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  1. I would like to change the res from 1920x1080 to 1600x900 but it's not listed. Is there some sort of file that will allow me to plug in whatever I want? Thanks.
  2. Ok thanks, that helps. It'll just be time consuming. I'm pretty sure. I play CMSF off and on and have been thinking about picking up a WW2 CM. Played both demos. This one seems more solid and has more benefits.
  3. Oh my. That's a terrible way to put out a manual. If I buy it (playing the demo now), in order to print it and put the pages in a notebook I'll have to put each page in a word doc from the pdf file and do each separately. Dumb idea to put two pages per landscape page. I hope at least they have white backgrounds?
  4. Wondering if CMFI comes with one? Thanks.
  5. That initial post included a personal attack against me. Emptyt has done it before and he did it again. It was not in fun. I am sick and tired of all the personal attacks against me just because I'd like to see this game improved. And I'm sick and tired of people telling me what to do and how to act. The post you quoted was done all in good fun. It was a bit of satire and I laughed all the way through writing it. YOU should have just let it go or said "good one" instead of making a personal attack against me. YOU should take your own advice.
  6. Yeah, stupid challenge? Oh, you mean because you can't answer it? YOU said most wargames have an all-seeing AI but can't even name 10 that do. It's not over until you either come up with them or admit you were wrong. I'm telling YOU to put up or shut up.
  7. Hey, you don't tell me to chill out or anything else. You STILL need to come up with 10 wargames that use the all seeing AI. Put up or shut up.
  8. You know, Boris, these people and their constant personal attacks and trolling aren't helping Brit one bit. He's trying to tone down the rhetoric and they keep making things worse.
  9. Ah, I see. This krinn just joined and this was his first post. Looks like he's a alias. emptyt? pzgndr? someone else????
  10. Idiots????? So YOU are trying to start a flame war? You have no clue between what is the difference between "not perfect" and "major flaw." If you ever get even half a brain maybe you will be able to figure it out.
  11. WAIT! NO NO! The game is great the way it is. This is a wonderful great game and doesn't need a fix. The planes work great the way they are. This is the greatest game ever made and the planes are fine. Nothing needs to be done. Besides almost all the other wargames on the market have planes that run out of gas and crash. So nothing needs to be done with this. The planes work just fine the way they are. EmptyT is getting obnoxious complaining about planes when they work just fine. EmptyT needs to quit complaining about planes since all the other wargames have planes that run out of fuel and crash so this is just fine. Besides this only happens once in a while. Brit lost money on the game so he can't spend time fixing little minor stuff that happens only once in a while. Besides there weren't very many copies of the game sold and Brit lost money so he can't spend all this time fixing something so minor that all the other games have wrong anyway. So quit complaining. This isn't an appropriate flaw to fix. All the other games have the same thing and Brit has no time to fix this stuff. Leave Brit alone with your obnoxious complaints all the time.
  12. LOL. Now that you've given your approval I guess it's ok for Brit to fix it.
  13. I assume you guys are talking about emptyt. What's his friggin problem? He's incapable of simply reporting a problem without making a personal attack against me. This kind of behavior is what starts flame wars and maybe he should be banned.
  14. So you're trying to start another flame war. Some people never learn. No matter what. They're just too dense.
  15. Do you want a great big long list or what? Oh, wait. You're probably just trolling again.
  16. So you're a troll too. Nice of you to let us all know.
  17. So you're a troll. Thanks for letting us all know.
  18. You really have your gaming screwed up. I'm not sure what your agenda is but most wargamers play against the computer AI. There have been polls done to prove that. If you can beat the AI in every game you've played after 10-20 games then every game you've played is totally lousy. There are many wargames that are played for YEARS by players. Empire Deluxe, TOAW, Harpoon, Steel Panthers, Combat Mission, the list goes on and on. All these games, all classics, have one thing in common. NONE OF THEM HAVE AN ALL SEEING AI. I'm beginning to wonder if Brit hired you to be a shill for his game.
  19. Might or maybe is fine if Brit has plenty of time to work on the game. But with his limited time there are better things he can do now. Then when he's done with all that he can do the AI dll.
  20. Nobody will do anything with it. It's a waste of time better spent reducing the effects of the all-seeing AI as discussed in another thread.
  21. rich12545


    I wouldn't buy CMAK until I found and downloaded a nocd patch. If you liked them you'd probably like CMSF but it's different enough it takes some getting used to. Sorry to hear about David Heath's dad. I'll check HPS again and if it doesn't require the CD, or if there's a nocd available, I'll PM you. It looks like a nice game.
  22. rich12545


    Very nice of you to offer. It looks like a nice game. But I have SC2, TOAW, AT, JTCS. And they don't require the cd in the drive to play. For some reason I really really don't like that.
  23. rich12545


    HPS has some good stuff, especially Tiller. But games that require you to insert the cd to play kills it for me. I don't mind elicense but won't play the other.
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