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  1. The Mac crossplatform feature is just great! I am in exactly the position you describe, Mac laptop, PC for gaming, and whenever I was out of the house I had to make do with SF and Normandy. Very much appreciated, looking foward to playing with the improved infantry movement. Happy holidays to you all.
  2. I'm back to report how the 4th and 5th battle went. Both very good fights, great maps and very good AI plans, so good in fact that I lost the 5th battle... Thanks for the hours of fun again!
  3. Thanks a lot, great news. I used one when making CMBS maps and was quite disappointed when I realized there isn't one for CMFI. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. Always happy to hear that sombody enjoyed the scenarios I came up with.
  5. Just finished the 3rd mission (WEGO on Iron) and again I have to say I liked it a lot. The AI put up a good fight and I ended up with a Major Victory, it was really close even if the end result did not look like it.
  6. Finished the second mission and I liked it even better than the first. This is Combat Mission exactly as I like it. Infantry forces, not too large and intelligent missions that require you to move around and adapt to the changing battlefield. Thank you so much for this, Imperial Grunt.
  7. I only played through the first mission so far but I liked it a lot and want to say: Thank you very much for the effort you have put into this. Edited to mark the spoiler correctly.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like the timing is OK now.
  9. I added 5 minutes to the red reinforcement schedule and updated the file here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9849673/Raid%20on%20the%20Pump.zip This should make it a bit easier. I will also submit it to the repository now.
  10. Great news on a Saturday morning! Now I have no excuses to shy away from playing H2H. Small Quick Battle anyone? PM me!
  11. My understanding is that the BW wanted to replace the cold war G3 with a "peace weapon", so the spec focussed on light weight and other features than combat performance. Now times (and missions) are different but of course nobody in German politics wants to admit to this...
  12. Thanks Takoda, no rush, there will always be a next weekend! Thanks George MC. I play WEGO and kind of assumed that time limits would work OK for RT since technically you can do more in RT in the same time since you have more possibilities to give orders. I probably should try RT to see myself how that goes. The whole idea of the scenario is that you have to be quick and not take your time. It should be 40 minutes, unless I messed something up. I enjoy playing CM "against the clock", I know that some people don't, those will probably not like this scenario. That said, the time frame might be a bit tight, I'll see what others have to say.
  13. I finished designing my second scenario. The setting is that a US infantry platoon+ assaults a Russian mortar battery and battalion HQ at a gas station outside Cherkasy. The challenge for the player is to quickly cause a lot of damage to the Russian target formations and then retreat before he is overrun by the Russian reinforcements. The map is semi-fictional. It is inspired by a real world location but I changed the scale and some other things. Blue vs. AI only, H2H might work but I have not tried it. You can download it here for now (I will see if I get some feedback and eventually also put it on the repository): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9849673/Raid%20on%20the%20Pump.zip Please tell me what you think, good and bad, and let me know if you find any problems (spelling mistakes, briefing issues, map oddities, scoring bugs etc.).
  14. Sorry you had such a bad time with this scenario. Unfortunately I am not set up to record a video of me playing this mission but what you can try is playing this from the Russian side and watch th Blue AI plan. Following the same plan the AI uses with better timing should be reasonably good. I really should have included a Tac Map, I'll see if I will make one and update the scenario. Regarding high losses in search and rescues, read up on what happened when they tried recover Bat21 in Vietnam... It is possible to win this battle pretty well even taking some casulties. The scoring is all about keeping the vehicles alive. If you had finished one of your playthroughs instead of quiting you might have won!
  15. I am designing a scenario where US infantry attacks a Russian battalions mortar position (2B11 or 2B14) and would like to hear if anybody knows how such a position with 2 sections of 3 mortars each would look like. Specifically, are they set up in a line? A triangle? Does it even matter? What should the spacing be? Should they be set up in trenches or foxholes to improve protection? What would be the layout of the trenches?
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