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  1. I had the same problem when I first installed it on my dvd drive. I then tried the install on my cd-r drive and it installed fine. ??Who knows why?? I can't tell ya. I wonder if it is a driver issue with certain dvd drives?
  2. Thanks to George and Keith for the quick reply. All you guys are great!
  3. I re-installed CM tonight. I had saved the, how do I say this "not politically correct German flag" and installed it to the full version from the beta demo. Stupid me, I did not make copies of these .bmp files and lost them. I was wondering if any kind soul who still has the historically correct versions of the German flag can email them to me. I do beleive they are 420.bmp and 440.bmp if I remember correctly. I would greatly appreciate it. My email address is in my profile above. Again thanks
  4. tom w, Here is a link to the Steel Panthers site I was talking about http://www.matrixgames.com/spwaw/whatsnew.asp Go to the forum and check out the topic, "are we there yet" "Administrator Paul Vebber Wrote": ---- Hold your horses! We have 23 hours and 50 odd minutes and will still be ontime! The final production checks, last minute "where the heck is...?" and final test runs take some time. My crystal ball say we are probably talking Afternoon or Early Evening before the download site will open... I know a lot of you are anxious, but assume its going to be a few days before you
  5. I was reading the forum at matrix games for SP-W@W and they made it sound like it would be late afternoon-early evening (possibly eastcoast time-USA?). So it probably will be a few more hours yet
  6. We can't have everything down to the most minute detail unfortunatly.
  7. Hey, we got Doom and those kind of games if you are interested in blood n guts.
  8. Man, I cannot even look that far into the future. I can hardly wait another month for CM1, much less 4 more variants down the road. The Pacific theatre might be interesting, but lets wait until we get the first couple of CM's out there before we get into this again.
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