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  1. And if they prove to be the new Qizilbash, shock troops of the Hojjatieh and straighteners of the Way* for the return of the Hidden Imam (al Mahdi, pbuh)? Do they proceed directly to liberate al Makah and the patrimony of the Prophet (pbuh), or first unify the Caliphate of al Sham and strike for the Rock, fulfilling the prophecy as foretold: 1. The Sufyani will come out in revolt; 2. the Hasanid will be killed; 3. the Abbasids will dispute over worldly kingdom; 4. there will be an eclipse of the sun in the middle of the month of Ramadan; 5. there will be an eclipse of
  2. While nobody can doubt the combat skill of motivated Arabs, can this multisectarian force retain its effectiveness without the support of a First World military, with hot and cold running C4I, arty and air on tap? (been away for a few weeks, work)
  3. Nice map but she needs the sharks teeth road removal treatment real bad!
  4. Sorry, missed this. In spite of my semi-regular Forum participation, my actual gaming is near zero for work reasons. Please go ahead and upload any of my works to GaJ's site as you like; happy any of this stuff is getting use. Cheers, LLF
  5. I resemble that remark! I found myself wondering what that Green Zone would be like to fight through in the wet season, when all those barren watercourses and surrounding fields are inundated (presumably with snowmelt). Also, nice map @puje! Very realistic topography. I can smell the goat dung from here.
  6. One of my favourite features of @Mord's mixed mods from SF1 was that it mixed masked and unmasked (Spy) figures, making local fedayeen look more authentic. They aren't always faceless headchoppers, after all.
  7. You could also consider decreasing the ambushed units' Fitness level to reflect stress, dehydration etc., as opposed to Morale and Experience. That also encourages them to hunker down and defend themselves until relieved, as opposed to engaging in strenuous and complex manouevres, or rabbiting around in a panic.
  8. Lol! can ya smell the immersion now swee'pea? I am so happy that my ~1000 man hours of mapmaking is paying off as intended!
  9. Nope, I'll buy CMSF2 either: (a) as a reward when they add in non-modular buildings (b) once work gives me time to play (by which I mean design scenarios). No idea when that will be. In the meantime, what little bits of time I can spare go into Le Carillon. And that's precious little of late.
  10. In CMSF1 Syrian SoF were part of the base game. My Baba Amr scenario used them, and needed base game only. Syrian Airborne was part of the Brits module (which I never bought).
  11. Ramones: As what red blooded human does not? My 2012 Baba Amr map, derived from a section of Ramadi, might make a more suitable starting point. But to narrow many streets to alleys, model medieval and modern tenements, etc., we'd really need the non-modular building types, including the shed and heavy (cathedral) buildings which BFC was unable to include in CMSF2.
  12. Re Mosul map: You're a better man than I, Gunga Din. Here, give this a spin while you go mad: As for the rest, the notion of polymath elite operators directing local forces is not the least bit new, as you know (see Rogers Rangers and their French equivalents, plus the enterprising agents of the various proto-colonial merchant Companies). It is of course the correct answer from a purely military COIN "find em and grind em" perspective, not to mention economical. But America's Best also wind up neck deep in day to day police brutality, extortion, arbitrary mu
  13. This thread keeps wandering OT (not overly concerned about that), so this digital reconstruction of ancient Knossos is pretty cool.... Got me wondering about how one might map a playable urban battlespace in a labyrinthine premodern "Old Town" area: e.g. Mosul Old City, Algiers, any number of hill towns or favelas in Italy, Syria, Afghanistan. Start with steep hillsides and see how you go, at a guess. Outdoor stairways would be an interesting mod. One could probably do quite a bit of clever stuff with bridges as well.... Leave the AFVs at home entirely, due to the unr
  14. Alas, poor OP. I knew him well.... P.S. If once you pay the Danegeld, you will never be rid of the Dane.
  15. Wow. Just read this thread at last, @MOS:96B2P, so now I understand what all the fuss was about. Glad Ramadi is still contributing to the far envelope of CM design!
  16. For my long abandoned CMBN Dien Bien Phu opus, I accepted early on that a campaign would necessarily need to include a 'bigger picture' hex wargame to cue up and link the various scenarios. So the scenarios would all take place on les femmes bastiones. Most of the siege though, (while the outcome was determined at the commencement of the bombardment) was a whole bunch of this taking place at night.... Not riveting CM material; maybe one trench raid to give flavour... (for those unaware, I ultimately shelved the DBP project because of the engine's weak treatment of fort
  17. Great stuff MJK. The Japanese face mods mostly don't suit Malay races, so I tried a few mashups with mixed results....
  18. Nicely done, although I am always disappointed when the narration isn't by Laurence Olivier. Any idea what video game or graphics engine they used to render the map?
  19. The Army, Marines and police have been fighting Communist NPA, Moros and bandits pretty much continuously since independence. The Malay peoples are also warlike; you dont pick fights here unless you're ready to bleed. In general, Pinoys are great tinkerers and improvisers; it's part of that 'resilient' thing (although they find that label condescending). They aren't lazy per se, but their work is often sloppy when they don't have much interest in the outcome. I like to say that when SHTF and we honkies are all dead, Pinoys and Pinays will still be joking singing and fornicating.
  20. Just noticed this: you can mod the CMSF2 Uncons to have uncovered faces? Cool! I thought texture swapping was no longer doable. All hail our @Mord scientist! Forward Soviet!
  21. No, but we've had a thread (irregularly) discussing MOUT over at the legacy CMSF1 board, and I'm pretty sure some of the essays in this book are linked to online there. http://community.battlefront.com/topic/125155-mout-and-urban-counterinsurgency-and-cm/
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