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  1. yes, but the trigger terrain objectives don't have this option.. It's odd that the red side cannot see it's own trigger terrain, but the blue side can see the red side trigger terrain.
  2. in the editor there is a strange issue, when I deploy blue units I can see enemy trigger terrain objectives , but when I switch to deploying red units, I cannot even see the red's own trigger terrain objectives. Is there a trick or this is a bug? Thanks.
  3. heh...this is it! At least, I won't bother anymore. Thanks/
  4. I notices a while ago that some pz-IVs are skirtless when looked at from close distance but, as the viewer is getting away, boom! the skirt suddenly appears on the tank. Now, this is kinda annoying and I would like to correct it, but I don't know how. Any ideas? Thanks.
  5. Hi, among these many wonderful CMSF2 mods , I would like to be able to add some additional gear to the soldiers. For example to add the the US backpack, hydration pack, or side pouches to the Syrian soldiers. Any instructions please?
  6. as flavor objects, I'd like to see civilian cars and livestock. Right now the urban areas seem rather depopulated, but some cars parked on the right of the road could provide some realism and put some life into an otherwise seemingly dead city. Even if the inhabitants cannot be seen (either fleeing or hiding), the presence of their cars in the streets may may hint they are there, somewhere. Oh, and the livestock...I'd love to see sheepfolds over the rolling hills...😄
  7. Great videos lately. Have you guys considered to upload them not only on youtube but on bitchute also?
  8. Hell, yeahhh !!! Great mod, thank you! Now, I don't want to be thick-skinned, but the Black Sea US infantry could also wear the good old woodland camo and I haven't seen such a mod for CMBS yet...
  9. Thanks, I am eagerly waiting for it. I check two or three times a day to see if the mod is released...hehehe.
  10. You did a folder only for vests? But they are part of the uniform file, how could you do a vest-only file??!!
  11. hello ...hehehe... my video driver was from 2015. I just updated it to the latest (2 days old) and everything is working fine right now. The redish brightness is gone and I can fully enjoy the graphics without installing reshade. Thank you for your time Mord and Howler.
  12. I did. The same message for all: Failed to compile. I did. After running the program I got this:(in attachement) screenshot.bmp
  13. Thank you. I tried to use reshade using Mord's step by step tutorial (thanks Mord for sharing it) but I got stuck when I tried to check Tint [Sepia.fx]. It failed to compile and when I went to statistics to find out what was up I saw the messages from the picture attached. screenshot.bmp
  14. No reshade . Vanilla CMSF2. I have the same problem with the other titles I own, do you think there is something I could do with the Radeon videocard settings? I looked into it but I didn't figure what to change. The monitor seems to be calibrated.
  15. Sorry for that, yesterday I found out that the passengers CAN fire from open-top vehicles such as the pickup. Unlike in SF1, in SF2 the UAZ has now the top covered, meaning the soldiers cannot fire from inside. But the gaps in the specialist teams and single vehicle list remain (Syrian MMG team, uncon pickup and others). In my opinion many of the weapons and vehicles present in the formation roster are missing from the specialist teams or single vehicle list. Maybe next patch should address this.
  16. I want to give a BIG thank you to all the "movie directors" that spent their time and used their skills to make the videos. Some of them are really pieces of art, with views from superb angles, good description of action and explanation of tactical situations. Really good job! Congratulations!
  17. why was the pickup removed from the single vehicle list of unconventional forces? Will you put it back with another patch? The only vehicle left in the list is the taxi transport. Also, the passengers could fire from the vehicle in the other titles (including SF1). They cannot do it now! Will you fix this with a patch as well?
  18. screenshot.bmp up:shader off, down shaders on
  19. 😂 😅 Yeah...problem is we use CM to do the battles of our weekly campaign and we don't need the Marines module for it. Besides, I doubt I'd ever get enough money for it by delivering newspapers, since everybody around here reads the news online. Anyway, thank you for your gracious hint... 😓
  20. PLEASE, remove from the "available troops" roster the units that require a module not installed. I made a scen with a Syrian SF company, and when I tried to load it, the game said go **** myself or get the Marine module.It seems the squads armed with RPG7D3 are to be blamed since the scenario will load only if the soldiers have RPG-29. Also, the airborne troops belonging to the Marines are present into the Base Game roster. So please, remove anything that doesn't belong to the installed modules. I spent countless hours making oobs and scenarios that doesn't work, or looking for specialist team
  21. In fact It may be the shadows that are creating the problem, I don't know. Turning the shadows off eliminates the red nuance on the vehicles, regardless if the shaders are on or off. Perhaps it is the simulation of the sun reflection on the vehicle body, but it gives a slightly redish nuance.The issue persists even in overcast weather when there is no shadow. At night, the normal color appears only when the artificially bright night graphics are off. Otherwise the shadows or the shaders have to be turned off in order to avoid the red brightness. Does anybody else encounter this issue? If yes,
  22. I forgot to say that the same redish vehicles also appear in Red Tunder(and probably would have in CMBN, but I haven't upgraded it so I can't tell). Is there any shaders mod to look for or should I dig deeper into the nvidia settings?
  23. well, at least you could put a MMG team into the Syrian Army specialist team roster. That wouldn't have offenced anybody, would that..??
  24. When turning on shaders my vehicles become irritatingly redish. Any way to fix this? thanks.
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