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FOs Conduct of Fires Net

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Each side has it's own turn so 2 turns per "round" and the first few to exchange passwords and set up 22x2 actual play rounds/turns plus another 4 to set up the game.  So you may be on file .048' but look at the in game clock to verify actual turns. 

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Confusion is a CM feature. No idea how they coded it, bit its Clausewitz approved™. So far, Steve hasn't said where they keep the Ouija board which allowed for this important certification. On a more serious note, sburke is quite correct. There are administrative turns which must occur before actual gaming can begin. If you go into OT on the other end, you might wind up with ten more complete turns there.


John Kettler

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On 11/27/2016 at 4:05 PM, kinophile said:

(image removed by Steve)

They didn't have a divarty's worth of unmolested 152.

But carry on Colonel Blimp, I'm enjoying your self defeating tactical assumptions....

Damn you I am trying to eat at an airport counter. Snorting is not approved!

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