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  1. Just started it and as a suggestion I would recommend having a map in the briefing to give you some idea of your enemy's disposition and/or give the attacker more intelligence. If you're attacking, your artillery more or less has to be used on the first turn.
  2. I think in comparison to how the Iraqi armed forces fared against the Coalition of the Willing, the Syrians actually do pretty well in this game. I feel that if you're defending as the Syrians, then you need to just focus on the NATO infantry and lighter AFV's. I'm currently playing as the Syrians defending against the Dutch and it is very tough, but I've managed to kill many Fenneks and APC's while also inflicting quite a few casualties. I really should have purchased more AT-14's though.
  3. A Syrian team waits in hiding... The trap is sprung! Three Dutch soldiers go down, but my valiant team all surrender by the end of the turn. Still 3 NATO casualties for 4 Syrian casualties are pretty good in my books.
  4. Yes, it's excellent. While I think Black Sea is great, I find the Americans with APS are almost like Gundams. I like the lower tech and huge range of possibilities with CMSF2.
  5. Great AAR. Is this scenario available separate from the campaign anywhere?
  6. Don't imagine this will end well for my Syrian pixeltruppen (neither side can see each other yet).
  7. From a current PBEM as the Syrians defending against the Dutch. Veteran Syrian troops with lots of ATGMs have proven themselves to be quite capable. Canadian armour unleashes on fleeing insurgents.
  8. This scenario looks even better than Tactical Operations Centre.
  9. I have CMHelper 1.7.3, but isn't it up to 1.7.6 now?
  10. Where does one download the latest version of CMHelper?
  11. I would also be interested, but it seems like more of a summer museum. The Tank Weekend sounds great. The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton is also worth visiting.
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