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1st and 2nd Platoon have managed to slink their way North unopposed into the industrial complex and have begun clearing operations.  They were stacked on the perimeter wall--ready to blast-- when I remembered American Infantry no longer carry breaching charges-- luckily there is a rail entrance on the southern end of the compound, which they moved through quickly.  3rd Platoon dealt with the rogue supply truck and its driver, and is holding together surprisingly well after the loss of Private Benjamin

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Interesting story behind that Tunguska . . . See,  Igor parked the bus but things got so dull he fell asleep in his seat. Then Sachin, that scamp, did the worst,  the worst fart! It was so loud that it startled Igor awake and it was so bad that he though a NATO gas attack was underway. He panicked and slammed down the gas,  surging the vehicle forward. Sergeant Nobbles (don't ask) smacked his head off the turret ring, causing him to mash his hand on the controls and inadvertently spin the turret 90 degrees right. Igor came to his senses, and  slammed on the brakes,  violently rocking the machine. Sachin's gastroenteritis cramped His bowels into a granny knot, causing his hands to spasm uncontrollably on the fire button,  laying down some incredibly accurate fire one Mike down the river. 

This seems to have startled a US JAV team out of their three man circle-jerk. They got all pissy and fired off a JAV, swiftly returning to their lubricated amorous group activities even as it ended the Tungu's crew's concussed befuddlement. 






True story. 

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@c3k Truth-- He's cleverly whittled me down to my last 100 Excalibur rounds-- and in the most remarkably diplomatic manner.  Did you know he sent a card and gift basket after those first riflemen of mine went down? A class act.  Now-- the gift basket was laced with a toxic nerve agent-- but he's assured me it must have picked that up in the post.

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