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  1. OK, daylight is a good part of my spotter problem. The historical attack begins at 0645 (Overcast). When I push it forward to 0930, I do get spots and the kind of shelling I was looking for. Many thanks gents, for the useful pointers!
  2. Correct. I am at 3.0 as I don't want the agita of 4.0. The German fire support is 81mm and 75mm, and the FOs are far enough away; as noted, they will eventually call fire if the Amis sit on the TRPs for a while. So my current guess is that they're so keyholed they can't see what's going on in the vicinity of the TRP zone, I think someone said 20m? Ergo, they don't 'realize' there are stonk-worthy forces there....
  3. So after another year long work hiatus, I'm back online, doing some design and playtesting on this project. But I am having an absolute bugga of a time getting the AI German spotters to call fire on their TRPs. Disrupting the advance of the green Amis with a steady rain of 81mm harassing fire (and some ranged MG and sniping, plus a few mines) is the key to the German defence scheme. They simply lack the bayonet strength to go toe-to-toe. That was exactly the RL dynamic, and the battered 352nd Division made it work well for a month north of St Lo. ... At least one spotter now has LOS
  4. After another year+ long work-related embargo, quarantine has allowed me to do a little CM design work once again, on my second Le Carillon CMBN scenario, using version 3.0. FWIW, I have observed the following AI pathing oddity, and am tacking it to this thread, as it isn't worth a separate one. It didn't otherwise show up in search. 1. After repeated tests, it appears that once AI controlled units enter a building, they invariably take up a unit Facing that is OPPOSITE the building side they entered. In Scenario Test mode, you can see the AI assign that facing (blue line) at the e
  5. OT, but our old friend JasonC got completely owned last month on BGG by one Electric Joe, another Supah Genius┬ę (ex USN staff officer) with the same disdainful and assertion-dense posting style. Jason weaved and shifted the goalposts for a while but eventually gave up. Hoist on his own petard. It's a what-if discussion regarding a Japanese invasion of Hawaii (after US carriers are sunk at Pearl). *Please* don't start discussing that topic here though (go over there), this is just flagged for nostalgic amusement, as so many of us here have been stomped on harshly by Jason over the las
  6. So, did anybody ever do a CM map of the Baghdad Green Zone? Asking for a fiend....­čĹŻ
  7. Hornets' Nest indeed. The defender has free choice of ~140 individual compounds (read: ready made fortresses and death traps) that BLUE can't safely neutralize with ranged firepower, or even spot, unless he first enters them with squishies. Clearing a district this size IRL will take 5-10 days and bleed whole battalions white. In CM you can do it in an (intense and harrowing) sitting, but you need to assume lengthy (sometimes night long) pauses 'off the clock.' Bring shaped charges and grenades, infidel dogs! And plenty of water. And blood plasma.
  8. Cool indeed, mate. But I am once again on cold turkey CM hiatus for work reasons; relocating to a new country. Keep pushing the boundaries!
  9. Not urban, but how about a little reelpolitik to go with your COIN?Interesting case study here, from a part of the world where I've spent time about how (counter)insurgency can be made to pay, handsomely. Dynamics by no means limited to Myanmar. In game terms, perhaps we could mash up @MOS:96B2P 's ingenious works with Settlers of Catan to create a nice little post-SHTF warlord game, lol. Oh, so you won't trade coal for sheep eh? Let me explain Largest Army to you.... Strategic Violence During Democratization (For Fun and Profit) Prior to democratization, the Myanmar military g
  10. `Good-morning; good-morning!' the General said When we met him last week on our way to the line. Now the soldiers he smiled at are most of 'em dead, And we're cursing his staff for incompetent swine. `He's a cheery old card,' grunted Harry to Jack As they slogged up to Arras with rifle and pack. . . . . But he did for them both by his plan of attack.
  11. Excellent advice again, saving me a lot of playtesting, many thanks. With no disrespect to the GIs, as they say, history is written by the victors. Yet the American AAR forensics on le Carillon et al. also betray a distinct admiration for the formidable German defences in the le Carillon sector, successfully held for nearly a month by critically undersupplied and undermanned regiments heavily staffed with unreliable Ostruppe. And even when the breakout came in July, a single battalion of 897 Grenadiere still took down almost a quarter of the trench strength of the newly committed 137th U
  12. Curious how your bloodbath looks and plays out with the new engine. Anybody do any vids yet? Relevant to my Normandy thread, as you know better than anyone here (except @Combatintman), the RL fight to clear Al Karama alone took freekin weeks: http://www.daeshdaily.com/2016/11/page/2/ 8´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ ´╗┐Nov. Apaches to hunt VBIEDs, a sign they're hurting 9 Nov´╗┐. CTS troops surrounded Al-Karama, Malayin 3, Shuquq Al-Khadra, Al-Zahra, Karkukli, Aden, and Al-Dhahabi on Wednesday, the Mosul operation commander announced. Later the Al-Zahra´╗┐, Malayin 3, and Al-Samah neighborhoods of east M
  13. Terrific feedback, many thanks all. So these are my core design challenges: 1. Put the player into this difficult tactical situation where Jerry sees him but he can't easily get back at them (btw CM could really use some kind of spotting inhibitor 'camo' counter for snipers, FOs, ATW teams etc.) 2. Present this clearly as a "time lapse" all day slog. Not the HBO nonstop charges and rat-a-tat; a series of specific clear and occupy taskings, punctuated by "hit the dirt!" and extended pauses to rally, observe and clear mines and to get the increasingly rattled GIs to clear the
  14. At the risk of taking your thread even farther afield (apologies), I am presently spending a little quality time in Normandy on my Carillon Nose series (after which I will, RL permitting, move back to the Ramadi sequence). As noted over there, I am trying to puzzle out how to replicate the actual tempo of a systematic battalion assault on prepared positions, in that case a town. Coincidentally, I also finally browsed the excellent Ashd al Dababir videos of Gen Ripper, and suddenly, a great... fatigue came over me I realized that he was facing the same problem, trading pixel-lives fo
  15. It'll be a cold winter indeed before I post a Don Henley video. Even I have standards.
  16. Posting this over from another thread. So I am presently trying to puzzle out the German tactical defensive scheme for the La Meauffe sector, consulting reasonable historical documentation from both sides, (including detailed diagrams pasted above). And this has led me to think about the general tempo of battalion scale infantry assaults on prepared positions, both WW2 and contemporary, and how these might be simulated realistically in a single CM scenario. 1. As noted in other threads, many CM assaults become frantic races against the clock. Forces are not only pushed to t
  17. Wasn't that a song, The Boys of Case Blau or sumfink? (Look at those poor kids. They look like the high school rowers I used to coach in largely German Cincinnati OH back in the day)
  18. S┬▓H, did you ever formally release Al Hutamah, in either iteration of CMSF? Just curious. Since we're on eschatology, here is the source of the name, for those interested... Sura´╗┐ ´╗┐104 of the Holy Quran, Al Hamazah (the Slanderer): Wai´╗┐ lul-li kulli hu mazatil-lumaza Al-lazi jama'a maalaw wa'addadah Yahsabu ´╗┐anna maalahu akhladah Kalla layum ba zanna fil hutamah Wa maa adraaka ´╗┐mal-hutamah Narul laahil-mooqada Al latee tat tali'u '´╗┐alalafidah Innaha 'alaihim moosada Fee 'amadim-mu mad dadah´╗┐ Woe to every scorner and
  19. Yes, that is very much a placeholder. This Co scale 'prelude' scenario is really intended to fine tune the town/bocage fights for the battalion scale actions of the 137th which followed on 11-15 July. I've been out of CMBN for a long time.
  20. Briefing pages for my second scenario in the Carillon sequence: PURPLE HEART CORNER Still laying out German defences here, so it will be a while before this is ready for testing.
  21. Said it before mate, but this is just spectacular work! The OpenGL engine is getting a bit dated visually, but you really breathe new life into it here.
  22. You really had to requote my wall of text in full for a 1 liner? ­čĽî­čĽő One day the interwebz will run out of space and YOU (and 100 million mousy Asian girls each uploading thousands of selfies) will be to blame! EDIT: (oh hey look, it folds up. Kewl) FURTHER EDIT: Second thought, Head┬▓, maybe ixnay on the Mahdi campaignray. Given BFC's scary record of predicting actual conflicts, you may bring on the End Times (Shia variant).
  23. Here, have a soundtrack while you chew on that lot. (I'll be over in le Carillon if you need me)
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