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  1. Ok. I am trying to move an infantry off a transport to attack a neutral city. It won't move. So I click on the infantry and I hear the boots and I right click on the city. Generate a turn. It doesn't move. I sometimes will have an infantry in a city and cannot get it to move out of a city. I realize that the terrain will sometimes prevent movement. I have played various types of Empire games and this one leaves me so frustrated.
  2. I think I tried so many things that people should not be bothered with looking at the thread. At the end, it took looking at the debug.txt and trial and error. I had two audio drivers: a regular one and one for my software that records Internet audio. Turning off the latter fixed the problem. Total Recorder. I love it but I can turn the driver on and off. Thanks for the devs who kept making suggestions.
  3. Success. I have two sound drivers. One is the regular Realtek driver. The other is used for total recorder, which allows me to record audio off the interent. Disabling the latter allow EOS to start. I haven't done much with it yet. But I have no reason to think it won't run ok. Thanks for your persistence in helping me.
  4. I don't really care about sound. I usually turn it off.
  5. Hmm. Looks like the last thing is sound. I have the latest sound driver. Maybe I need an earlier one. I have an onboard Realtek sound. The latest driver is a 2008 one. It does work on other games. 1/24/2008 The sound does work. And it did work with an earlier version of EOS. This file is used for debugging the application. It is temporary, and can be deleted. 2011/02/06 20:04:42: CTWDxApp::CTWDxApp() 2011/02/06 20:04:42: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), Command Line: 2011/02/06 20:04:42: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), Version 1.01.16145 2011/02/06 20:04:42: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), 1 2011/02/06 20:04:42: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), 2 2011/02/06 20:04:42: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), 3 2011/02/06 20:04:42: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), 4 2011/02/06 20:04:42: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), 5 2011/02/06 20:04:42: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), 6 2011/02/06 20:04:42: CSoundManager::CSoundManager(), 1 2011/02/06 20:04:42: CSoundManager::CSoundManager(), 2
  6. I do not have a sound card. The sound is built into the motherboard. Realtek. According to the update driver finder under my computer devices, the driver is up to date. You are right, though, that sound and video cards often cause crashes. The problem is that both drivers are up to date and EOS used to work before the change was made to get rid of some of copy protection. Ironic, isn't it? Usually it is the copy protection that causes the problems. My video card is a card Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT. Not real new. But it's driver is supposed to be up to date as well.
  7. Just downloaded and ran the demo with Norton off. Off for the download and off for running. Half a second and gone. I probably could wipe the disk clean and start over. But I guess I am not that desperate.
  8. Ran update. Hmm. I guess it was not fully updated. I am making progress. The program runs for almost a second before it disappears! I am now getting a little more info from debug.txt. Here it is: This file is used for debugging the application. It is temporary, and can be deleted. 2011/01/22 10:59:52: CTWDxApp::CTWDxApp() 2011/01/22 10:59:52: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), Command Line: 2011/01/22 10:59:52: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), Version 1.01.16024 2011/01/22 10:59:52: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), 1 2011/01/22 10:59:52: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), 2 2011/01/22 10:59:52: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), 3 2011/01/22 10:59:53: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), 4 2011/01/22 10:59:53: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), 5 2011/01/22 10:59:53: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), 6
  9. Tried to run it with Norton off. Same nothing. Tried it to run as an XP program on Win 7. Same thing. Maybe I need to uninstall it and install it with Norton off. Version is It is there with a right hand click. All files in the folder are run with full admin rights.
  10. I would suspect I am trying to run the latest version since I just redownloaded to the 2 machines. One is mine Win 7. The other is for my wife Win XP. I would like to use it on my computer otherwise I wouldn't be asking for help. I am not sure I can come up the version number. Right clicking on the file does not give it and the game never really starts running. I can temporarily disable Norton Antivirus and see if that makes a difference. Do I need to do it when I run the game or also when I download? I would think lots of people use Norton. But I will try it. BTW the demo not surprisingly has the same problem. I have thought that the two (reg and demo) might be conflicting. But I have run both after uninstalling the other. All my debug.txt are very short. It looks like some initial file is starting to run when it goes to the desktop. At this point, I am less interested in solving the question than knowing what is causing the problem.
  11. I have just downloaded to another machine. This one runs XP not Win 7. It is not the machine I normally use. The XP machine game does work though I would rather run it on the Win 7 machine. Again I am guessing it is a registry issue.
  12. Right now all I am getting after entering the activation code is the demo. Maybe by now I have downloaded too many times. But even with the demo is a brief blip of a screen and it goes back to the dekstop. By now I am suspecting that something is wrong down in regit. The program did work for a while and after you switched your method of protecting it, it stopped working. If I understand what you have done.
  13. This file is used for debugging the application. It is temporary, and can be deleted. 2011/01/21 23:35:25: CTWDxApp::CTWDxApp() 2011/01/21 23:35:25: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), Command Line:
  14. This file is used for debugging the application. It is temporary, and can be deleted. 2011/01/10 20:05:16: CTWDxApp::CTWDxApp() 2011/01/10 20:05:16: CTWDxApp::InitInstance(), Command Line: At some point I was getting an actual screen but it wanted and had the serial number.
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