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  1. Walker, haven't heard of you yet. Already chickening out, are you ?
  2. JonnyEnglish and I are underway in the C game... Good luck to everyone ! Especially to Walker since he is going to need it ! Revenge !
  3. Yes, you can count me in. Michel, this probably will mean that our game will continue in a slower pace
  4. Here: http://www.euronordspa.com/fk/sc/scen.html are some
  5. What a great scenario this is !!! Just wanted to blurt that out. I won't even mind losing this one. Having a great time playing it in a PBEM. Thanks to all the people putting in their time making this scenario and the complete battle pack. WOW !!
  6. No, I'm not. I downloaded from the CMMODS the pack with virtually all the CMBO scenario's and there are two among them called "B & T Training Battle" (1&2). No further reference or anything.
  7. Just started playing this one in a PBEM with a new guy (not that I'm at the pinnacle of this game). Unfortunately it lacks a briefing. So: can anybody tell me what part of the game you're supposed to train with this scenario ? I be so bold as to thank in advance...
  8. To Shmavis, about your sig-line: Schuyler Jackson didn't understand the bible-guy at all; he wasn't talking about his physical safety when he took out his bible. Everybody (including christians) know life here on earth isn't forever ! P.S. I know this is not directly related to any of the CM games !
  9. I must still have it (the american side) on my computer at home. Will look it up and sent it to you.
  10. Andreas: I've got nothing against CMBO. Despite the lack of the cover arc commands and the, according to the people who seem to know, lesser authenticity compared to CMBB and CMAK, I still love to play CMBO. Kingfish: Thanks ! Bert-and-Gort: is the sound my stomach makes the next morning after a good evening of drinking beer and eating the wrong food !
  11. This sounds like a great scenario. Alas, I can't find it on the Scenario Depot II. Can anybody help me to get this scenario ? Please !
  12. Forgot to mention it, but my previous post is meant for Kingfish.
  13. Like you (I think) I meant the T crossing (actually the two that are really close together) between the Y-crossing and Asten. It should force the german side to advance further in the direction of Asten instead of sitting on his hands and consolidate his achievements. Thinking about that: your idea of moving one of the three small flags to the T crossing might achieve the same. Bert
  14. Kingfish, Maybe a little late, but you asked about suggestions for Panzers in the Peel. I played this game as americans and felt I had to little options as defender during the set-up phase. I would have liked a large® set-up zone for the americans at the german side of the map. So you could place the units freely and not limited to the designated area's. About the flags: maybe not moving one of the small flags to the crossroads, but adding a bigger one to the crossroads. Decrease the amount of arty for the defender (but please replace the british 25 lbs for some decent US arty ! You wait for ages to get the first strike in and then again for every next salvo). Increase the number of moves by 5. It will give the attacker more chance of taking the town. I think the game should play like a win for the americans if the germans can't reach the crossroads, a tie if they do and a german win if they take Asten. Hope this helps in anyway. And thanks again for your time and input ! Bert
  15. David, Thanks for your AAR ! You were able to tip the balance with "just" the Tigers ? In my game, I run the serious danger of being pushed off the map before the current battle (only #2) ends ! As I understand, it means an automatic defeat.
  16. So David, I "just" have to "fight" battle 2 out with my ammo-less Stugs and 1 SPW 251/9 to have a real fighting chance in battle 3 ? This is very reassuring ! You're playing the AI ?
  17. Don't know if you can call it Murphy's Law or just my ignorance concerning the machinations in CM operations, but very, very irritating none the less. This is what happened. Playing PBEM "Tank Warning" (Kursk Pack) by Franko. Me as german. First battle, and I kept my Panzers at a fair distance so to maximize the more accurate fire and better guns of the Panzers IV. And indeed, I took out some 35 T34's after game 1. Because of the rain and bad sight it did cost me a lot of AT ammunition though. And I lost about 15 of my Panzers III and IV. I couldn't see what he had achieved. Not really any ground taken. Some infantry along the railwaydyke had come fairly close to one of my trenches and that was it. Setup time for battle 2: I had 1 Panzer III left 2 Stugs III (L48) and 8 Panzers IV (all L48). No replenishments in ammo, so the Stugs were still out of AT ammo. This wasn't the worst. I had "left" in battle 1 four of my Panzers IV and the last of the Panzer III in what now turned out to be no-mans land (or so I thought). I couldn't do anything with the tanks there. Only rotate them, but not move them. At that time I wasn't happy, but thought "well, they should be fine there. No immediate danger, because he was nowhere near them at te end of the first battle." WRONG !!!! When the second battle started, and I could give my first orders, T34's tuned out to be parked almost next to my Panzers. But the T34's had their guns pointed at the sides of my Panzers. He had about 10 T34's (he did get reinforcements) in what I thought was at worst no-mansland. The computer thought otherwise. After the first actionscene all my tanks in "no-mansland" were lost (to one of his) and he did take out 3 of the remaining 4 (I think he lost 2)which were behind the AT ditch. Because of the much shorter distances and his (now overwhelming) superiority in numbers he made short work of them. So, I had one Panzer IV (lost it the next turn)and two Stugs (no AT ammo) left. Another thing that wasn't OK was the fact that in game two he could place tanks (two or three platoons) of T34's on the railwaydyke. If I read the briefing correctly the dyke was impregnable for tanks and acted as a funnel for the approaching T34's. Don't think I will play an operation in the near future again....
  18. Totally agree with Kingfish: I never have seen better maps in CMBO then in the scenario's from McAllister. Just awesome. Almost seems like another game then CMBO ! And very important: they play great too !!
  19. As this tournament is nearing its end, perhaps it is time to say something about the scenario’s of this second round and the tournament in general. It sounds a bit pompous when I read it back, but anyway. Sly, first of all, thank you for your time, energy and effort to organize this. It was very nice to play a lot of different players with all their different styles of playing. Secondly, thanks Sly and Kingfish for putting the scenario’s together. Maybe I’m the only one, but is feels special when a scenario is made “just” for you i.e. this tournament. Thirdly the scenario’s in this round. I would rank “Panzers in the Peel” as the best of the three. It felt right, although, as my opponent in this game Will observed: as german you could conquer the three flags at the german side of the battlefield and then just sit it out. As the American side you wouldn’t be able to do a whole lot about that, as the players who played this one as allied probably will admit. The germans would have got at least a draw that way, I think. Lucky for me, Will decided to play this scenario instead of just waiting after securing the three flags. Norrey is my second favourite. From the german side it played very nicely. Can’t say I was dissapointed about it, but I think it would have been better or more of a fight when at the start the allied had some AT guns (1 or 2) a lot closer to the german starting line. Another option would be to reduce the number of turns. The ghost game is is third, but a little marred by the fact that I missed one of my company’s at the set-up and played the game with only one (on the plusside: I had a lot of OK men at the end ! ), but I found it a bit of a lottery. When the shooting started, squads started running in all directions and usually in the direction of the enemy shooting at them (whereas in another firefight it would be the other way around). In short: I felt I had too little control. I did learn something from this game which I didn’t knew before: 1. I don’t like night-with-fog-scenario’s 2. in these conditions with no cover squads are wiped out very easily 3. plans were too But the positive feeling about this tournament remains: very nice indeed ! Thanks everybody ! Bert
  20. Get some what ? I'm not a native, so maybe I'm missing the point, but do you ask for a reward for "giving" (hope the inverted commas are in order here) the other guy the points ??? :confused:
  21. I disagree: as the attacker you're not aware of the fact that the first portion of the map is empty (don't know the options of the defender). It is possible that guns or whatever are hidden so you have to tread carefull !
  22. Was it still in possession of its MG ? If so, I fear i have to start shooting every POW because of the chance it will fight again. I think I like Panzers in the Peel best too at the moment. It looks good and it "feels" good. Most importantly it plays good too ! To know where you've LOS and where not is very important (as I found out). In my opinion the attacker has the best chance to win, because of the fact that he is in the postion to choose where to attack. (I'm not aware of the exact make-up of the forces of the attacker, so maybe I'm wrong here). My opponent Melb_will (as german) is very confident that he will win, but he hasn't convinced me yet ! I'm curious whether this battle is historical. The briefing indicates it, but I never heard of a battle this big in this time of the war in the Netherlands. The german forces seem a big large for this period.
  23. 44 Will anything be done with this interesting piece of information ?
  24. Kingfish wrote: The score in the bloody stream game really was 50-30. Struck me a bit odd too, but I never really understand the scoring system in CM. Perhaps because the big flag was contested ?
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