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  1. Chudacabra

    New Scenario: Coup D'etat

    This scenario looks even better than Tactical Operations Centre.
  2. Chudacabra

    CM Helper for CMSF 2

    I have CMHelper 1.7.3, but isn't it up to 1.7.6 now?
  3. Chudacabra

    CM Helper for CMSF 2

    Where does one download the latest version of CMHelper?
  4. I would also be interested, but it seems like more of a summer museum. The Tank Weekend sounds great. The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton is also worth visiting.
  5. Amazing aquajeep to the rescue!
  6. Chudacabra

    Unofficial Screenshots & Videos Thread

    A Bulat reverses with two of my T-72's on a hill watching over the terrain. The Bulat fires and destroys one of my tanks, and one of my T-72's fires on an already destroyed Bulat. Seconds later, the surviving T-72 destroys the Bulat as it attempts to escape.
  7. If you do Ukrainians vs. Ukrainians in CMBS, you can do a pretty good early 80s civil war with T-64, BTR-70, BMP-2, etc. CMSF2 will allow even crummier forces to battle each other!
  8. Syrian forces get blown to bits by angry Germans.
  9. Best strategy to kill American AFV's is to play against the AI.
  10. Chudacabra

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    That fixed it. Must be my computer. I can usually unzip files no problem. Anyways, wonderful to see the demo!
  11. Chudacabra

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    Hmmm, I can't seem to open the install file. It's a rar file. Anyone have this issue?
  12. Chudacabra

    Unofficial Screenshots & Videos Thread

    "Hey, what's that in the woods?"
  13. Chudacabra

    Hasty AAR: Rahadnak Valley Search (USMC)

    I also like to have units stop outside a building and target briefly into the building. And lots of target light all the time.