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    Cambronne got a reaction from Bubba883XL in Disappearing Pz IV skirts.   
    I notices a while ago that some pz-IVs are skirtless when looked at from close distance but, as the viewer is getting away, boom! the skirt suddenly appears on the tank. Now, this is kinda annoying and I would like to correct it, but I don't know how. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Cambronne reacted to mjkerner in USMC Helmets and Gear   
    It's up at CMMODs, thanks completely to Bootie!  
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    Cambronne reacted to mjkerner in USMC Helmets and Gear   
    Hey Cambronne, it just struck me last night that you were wondering how I could have the vests separate from the uniform in the game. I was absent-mindedly thinking you meant while I was working on the mod, which of course is easy to do, just...cut and paste! Sorry to mislead you.  The mod will have a variety of vest-uniforms for each type of vest, OD, digital and Woodland.
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    Cambronne reacted to mjkerner in USMC Helmets and Gear   
    Cambronne, I was set to have it uploaded last night or this morning, but in my final in-game uniform "walk-around" I discovered that the plate carrier/vest  straps didn't line up properly at the top of the shoulder where the front and back of the texture meet up! Didn't look good at all.  I couldn't figure out why, since I used the original uniform as a template.  Still can't figure it out, so I had to re-cut and "paint" the straps again this morning.  Maybe tonight or tomorrow...fingers crossed.
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    Cambronne got a reaction from Mord in shaders   
    hello ...hehehe... my video driver was from 2015. I just updated it to the latest (2 days old) and everything is working fine right now. The redish brightness is gone and I can fully enjoy the graphics without installing reshade. Thank you for your time Mord and Howler.
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    Cambronne got a reaction from General Jack Ripper in Shock Force 2 Unofficial Screenshot And Video Thread   
    I want to give a BIG thank you to all the "movie directors" that spent their time and used their skills to make the videos. Some of them are really pieces of art, with views from superb angles, good description of  action and explanation of tactical situations. Really good job! Congratulations!
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