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  1. I can't install the latest CMSF2 patch. I download it and attempt to put it the same directory as CMSF2 as per the patch instructions. Nothing new appears in the directory and the game no longer opens. Anyone know a solution?
  2. I will play you Sublime. How about a QB in CMBN? I will propose parameters and you pick the side.
  3. Very cool, Rinaldi. I just got this game. Please LMK if you would be interested in a battle!
  4. Picking spots on defense is different. In your setup zone, it is assumed that you will find optimum positions--you control the ground and can walk it. But you can go into your opponent's set up zone and find ideal locations to attack a village, for example, without ever having been there. It would be cool if that feature could be turned off. I was hoping that moving the difficulty setting to "Iron," for example, would disable the "recon by target line" feature. You could only check LOS from your current location. Granted, the unscrupulous could certainly still do this in the map editor, I suppose.
  5. I am not a big fan of the CMX2 feature that allows you to set a waypoint and then test what terrain can be seen from that point. It strikes me a pretty gamey and unrealistic--like having a personal drone that reports on everything but the actual enemy. One could conceivably check vision from every part of the battlefield. Is there any way to turn that off in a PBEM? I am a veteran of two CMBS PBEM battles. In both victory went to the guy who took the time to find "perfect" firing positions.
  6. In CMX1, infantry ruled. Cheap and lethal against tanks up close. Great ability to spot and somewhat stealthy. I am playing my first multiplayer battle in CM2 (Black Sea). It is shocking how weak infantry is in this game. They get tired very easily and don't seem to recover quickly. They seem less stealthy than tanks even when they approach the tanks from the sides and rear. They also die in heaps vs. tanks as RPG's don't do well vs. APS. And that body armor that they wear does not seem to work all that well! While it is certainly true that the modern battlefield is a more dangerous place than in WW2, the pendulum may have swung over a bit too far!
  7. Thanks for sending Vanir. Let's see what comes back.
  8. Dan--Vanir may ask you for your password in a PM. If the game won't work for him, he will refer it to the tech guys at battlefront.
  9. I am about to start a new game with Kraft. Please wish me luck (both technical luck and game luck)!
  10. Right after we establish passwords and select forces. It happens on his side and not mine so I can't be too specific. Glad to see that a PBEM is possible.
  11. Hey Guys, I am just wondering if anyone has been able to play a PBEM. I have tried a couple times with a guy I got in contact with on these forums and it has not worked (game stops loading on the "load" screen with the AFV and a "% loaded."). Anyone?
  12. Just emailed and PM'd you. Looking forward to the game!
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