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Found 4 results

  1. After some research...I found the picture used by the game developers to represent (at least in cut scenes) the 2K22M tunguska SPAA system. It was from the MAKS-2011 " International Aviation and Space Show" outside of Moscow in 2011. Other than this picture...can anyone show proof that the tunguska was ever equipped with a FLIR? B/c that was a display model designed to try and sell to other buyers...NOT a in-service Russian army vehicle. Yes.."night vision aides" are listed in Wikipedia and other sources, but those are driving aides...not a FLIR for targeting. My point?? In 2007, the Russians in fact moved to the truck mounted Pantsir system, which it some versions DID add a FLIR. http://www.ausairpower.net/APA-96K6-Pantsir-2K22-Tunguska.html I think the game is not correct in representing an ability that never made it into service. Yes...I realize the game is a "hypothetical 2017", but how many times have we been told in these forums that... "such an such weapon/system or upgrade won't be in the game b/c it hasn't been adopted". If someone can show that the Russian military did/or is going to add FLIR to these 1980's era weapons, please correct me. I recently played a QB PBEM game where my opponent only bought tunguskas and proceeded to run around the battlefield using them as "quick firing 30mm M-1s". Sure...I defeated him, but it struck me as "gamey" i.e unrealistic. Remove the FLIR ability, and they still function perfectly as intended (AA), but now have only normal sighting(ground fire) ability in daytime...and much more limited ability at night. Yes...I realize that many of you would HATE to lose your favorite battlefield weapon. But...if I understand who(for the most part) plays CM, it's military history buffs(like myself) who enjoy authenticity over "gameplay". Otherwise, you'd all be in front of X-boxes!
  2. This video is harrowing enough to watch. I don't want to even think about what it was like to be there. Live fire. Note short, disciplined bursts, which have extraordinarily bright tracer. Burst after burst goes down range, but then things come unstuck. Spectacularly and terrifyingly! Outside view http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=bec_1393876436 View through driver's hatch. Note the shape of the clouds and the sun position are the same as above. The Aviationist isn't sure, but I'm highly confident that the two vids are of the same event. http://theaviationist.com/2014/03/05/tunguska-out-of-control/ Regards, John Kettler
  3. Started the INTERDICTION scenario and found out one valuable thing already ~ UKR mortar teams are crap! I targeted a TUNGUSKA with 3 mortar teams and all the shells hit everywhere but on the beast and he already shot down all five of my F-16s .. .. ouch .. .. Are my mortars too far out? That would be my guess .. .. And you certainly don't want to get too close to that thing .. .. What's the best way to engage that thing on the ground if you have no ATW? TUNGUSKA! HELP! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!
  4. GREAT GAME BATTLEFRONT ~ The best yet .. .. If I keep getting slaughtered, it's gotta be good .. .. And, I'm officially in love .. .. TUNGUSKA!!
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