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  1. Yes, it's all CMSF2 now; I finally caved and upgraded a couple months ago. I just post over here because it's my Ramadi thread.
  2. Couple of interesting links on Dieppe here, including the German side takeaways: https://www.historynet.com/what-if-the-dieppe-raid-had-succeeded.htm The German View of the Dieppe Raid Dieppe convinced many in the German high command that a cross-Channel attack could be stopped right at the water’s edge. “At Dieppe,” Hitler declared, “it needed only a regiment, engaged at the right time, to repel a raid which in a few hours might have involved three divisions. In no case must we allow the landing to last more than a few days—if not a few hours. The example of Dieppe must serve a
  3. Still working up my Ramadi mod pack. [Squalid] tag is gonna be more squalid than evar! You'll be able to smell it. There's corrugated tin shacks filled up with kids, and I don't mean a Hampstead nursery / When you own a big chunk of the bloody Third World, the babies just come with the scenery
  4. @Ryujin (no longer active here I think) did very nice (post-Saddam) Iraqi Army jundi and Iraqi police commandos (blue) uniforms for the CMSF1 Syrian Special Forces, which gives them body armour and a modern helmet shape (as well as RPG23s). I still have them somewhere. But they'd have to be retailored for CMSF2 wireframes, which I gather is not straightforward.
  5. Whose 's***hole country' mod are we using today?
  6. I will not get sucked into a Battle of Marawi reconstruction I will not get sucked into a Battle of Marawi reconstruction I will not get sucked into a Battle of Marawi reconstruction Textures need tweaking - crappy tin roofs, etc. - but that beat up cement bus shelter is about perfect for a shanty dwelling.
  7. Yes, the opening Hindenburg line scene is about as authentic a tactical combat sequence as I've ever seen in a film. ... Except that the Russian probe would have been taking PaK flank shots and HMG from identical hedgehog positions to left and right (which was the point of that scheme), and foundered in the wire/mine belts. But it is a very nice bit of filmmaking nonetheless, and essential viewing for CMers IMHO. (You can actually glimpse the scheme on a diagram that appears in the following scene)
  8. I mentioned this over on another thread, but... I am just awestruck by the amazing creativity that you guys have put into this project! My hat is off, truly.
  9. Yes, the map works fine. I am updating the master, and my 2 historical Ramadi scenarios, when I can find time and hoping to push out a third. I have also been rummaging through the monumental work of@Sgt.Squarehead , @37mm and others on their Heaven & Earth epic, after being totally floored by the sheer volume of quality and creativity involved!
  10. Good observations and data here; be interested in hearing thoughts from the game TO&E advisers who are active here. That team includes vets who have done MidEast street time, so I am confident the combat loadouts are well chosen. On a related note, is there any way to get rid of the 84mm guided AT launchers that are now organic to the CMSF2 US Army and Marine squads? In CMSF1, you used to be able to set equipment quality to 'Poor' (by 2008 standards), which would give you 2004 era kit and nothing heavier in terms of organic AT than LAWS. US forces don't lug these things around wh
  11. aBRd1Ky.png] Glad I saved screenshots of the GoogEarth imagery dated c.2004, as this area has changed a lot since, owing to the heavy war damage and subsequent rebuilding. As you can see, the gas station (immediately south of the cinema) was quite congested. Other points of interest include the Passport Office north of the cemetery. This became Marine OP HOREA in 2005, overwatching the prime IED zone around CP296. It was more or less permanently under siege from 2005-2007.
  12. Hi mate, you've somehow posted your SOS in the most obscure corner of the CM2 fora, BFC's 'Island of Misfit Toys'. You may wish to repost this on the CMBS board to see if anyone has any similar problems, and a suggested fix. Good luck!
  13. If we can sweet talk the CMCW design team into including in some uncons ('Gladiators', partisan militias and GI remnants in Berlin, spetsnaz operating deep in West Germany) teams and pickup 'technicals' in a module, that opens up a sandbox of Eighties what-ifs, e.g. - 1981 Solidarity uprising; Jaruzelski can't keep the Polish army onside, triggering a Soviet invasion. But in the RPG/Stinger era that ends up less like Hungary or Czecho, and more like A'stan; fed up Poles take to the hills and hollers, where Third Shock Army's heavy mech is hunting mosquitoes with a sledgehammer. - Sp
  14. OK, back in the game. Combining the great mods by @Kieme(ITA), @Pete Wenman, @Aquila-SmartWargames, @JulianJ (Allah's praise be upon them!), and my humble self, into a CMSF2 'Ramadi Pack'. Giving 'the Big Suck' some life, before driving it off the streets with gunfire.... This is the city's sole operational filling station, near CP296, c.2004, before this stretch of ASR MICHIGAN became 'Little Hiroshima' due to the ongoing war against US convoys. I'd forgotten what a time suck all this stuff is though. Time for some suitable music....
  15. Oh, and 1979-81 Europe is simply not complete without Klaus! Atomkraft nein danke!
  16. A lot of tradeoffs though, since you aren't going to get uncons in CMCW. All praise and hail to Bil and the Captain (and Teneille), but it will be a very, very mech-centered game. Infantry is at best trying its best not to rip its chemical bunny suits and at worst merely greasing the treads of the tanks.
  17. And this is a remix, but actually rocks harder than the original.
  18. Note to the design team: be sure to get plenty of pornstaches on both armies. And sideburns! the Seventies weren't as 'high and tight' as it got by the Top Gun era. Oh yes, and reflector aviators.
  19. I have a few rules to live by, and one is: never turn your back on a Rottie. 🐶
  20. Yes! I've been advocating (politely) for some time for putting this kind of 'paint a route that units will tend to follow' feature in the Editor. (Even better would be a feature where a unit waypoint for any move but FAST automatically 'snaps to' a road or ditch or hedgeline when the route roughly matches it. But that's a rather more complex brainjar coding task, and I am trying to keep my wishlisting to what seems like tweaks to existing functionality). Such a feature seems readily doable. The TacAI already causes pixeldogs to 'follow' a fence, trench or hedgeline even when it waver
  21. I expect it's the same word used by their fellow Arab Iraqis: jundi. Nice mod, many thanks for creating it.
  22. Just did this. It's USD25 for the 2 upgrades. Submit a help ticket if you have trouble with your old codes and Elvis will take great care of you.
  23. Car and truck flavour objects have been needed for some time in the modern Titles. Every town should have at least 2x as many vehicles as buildings; it would also go a long way to making maps look less sterile. And even though they don't offer much in the way of hard cover, they do have significant LOS effects for a street fight. And even though most AFVs can shove aside or crush them, there is a bog risk. This new game is a nice surprise, btw, although I will likely wait for the demo before I make a buy decision.
  24. Couple of additional queries: did anyone ever work up a more beat up looking 'high walls' mod? That brick one especially looks just too tidy next to Kieme's hovels. I know the Squalor mod did a nice rural stone wall. And I see CMFR has derelict wrecked car doodads, and I saw Blender do buses, rolling stock and some similar stuff. Anything like that ever get done for CMSF or CMBS? I'd love to sprinkle Ramadi with more of those to make it look more 'lived in'. And some beat up shipping containers too, even if they don't block LOS (I can interpose wall segments).
  25. Yup, I would love to see all that assignable to a platoon (plus 'attached' units) in a '1 paint (map) + 5 click' sequence similar to how artillery is called now.... But I also don't want perfect to be the enemy of good. A crude rewire giving a player the same 'blunt instrument' functionality the AI has right now (4.0), plus ability to repath without dumping the entire order set, would make a huge playability difference already. Skirmish lines, etc., if feasible, can be left to a future version. I mean, heck, I want all that stuff too. And I know this is (another) wishlist thread, bu
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