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  1. Going back through the forum it seems to have been a problem for a few years now. This was supposed to be fixed with Engine 4?
  2. Just downloaded CMFI and I am getting blurred text through out the game. I am using the latest Engine 4 patch upgrades. I’m using Windows 10. Intel HD Graphics 5500 card.
  3. Ok yes thought it was strange I got no auto response even. I was quite sure it said ticket lodged etc. but guess it didn’t go through. I will try your suggestions tonight and try another download. Thanks.
  4. How long do they usually take to reply to open tickets? Its day 4 for me now and no word at all, i understand 2 days were weekend, but still no automated message?
  5. Yeah i'm on day 3 now and still no game or reply from Support. There must be another option to download this?
  6. I just purchased CM Red Thunder and am having big problems dowloading it. I am on my fifth attempt now after 3 half downloads. Is it possible to use a download manager so be able to save the download and break up the time needed?
  7. The "Luga Breakthrough" had some great little scenarios, so you can sign me up again thanks!
  8. I really should get over to these forums more often! I had no idea I was anywhere near a top spot! GH yeah I am surprised as well but I did play 3 not 2 scenarios and as Kingfish said I was dropped into disasters which I had to salvage something out of and turn the games around. All I can say is bad luck to the player who dropped out and who I replaced. Thanks Kingfish and everyone else for running the ROW tourney and the scenario designers for the great scenarios. Congrats to the other winners. Also Charl thanks for your generous offer and supporting ROW. Is this truly the
  9. Ok i thought you had the 1 turn warning, fly over/sound, but obviously not! So stacking my troops up, in what I thought was a safe area, was a bad idea then, thanks to a 1100lbs bomb!
  10. Wondering if any one has had the miss fortune to be attacked by enemy aircraft 20 seconds into a quick battle?!.....like me...
  11. I read that as Sergei just having a bit of joke there!
  12. Here's some interesting info about the axis player’s nemesis the Russian AT rifles. “The first russian AT rifle to be discussed here, the PTRD-41....…..main disadvantage was the excessively loud firing noise. The PTRS-41, also called simply the PTRS……..main disadvantages were the frequent jams. Any captured russian AT rifles were immediately used by the germans, where it received the official foreign-weapon designation Panzerbüchse 783® for the PTRD, and Panzerbüchse 784® for the PTRS. Tanks in WWII were not as tightly packaged as today, and while the 14.5mm cartridge was genera
  13. Not all of it went wrong for you! Though we are getting close to the end.
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