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  1. No photos, no maps, no dates, no names... except for assorted Fahnrichs and Leutnants with common names like Muller and Schwartz and their units not identified...oh, and Admiral Canaris is constantly dropping in to check on his boys...and Der Fuhrer sends them telegrams every so often... "Konrat really sounds like somebody who threw together some cool stuff on Brandenburgers, Order castles, GD tough guys - you know all the boy-hero stuff - and put himself in it as a teen hero." I concur...I wonder if his South African book is as flexible with the truth...both are in the non-f
  2. So...have I got this right? (I am afraid I do not speak German 'much well', but I get some of it) If all Brandenburger commanders are known, and Von Konrat's name does not appear, he either (1) changed his name after the war (2) adopted a nom-de-plume for his books (3) wasn't a Brandenburger. The last seems likely, but one would think that, given the book represents itself as non-fiction, that someone would have challenged this already... since 1970- if only because of the glaring errors of fact...and perhaps they have, before the rise of the internet...hence no online
  3. Dandelion... I'm not remotely qualified to discuss German order of battle during WW2 (or any other war, for that matter) but I do enjoy a mystery: von Konrat, Georg PASSPORT TO TRUTH, Star 39603/W.H. Allen & Co., 1977, 1st thus. Originally published in hardcover in 1972. "Newly appointed to the Ovamboland hydro- electric station, Georg von Konrat and his eight-year-old daughter were plunged into an area of the world largely shrounded in secrecy--black South Africa. Within hours of his arrival, the everyday atrocities and brutalities forced themselves onto von Konrat's awareness.
  4. Also thank you, Mr Dorosh- For what it's worth, Von Konrat makes the connection between the Brandenburgers and the GD clear from the very beginning...it is to the GD that the 115th Prussian Marine are assigned at the beginning of Barbarossa, in his account...
  5. A sideline: Before I posted my initial query, I searched the forum, and there is a brief thread about "German Marines"... Von Konrat's unit (he was the CO, supposedly the youngest captain in the German Army in 1941)was called the 115th Prussian Marine... this seems to have been the usual camouflage tactic to disguise the very secret and special nature of the unit...although they did intens- ively train him in amphibious ops...
  6. Thanks very much, Dandelion... I was hoping to mine Von Konrat's book for scenario ideas, and to be fair to him, it's full of great stories...it just needs a good editor... I'm not at all averse to long posts and I may take you up on your kind offer in the future, if that's OK... Thanks, Matt
  7. Just picked up what looked like an interesting book about the German special forces-style Brandenburger Regiment (later a division)authored by someone who claims to have served with them: "Assault From Within" by Georg Von Konrat (Tandem, London, 1970) Begins with interesting account of his training and adoption of a Russian identity, but starts getting weird when Barbarossa starts... on July 22nd, 1941! The July dates are used across the next 10 pages or so...so it's not an easily explained typo. Then they get their Tiger tanks... in July 1941. Then they see lo
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