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  1. Straight from the horses mouth , thanks for the clarification Steve. While I am a bit bummed about the tank riders, I can understand your perspective, and I just wanted to say thanks for the hard work and effort you guys put into this great series of games, I will be picking up the upgrades for both sometime this week.
  2. Any news? I was hoping for a release near this week. (It being the D-Day anniversary and all ) I pick up every Strategic Command title and am looking forward to this one the most.
  3. Just wait a few weeks and pick up the Assault of Democracy Expansion. That has a world at war global scenario in it.
  4. Great news guys! Thanks for the quick replies, count me in on the pre ordering.
  5. It is being promoted that we can use the engine for both wars. How would one go about this? Do we have to wait for someone, or by myself, to mod this? Or is the game going to come packaged with the proper files. I do own most of the previous games of the series already, but I was just curious how one was to go about the transformation process between the two wars. I hope I am making sense
  6. ...I am really looking forward to this edition of the Strategic Command Series. Any ideas on when we may see this? Thanks.
  7. Any guess? Am looking forward to this one. Thanks.
  8. Killroy was kellysheroes as well? This guy got banned back a while ago on the wargamer forums as well. Don't know the guy personally, but from his tone and attitude, came off as a complete @ss. Deserves what he got.
  9. Thanks for the update guys. Now I can play these on my laptop. Keep up the great work.
  10. ..I am definitely getting this to go along with WAW and PDE. But I was wondering, will you in a patch update WAW and PDE with the new features included in the Pacific Theater version? Just curious. Thanks
  11. Oh Kelly, nice to see you are still trolling around with your pointless banter. I miss your useless information over at the wargamer message boards, I used to get a good laugh out of it.
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