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  1. The main new feature of the new CMFI engine (that I am noticing) is frequent crashes to desktop which I have never experienced before with previous CM games. I would suggest adding an autosave so that games can be resumed (never needed this before, but often useful). Also when will CM 2 bring back the limited intelligence and realistic spotting that we enjoyed in CM1...still no sign of what should be realitvely easy to fix. I really am fed up with instantly identifying 100% correctly all enemy guns, vehicles, AFVs and types and organisations of troops at any range across the map, at the f
  2. Is it still possible to enroll? If so I would like to Thanks Sandy
  3. You are talking about v4 I am still looking for v3 (I asked a month ago) Where do I download it please?
  4. What are the major new campaigns? Is there a demo?
  5. Hi Has this started? Is it too late for me to join? Thanks Sandy
  6. Looks this will be (is) a great map. Please let me know if you have an Omaha beach scenario that needs testing...
  7. I have had this several times as one of the various ways QBs fail/are bugged Qbs are certainly much better than CMSF, but some way to go to get back to CMBB's functionality and ease of use/lack of bugs
  8. When I first saw this in CMSF I thought it was a bug, but I was advised it was a feature and "I did not get it." It's just another example of the way CM2 can be a step back from CM1...like RT mode and no WEGO TCPIP
  9. It's not new - I have suffered this for years - it's just that there was a time when BF would look after their customers by not putting a high value on the package (as many other small US retail outfits/eBayers etc that I patronise will do if asked politely). Otherwise it's pay extra for extra delay...which is exactly what I expected and suffered, and contacted you in advance with a request to avoid please avoid it by reducing the declared cost. "So the policy of shipping preorders out of the US will, and must, continue" Thanks, again, for listening to your customers...I guess I just
  10. I completely agree;this is a good example of CM2 going backwards from CM1 Info on all enemy units is FAR too complete and quick, always. CM1 did this so much better. How on earth do I identify arm of service, whether a unit is an HQ, or the precise type of enemy AFV within seconds, every time, and with 100% accuracy ALL the time, even on the highest difficulty levels?? (and right across the map)?
  11. Very impressed with your test methodology - thanks for your hard work
  12. Or in the case of my AT team - SMGs I have an AT team with 2 Pzfausts and 2 demo charges; they are hiding less than 10 m from an M5, so I order them to attack. Both men open up with their MP40s...is their plan to use their AT assets after they are dead? But surprisingly enough they do nothing after they are dead... I never saw this kind of REALLY stupid AI in CM1
  13. I have had about 6 panzerschreck gunners killed I have never seen the loader pick up and use the AT weapon Bad luck or a bug?
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