Heineken is not one of them. For any other kind of beer, Belgium is the Walhalla. Man can they make beer ! Currently I'm sipping from Erdinger Pikantus (dunkler weizenbock). A 7.3% german wheatbeer. It is good. By the way, games with Gort and Melbourne Will are both underway. Just watched the first movies.
  3. So, that will be two scenario's set in Holland ! I'm feeling more at home here by the minute !
  4. Sly, what happened to the fog and the night in the Holland game ?(It does look great nonetheless) Or is the third one in Holland too ?
  5. Michel/Mikado has got a new e-mail adress. It is michel.detienne@tele2.be
  6. Keith, I know there is/was much respect or even fear among anglo-saxons for the dutch military prowess. You only have to look at all the expressions in english with the word "dutch" to know that once upon a time the dutch were much disliked ! Nevertheless: I smell a rat !
  7. I think I am mistaken about the designation of that armoured car I wrote about in my previous post. Of course it wasn't an M4. It was a 4-wheeled one, but not a White car. Perhaps a M3A4 ? I'm not really an expert on these numbers.
  8. Ok, Ok, I will ! By the way, you were "victim" of those superior dutch tactics and you didn't do too bad. Although you scored "only" two points instead of your usual three.... I surely ventilated my surprise and dissapointment about the score (mine to be more precise) in this game. (Perhaps mr. Kingfish can enlighten me on this aspect. My guess is that the way for the german side to put in a good score, is to exit a lot of the eligible forces.) What it made it even stranger was that one of my honourable opponent's M4 AC was parked in the middle of the most northern hamlet right in between my infantry. With this parking it took that flag. It wasn't even contested. But I never asked for a re-evaluation of my score. Our very, very, very good tournament leader did that himself. As I understand it, the good Mr. Walker, my opponent in that game, mentioned the strangeness of he flag falling to him also to Sly. I think that helped too. About The Last Road scenario itself: it sure was interesting. As I see it, it is very difficult for the german side to win this one. As german side you cannot leave the flags undefended, because if the road is cut by the americans, you will not be able to get your forces off the map. The road itself is too long to defend everywhere. At least you think that at the beginning, because you start with a really small force and don't know (I didn't read the american briefing) how large the american force is. So, I waited for the american move. Turned out he massed his forces at the exitzone. Never really attacked the villages. When I discovered that I assembled all my mechanized forces in an attempt to smash through his line. In the end it took to long to assemble everything and get to the exitzone. Needed two turns more. Because some of the reinforcements (which only gave points when exited) arrived late in the game, it would have been difficult anyway to exit them before the end of the game. About the AC in the hamlet: never saw it until the final map. I was only concentrated on the exitzone-area and in repulsing an attack on the southernmost town. I watched the movie later on in which the M4 drove in to town: it was shot at and hit by a 20mm AA, but in true CMAK style drove on and stopped in the town. As my infantry were "hiding", they didn't shoot at it. As I was stupid enough to watch only the other side of the map, I never gave the order to attack it. So it survived and just stayed there. So much about my "superior" dutch tactics.
  9. Walker: Look on the brightside: you get bonuspoint(s) if you beat Keith !
  10. Just an observation, not a complaint or anything: in "The last road out" the second best scorers on the american side played against the secondbest scorers on the german side. Remarkable (so, I did).
  11. Ozi_Digger wrote: Hope so too ! Would give me an extra point ! (if I understand the pointsystem correctly). By the way, I thought and heard most australians preferred Victoria Bitter instead of Castlemaine Only those who live in Queensland, prefer Castlemaine.
  12. Totally agree with Melb_will: the map looked great. About playing the scenario: I put a platoon at the small VL near the road. Because of the groundconditions I thought it was to great a risk for the german side to drive through the snow. Turned out it wasn't a problem for the Panthers. His infantry went as a hot knife through my buttery platoon, partly because of its numerical superiority. In hindsight perhaps it would have been better to concentrate all the defenses near/on the big VL. About opening up to soon: I did with the howitzer, because I wanted a chance to kill some infantry while it was still a long way away. Of course it was taken out almost immediately by his tanks. But it is sometimes very difficult to stay patient and wait and let a chance of a good (at the time you think so anyway) opportunity go by. I still think it is very difficult to win against an opponent who knows what he is doing and patiently, methodically plans his attack. I could be proved wrong of course...
  13. Slysniper wrote: You can rest assured then. All three games are close up until the end. The last two are almost over, but I still can't tell who will win. Thought that too of the snowgame and look what that brought me . To Neil AKA Major Tum: read too that it is considered to be gamey to use a crew as scouts or whatever. Doesn't seem very realistic to use them in that role. But then again, if your desperate (that goes for real life too), you use whatever you've got. In general: I hoped my remarks about "what were we thinking" would start a discussion among you about this scenario. The only one who reacted so far, is the creator of it. Maybe to many people are still playing that one ?
  14. As one of the players on the receiving end of mr. Miles' expertise, I must say that he didn't give me any chance, but I don't think the defender has much of a fighting chance in "What were we thinking". The strength of the forces are perhaps to unbalanced. Strangely though, I had a great time playing this scenario. Got the impression until late in the game that I could lose "well". Not the major defeat it turned in to. I'm very curious to learn what the other defenders did in this game. On the other hand, maybe Keith is that good a player, that I got that impression (don't want to take anything away from his performance).
  15. But not on a sunday, because everything will be closed !
  16. Walker ! Do you see that ? Next round a scenario set in Holland. Perhaps at the beach of Walcheren (Zeeland). In that case you can make your beachwalk this year after all! Of course, first you have to make it through to the next round. By the way, is the map in our Last Road Out game to large for you ? Are you by any chance lost or are your americans just cowards ? Haven't seen of heard from your forces for a couple of turns now !
  17. To Slysniper: I will send you today a few movies from my games, although up until now nothing spectacular has happened. But perhaps it will give you a feel of the games.
  18. I did receive the fil etoo. Completely forgot to say thanks to teh people who make this tournament possible. So, thank you Slysniper and thank you Kingfish. And of course thank you all the participants. Looking forward to hours of war and destruction ! Oh yeah, and fun too !
  19. If you need anymore players, I like to participate in the tournament.
  20. Not really a story about a victory (the game is still running), but did anybody see this before: http://img203.echo.cx/my.php?loc=img203ℑ=sharpshooter2cx.jpg Those Flaktrucks look armoured, but obviously are not.
  21. Considering my experience it may not say much, but the best maps by far (including CMBB and CMAK) I’ve seen are in a few scenario’s on http://users.pandora.be/aneric/index8.htm. They are CMBO scenario’s but –especially modded up- the maps are great. Team Desobry - Retreat from NOVILLE I’m currently playing by PBEM and it is full of surprises. It looks much, much better then the De Sobry operation which came with the CD. Don't know how correct it is in terms of forces and equipment, but the map is modelled after the real situation.
  22. JasonC, great account of these battles. Where did you find the information ? Are there books available ? Do you write them yourself ? Any operations about this battle available in Combat Mission ? Thanks in advance.
  23. By the way Ramarch1: stay away from CMBO and the other CM games. They are extremely addictive !
  24. Jason C, wrote: Rifle versus Engineers – What is the qualitative value of each? Engineers have all the abilities of rifle squads and some special additional ones. They carry demo charges, which can destroy tanks at close range (about 30 yards), bunkers too if they can get at the back door especially. In later games you can order their use directly and thus used them against occupied houses etc, reliably. In CMBO, you have to let the squad decide whether to use it, and they tend to horde the things to little purpose. But they will use them on tanks. A DC is a very powerful weapon and will KO or at least immobilize even the thickest tank, if they are close enough to use it - and not pinned themselves. Personally, I haven't seen any of this destructive power of the satchels. Sure, you can take out a bunker with it and sure, it can take out another infantrysquad (including the engineers who threw it) in close combat, but I saw one of my engineers squads throw 2 satchels "under" a Puma, and still it drove away to a more safe distance.(Luckily it was destroyed a short while later by a round of an 105mm barrage.) What I mean to say is: don't count on weapons like satchels (and riflegrenades and Panzerfausts) that they will perform like they can.
  25. In a recent operation (Sobry, the revised version), one of my Shermans was immobilized by a near miss from a Wespe. The next battle it was up and running and OK. At the end of this next battle, it got bogged in the snow. Because of its return the previous battle, I expected it to return again, unbogged. Instead it didn't come back at all ! So either it was a casualty between battles or there are more reasons why a vehicle doesn't come back teh next battle then mentioned above.
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