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  1. Sort of off-topic (unless modeled in the game). Does anyone know what was the original rationale for the flying saucer construction of WWI and II British helmets. Why did they finally abandon the design?
  2. So, I have CMBO up and running under BootCamp but cannot get a right button effect with the trackpad. I have installed the Apple Mouse Utility (which should provide a workaround, but seems to do nothing.) Obviously someone has the answer: I would love to hear from them Thanks
  3. Is anyone running any of the CM games using Windows on a dual boot Mac? If so, how well does it work? I understand the new Powerbooks do not have good graphic support: is it good enough for CM, or is a real graphics card a necessity? Thanks
  4. The Loyal Mac Owner's award. You are told it is coming, but it never arrives
  5. The old promise And if we abandon any platform, I can assure you it will not be the Macintosh. Is starting to sound pretty thin. There has been no Mac-compatible version for a couple of years and now we hear that the Mac version of CMX2will be 'delayed' Ah well: the error of believing promises
  6. No change: Simplicity of play. Too many games seem to keep adding complexity with each upgrade at the expense of playability. If you do add more detail (i.e. every man in a squad can fire at a different target) allow this to be turned off. WWII as the theatre of operation. Eventually from Poland to Berlin WEGO system: the best solution I have seen Easy MODs Great support Change: Optional on/off: A level of spotting that allows you to designate the overall commander and only see what he sees. All other information about troop positions is sketchy, occasionally updated by new reports B
  7. I am sure someone eout there knows why, in the British army, a Major general is a lower rank than a Lieutenant general. Wouldn't it make more sense the other way round?
  8. While my experience was ten years after WWII, we only used the Bren in a prone position, with bipod suppport. Mind you, we never saw combat, so our view might have changed in a hurry if someone was actually firing back at us!
  9. Computer Ambush!!! That's it: thanks Its odd, but some of my best game memories are from the Apple ][ days: Rails West, Dreadnoughts and of course Wizardry. Many of the newer games seem so intent on glitz that they forget the *game* element. I guess that is why I love Battlefront so much (now if we could just get the OSX versions......)
  10. OK, this has nothing to do with this forum but if anyone would know the answer, it would be you guys. I remember (I think) a squad level game for the Apple ][ where you moved a small group around in a city setting. It allowed you to give commands like 'toss a grenade into the room, wait three seconds, then enter'. Characters were usually good at something specific and you could put together a squad with different abilities. if anyone knows what I am talking about, could you let me know what the name was? Thanks
  11. There was a story some years back, in which aa modern fighter got transported back to WWI. Basically it flew too fast to deal with the old aircraft, the missiles couldn't see wood/fabric planes, so he used his wake turbulence to destroy them. Then he ran out of fuel, which was basically unavailable in WWI
  12. The purpose of Archers is to raise the German player's score
  13. I believe it was an oil/gasoline mixture. Sometimes there were additives to make it 'stickier' or to reduce viscosity in cold weather
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