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  1. Hi Brit Hope its going well. Is there a way to print out a ruleset? Kinda makes your ears bleed when your trying to change a lot of stats. Best regards MT
  2. not PBEM attached a game file where fighters went astray -how do I do this? Insert link?
  3. Both machines in question are 64bit. I'll try and find a crashed file and send it to you. They are multiplayer however.
  4. Does the save game store some referance to which machine they are being played on? I have tried moving an active game from 1 puter to another on a couple of occasions and after maybe a move or two got a corrupt save file which won't load. Very frustrating when you're 200 moves in and its about to kick off big style!! I don't have an installer as I bought a download version so have just cut and pasted the EOS folder. Am also finding when I quit to desktop I sometimes get a "program has stopped working" message on a Win 7 machine. And that has just flagged a possible reason for the previous promblem!! I was moving the game from a Win7 box to an XP one. Would that be the reason?
  5. Sorry all - few too many glasses of red!!
  6. Maybe rattle the chain of 'dough boy' Was up?
  7. emptyT


    Ok thanks - you de man!
  8. The bigger your cities the faster your production (I'm pretty sure)
  9. emptyT


    Hi Guys I've been messing around with rule sets and have done something which results in basic city units (barracks, etc) being un-buildable after about 5 moves Any ideas what it could be?? I've changed lots of numbers and don't want to start again if avoidable!
  10. Hi Brit I have found my planes running out of fuel at times. It seems to be when you patrol them beyond limit, with them to land at a nearer base. If they encounter an enemy patrol they will follow and then not make it to the new base, but rather try for home! Doesn't seem to matter what orders you give them. Something to look at for your next patch - once you've finished programming an AI thats acceptable to NASA and more importantly, 'BillyNoMates' lol
  11. 1 Droll to another Troll, bringit!
  12. Welcome. Which other game has such support from the Developer?
  13. LOL! I just like winding you up TBH It was too quiet.
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