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  1. Just finished playing 'Stanichka' vs the AI (+25% troops)and achieved a Minor Victory... Another cool Naval Infantry battle...much enjoyed...looking forward to more. Thanks for your work Renaud. BTW, whilst reading Erickson a few months back, I noticed a reference to an amphibious op carried out on the shores of Ladoga in June 42...haven't had time as yet to follow it up...but interested in whether the T-40's (actually amphibious) had their moment of glory... Paloodra! (I am assured by David C. Isby that this- trans as "Look Out Below!"- is the battle cry of the Soviet N
  2. Hey thanks, Renaud...I really enjoyed playing scenario 1 - quality stuff I'm looking forward to some exacting recreation playing scenario 2...
  3. They are two volumes of his Great Patriotic War experiences...the first vol being the "Road to Stalingrad"...the 2nd vol (the one jctm is reading)takes him to Berlin... I've read vol 1 carefully, and it helped my play in several Stalingrad situations... As Andreas says, Highly Recommended
  4. Just finished playing 'Novorossisk_Ozereika' Russians vs AI, and really enjoyed it... A Minor Defeat for me...took me too long to get off the beach... Great map with many clever features, very well done Looking forward to the next installment Thanks for all your work, Renaud... Cheers, Matt
  5. You can of course get around the 7-man limit by using squads/teams that are at less than full strength...
  6. It'd be even better for CMC: >>>In front of you you see a Desk covered with papers //use >>>You see the papers are some kind of military reports /? >>>The papers can't be eaten
  7. Thanks, Andreas... The T-60 is the obvious choice... Were the early war VDV equipped with the T-40?
  8. Assuming for the sake of argument that the aircraft were available,did the Soviets have any AFV that could be landed by glider? I guess the Universal Carrier would be a useful transport vehicle for airborne forces...but were any light tanks or tankettes suitable?
  9. Hello John, "If you look at Zaloga's Osprey book on Soviet heavy tanks, you'll find that's a fairly reasonable outcome" I thought it was reasonable, too... But it still made me grind my teeth in fury
  10. Whilst playing "Ghosts Of Napoleon" (July '41 Op where Kreizer's Ist Moscow Motorized clashes with 18th Panzer) I lost one KV-2 to a grenade bundle infantry ambush, and the other to the 37mm on a SPW.....immobilisation is enough, especially with Green crews, who are just itching to bail...
  11. Aaahhh....got it. "Ruchnaya Protivotankovaya Granata" = Hand Anti-Tank Grenade
  12. Thanks, Jason...great info. I discovered quite by chance that one can equip Soviet Tank Hunter teams with grenade bundles in the Editor...but I'm sure this is common knowledge... "Rocket propelled" is a post hoc anglo-ization of the existing acronym" .....what is the 'R' part? the PG is something like 'pekhota grenata' ? BTW, I'm in battle #3 of your Hunt Vasilli Op...and finding out why it's called that...
  13. Hey all, Just re-read V.I Chuikov's "The Beginning Of The Road" and was intrigued by this statement: "Our men treated grenades with great respect and gave them pet names: they called the 'F-1' grenade 'Fanyusha' and the anti-tank grenade 'Tanyusha'." What is the AT grenade referred to? Not the RPG-2 which CMBB introduces in 1943, I guess... Would Tank Hunter teams armed with explosives (grenade bundle)be any kind of realistic substitute for this weapon? Thanks in advance for any info, Matt
  14. They cannot SNEAK, ADVANCE, ASSAULT or HIDE until they drop their skis, either...
  15. "something else very important I wish it had: like hit one key to see with the camera where one of your sellected units is in relation to the terrain and the enemy" I may have misunderstood Faxis, but have you tried the Tab key? This locks to the selected unit.... And gives you their POV...
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