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  1. Okay, I'm running a small infantry scenario, and I've replaced the M107s with .338 Lapuas. So far, the snipers appear to be hitting infantry at a much higher rate.
  2. For all you rigorous test guys, here's your challenge: establish a baseline of kill percentage against enemy personnel with an M107 at 500 meters in cover other than urban.
  3. No idea, John. It was a Red infantry force, my sniper took more than 70 shots, no vehicles on the board, so I assume he took all his shots at people, and got 21 kills. All natural cover, (meaning not urban cover) range of less than a kilometer. Sniper was elite, led by a +2 leader.
  4. So I've been messing around with snipers. What I've found is that when snipers with M107s get a good position at long range, they are able to put out rounds. What I'm wondering about is why they don't actually hit anything. I just had a sniper team in a computer game put out more than 70 rounds of .50 cal ammo to get 21 kills. Okay, they're not all gods. But three to one?
  5. Has anyone done any rigorous (or semi-rigorous, or hell, I don't know) studies regarding weather and sensors in-game? How much, for instance, does an in-game downpour degrade your UAVs? Your M1A2s? Your Javelins? Whatever trash Red uses instead? I've just been told that the downpour I picked could degrade my UAVs, and my reaction was my standard "huh?"
  6. Out of mild curiosity, speaking as a former AJE5, what did you do, sir, ask them? And assuming a yes, what do you think they did? Do you think they answered you?
  7. They also don't move nearly as fast. Aquire the Javelin, lose the ability to use "Fast". Aquire the whole load, and lose the ability to use "Quick".
  8. Here is the file I copied from this thread. So far, I'm using it with one issue: the "Next Unit" command does not work. It will select the first unit if I use the shift key, however after that it selects additional units. I know nothing of these issues, my skills are construction. Can one of you programming geniuses fix it?
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