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  1. Sirocco I would like to bring you up to be speed about Inigo Montoya 1 Inigo Montoya belives that the Soviet Union had a limitless supply of men and material 2 Inigo Montoya does not post any sources and has no logic 3 Inigo Montoya can not argue with sources so Inigo Montoya does not argue at all but tries to bad mouth me at every corner 4 Inigo Montoya has never been right about anything in Inigo Montoya life 5 Inigo Montoya is a failure 6 Inigo Montoya likes puting words into other peoples mouths 7 Inigo Montoya has been proven wrong at every corner 8 Inigo Montoya d
  2. Inigo Montoya no one wants to join a coward. Inigo Montoya lets not forget for one second that I have proven you wrong in everything you have said and unlike you I actually back up everything I say with logic and sources You say the soviets had a limitless supply of men and material I have proven this wrong You say the Soviets were numerous I have proven this wrong The axis had more men untill 1943 why didnt the axis win when they had more men? And later why didnt they win when they had less men? Inigo Montoya lets not forget that everything you have ever done or everything you
  3. My points are many 1 the axis had more resources 2 The Soviets didnt win because they had limtless supply of men and materials 3 The axis had more men deployed untill 1943 4 This myth about overwhelming numbers of tanks, guns, and rockets followed by waves of ill-trained but limitless "cannon fodder" which served mainly, it would appear, to use up all the German ammunition. Is wrong
  4. No we did not. The Germans were not taken completly by suprise by winter 43-44. The winter of 43-44 was at the front almost exactly the same as a winter in Germany.
  5. You are takeing for the Whole war look at the YEARS during 1942 and 43 the Germans and the Axis had 5 times more dont take the whole war The Soviets always keept 1.5 million men in the far east incase Japan wanted to attack But yes the Germans did spend on more fronts but During 1941-1942-1943 the vast majority went against the Soviets
  6. No the part of Winter playing a major part for the Germans during 43-44 is still BS since Weather is neutral it affects all sides the same The side that dosent prepare for it gets punished, and by winter 43-44 both sides were prepared for it
  7. Stalin's Organist the conversation has since long ago mutated far away from down in flames sorry if you have gotten pissed off Money between 2 countries can never be compared only hours spent. Compare prices between 2 countries today for the exact same product and you will see major differences. Sixxkiller Sixxkiller ofcurse it can still kill that is the whole point which you are missing There comes a time and a place when it is better just to build a new item then continue to improve the same item That is what the Soviets understod and the Germans Faild to understand
  8. Sirocco this conversation has expand by far over the game and Leningrad winter of 43-44 I understand what you are saying and agree with you But the last 30+ post or so have not been about the game or winter 43-44 over Leningrad
  9. Read the text next to industrial output Germany's raw material production was higher than the Soviets' and her labour force was far greater, but the Soviets were more efficient at using what resources they had and chose to build low-cost, low-maintenance vehicles whilst the Germans built high-cost, high-maintenance vehicles. It was because the germans had 5 times more resources that they were able to build more expensive items and get a beter hit ratio then the Soviets BUT the kill ratio did not match the production cost ratio My point beeing is that the Soviets were not numerous they
  10. Yes in 1944 the Soviets did have more avalible men but not by far do not forget that untill mid 1943 the Axis outnumbered the Soviets so in Jan 44 the Soviets did NOT outnumber the axis by far
  11. No a PZ 4 is many times more expensive in materials you need to look at all items The engine the gun the track the shells the wheels etc Then you also need to look at hours spent Same things goes for air craft and that is what it has to do with down in flames You need to compare how many hours an air craft took to build and how many kilograms of different materials went into it And you need to calculate total man hours includeing how much it took to build every piece such as the engine the guns and so on Only then can you compare costs
  12. Inigo Montoya and Zanadu both say they had limitless men and material Zanadu says and belives that for every 1 German dead 10 Soviets died. The euro axis lost 5.5 soldiers on the eastern front this would mean according to Zanadu that 55 million Soviet Soldiers died This concept of them beeing numerous is so cemented into peoples mind that people belive it to be true Soviet tanks went on Disel, the Germans got alot of oil from romania and captured parts of the Soviet Union I bet you that the Soviets would have been many times more happy if they would have had 5 times more Iron Al
  13. You cant compare in money! money meant nothing back then You need to compare in materials spent in kilograms and man hours spent to build and item This is how you compare cost You look how many kilograms, Steal, Coal, Iron, etc went into an item Then you look how many hours were spent on building that item Only then do you have a real comparison, comparing in money means nothing Comparing in money means absolutely **** Why dont you compare how much a car costs to buy in France and then compare that very same car to how much it costs to buy in china comparing in money
  14. Soviet Dead 8,6 million Military 20 million Civilians Grand Total 28 million The Aircraft ratio is intresting during aug 41 for every month untill aug 43 because in the vast majority of those months the VVS was smaller then the Luftwaffe When the user who said the Soviets were numerous said the soviet were numerous that user meant that the Soviets had many times more men resources and materials then the axis which is completely wrong The axis had more resources but built high cost items the Soviets built low cost items that is why the Soviets were able to build more items and
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