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  1. I just started playing SC2 and I would kill for APs that aren't used up all at one time. But I think I see why Hubert didn't do it this way (i.e., cheating during MP games). What I really want is the ability to do air recon to find the bad guys for my fighters/bombers to bring the pain. I understand that that ability is probably built into the spotting range of the fighters/bombers, but still....
  2. Yeah, I got your email at home last night, executed the file you sent me, worked like a champ. Thanks Martin. Now I just gotta figure out how to play it.
  3. Oh, I see. I wasn't aware of those. I'm not up and running since I seem to be having problems with this elicense thing. Hopefully that'll get sorted out soon.
  4. Good luck! I hope all goes well and there are no issues for you. </font>
  5. I preordered, got the email with the downloadable link and a license code to use for the download. I never downloaded the game, mainly because I didn't have a computer that could run it. However, the email said I'd also get a license key on the DVD case or Field Manual. None was included in my hardcopy. Here's the direct quote. "FOR MAIL DELIVERY ONLY ITEMS THAT REQUIRE LICENSING, THE LICENSE CODE WILL BE PRINTED ON A LABEL ATTACHED TO THE GAME MANUAL COVER OR ON THE CD CASE." Now technically, I did not order the mail delivery only option, so I presume that I'm supposed to use the license code that is valid for the download....but that doesn't work. It just sits there with a silly hourglass taunting me. Is this 1) normal and 2)the license code I'm supposed to supply? Or am I going to have to follow the link Martin provided in an earlier thread?
  6. Got mine Friday, 5/11. Just in time. I spent the weekend assembling my new computer and reinstalling the OS and all the software. Tonight it's TOW (and the 2 GB download I never had a chance to get )
  7. Bah!!! Where the hell is that Quad Core X6800 I ordered?!?! Can't play the game without that Matt! Sure, go ahead and promise software, I need hardware dammit!
  8. Juardis

    Gone Gold

    I have to admit it's been a LOOOOOONG time since I've downloaded a game, but 2 gigs?!?! :eek: Surely you jest?!
  9. 44...and starting to feel it. NOT a fan of real time strategy as my mouse skillz suck. That's why I played CMBO, then CMBB religiously for 4 years, then got burnt out. Haven't played a combat game since. Now I'm back
  10. I hear seasiderUK doesn't have a CC, so maybe he'll want it...
  11. What does this marriage mean? Does it mean we'll see CMSF in stores? If not, what exactly does Paradox bring to the table that Battlefront could not? Seems like a middle man is getting in the picture and middlemen usually mean more $$$
  12. thanks Matt. While you guys have been working hard on TOW and CMSF, I have been researching new computer components. Unfortunately, it looks like you guys may be shipping before my rebuilt computer gets assembled. So.....take your time, get it right (my story would change of course if it were the other way around)
  13. To answer the OP as best I can. 1. Buildings cannot be entered by infantry, although they apparently can be reduced to rubble and used for hull down positions. 2. No on-board mortars, but apparently there is the possibility that they could be put back in. See the latest blog entry. 3. It appears that this is real-time only. Although you may not consider that a flaw. 4. No PBEM (since it's RTS only) 5. Not sure what else until we see the game. I'm sure there will be some style of tanks missing, maybe the AI will be whacky, maybe issues with offboard arty (is that even in the game, I think so) being too responsive-too accurate-not responsive enough-not accurate enough. You know, typical grog complaints from those who think they know everything.
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