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  1. SapperHarvey


    As far as I know, this game is set in 2008, before the M320's were widely issued. And the OCP uniform was issued only a few years ago if I recall correctly.
  2. SapperHarvey

    See all units waypoints?

    Haha, yeah apologises guys. IanL, you're right on the money, I was on mission 2 of the Task Force Thunder campaign, and just couldn't pull myself away 🤪 Was about to start mission 3..
  3. SapperHarvey

    Better Load Times

    Yeah, it's easily the fastest loading CM game for me, takes about 20 seconds to load into a battle. Some of the other WW2 titles take 3-4 minutes to load for me.
  4. SapperHarvey

    See all units waypoints?

    Ah, I had ALT+P originally before I edited it, lol. PIATpunk is right, its ALT+P. I always enable both of them on first start up of a new CM game. Another useful one I use, if I remember right, is Alt+M for brighter lighting during night battles if you find it a bit hard to see.
  5. SapperHarvey

    See all units waypoints?

    ALT+Z my man. You can check the hotkeys for various commands by clicking "MENU" in a battle and click "Hotkeys"
  6. SapperHarvey

    Demo Feedback

    Yeah, I can confirm this, Shader option works fine on the Marine beach landing and the British scenario, but the Alamo and Passage to Wilcox scenario has the shader option bug. It's apparently a bug with certain scenarios, some work, some don't. Again, not a big deal, just never noticed it before on other CM games I own and thought I'd mention it.
  7. Same here, I'd definitely buy an updated version of CM:A.
  8. SapperHarvey

    Demo Feedback

    Noticed that even with the shaders option set to ON, they are automatically off when entering a battle, have to manually turn them on with ALT-R. Noticed in the Alamo scenario, that when setting the TPz Fuchs trucks to open up they will only stay open for a few minutes or so, even without being fired upon or having any enemy contact so you have to keep telling them to open up to use the MG3's.
  9. SapperHarvey

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    Just a (?) minor bug report (?) I've noticed even when I have the shaders option set to On in the options, they are automatically off when I enter one of the battles, I have to manually turn them on with Alt-R. No big deal , just thought I'd report that.
  10. SapperHarvey

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

  11. SapperHarvey

    What killed my recon squad ?

    I remember playing this campaign, and this map, both of which have been really well done. Hopefully I'm not spoiling anything for anyone, but be aware of the Church steeple off in the distance, in the middle of town. I lost my recon units in the same general area.
  12. SapperHarvey

    License key for 4.0 Upgrade

    Alright, can confirm everything is working fine now. I used the full 4-6 GB sized installers, uninstalled all of my CM games and started fresh. The 4.0 big bundle key worked on everything except CMRT which I then used my original key on and it worked. Am I correct in assuming my old campaign saves will no longer work? Thanks again Battlefront, was great to wake up on Christmas to this. Hopefully a CMSF or CMA rebuild to 4.0 is in the works! @JUAN DEAG I got that same flashing problem, but only when I tried to run as Admin. Just double clicking brang up the prompt. Can't think of what would be blocking it besides anti virus.
  13. SapperHarvey

    License key for 4.0 Upgrade

    I think that could be the case Cobetco, because if you run the versioncheck shortcut inside the Dir it comes up saying " Funny, your version wasn't yet released ;-)" so I guess we have to wait a day or two maybe..
  14. SapperHarvey

    License key for 4.0 Upgrade

    Yeah, getting the same error on CMBN, have used the patch and reinstalled with the 4.0 full installer, same thing. about to try CMFB and see if it gives the same error. Btw theres a file inside the install directory called "Activate New Products" which brings up the licence prompt, get an "invalid serial number" after putting in my licence key.