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  1. Ts4EVER

    History accuracy

    That picture is a well known one from Stalingrad. Interestingly, it is also not an SVT40 but an AVS-36, which was still in use this early in the war.
  2. Ts4EVER

    History accuracy

    You need to link to an address.
  3. Ts4EVER

    History accuracy

    No, Sicily is not right at all, although some where tested near Salerno, apparently. I assume the M9 Bazooka is more accurate, since it has a scope.
  4. Ts4EVER

    History accuracy

    Yes, that being said, I personally feel there is a certain disconnect between the level of detail when it comes to vehicles variants (Panzer IV Ausf. H (early)) and Infantry equipment. I wish there was some bigger variety there just for historical flavor, even if maybe the actual gameplay effect would be small. I'd have to imagine that modifying a TOE or making a new type of rifle is ultimately less work than making some obscure tank. I made a thread about this before, but some examples of infantry weapons that in my eyes should be added to the WW2 series: For German infantry set to "ill-equipped": MG26(t) (to replace random amounts of MG34/42) MP Beretta (especially for the Bulge game) MP 28 Luftwaffe Field Division stuff: MG15 / MG81 And the G41(w) as replacement for the G43 on 1943 and early 1944 maps In terms of TOE for the Eastern Front game: A variant of the Grenadier Kompanie with 1 Sturmzug for those Divisions that had the MP43 introduced. Call it Grenadier-Kompanie (Stg) or whatever, just copy the already existing one and change it a bit. If the Italy Game includes old style (1941) Infanterie ToE, port it over to the Normandy game as well. For Russians: Fewer SVT40s for Russian infantry in 1944 / 45. (In fact, I know of no photo of a Tokarev rifle on the front post 1943, although I am willing to be proven wrong on this) A variant of the Rifle Company with an smg platoon. PRTS semi automatic for units set to "Better than average" equipment. For Americans: M9A1 Bazooka and M1919A6 set to proper start date (post Normandy) Springfield grenade launcher in Normandy and Bulge if equipment set to bad. Again, can be ported over from Italy.
  5. Ts4EVER

    History accuracy

    The point of my post was to refute OPs argument that Infantry units had no G41s and G43s, only Panzergrenadiers did. According to these numbers, Infanterie Divisions indeed had them, as portrayed ingame.
  6. Ts4EVER

    History accuracy

    Since I apparently got nothing better to do I looked at some reports to get more data regarding the idea that "Infantry Divisions had no G41s or G43s". Let's see: 197. Infanterie-Division (01.06.1944) II. Deutsche Waffen 7.485 x Karabiner 98k 94 x Karabiner 98 k mit Zielfernrohr 213 x Gewehr 41 und 43 2 x Granatbüchse 39 1.289 x Pistolen 697 x Maschinenpistole 38/40 30 x Maschinenpistole 44 III. Beutewaffen 25 x Maschinenpistolen (r) 26 x Gewehr (r) 2 x 5,2cm Granatwerfer (r) 3 x Panzerbüchsen (r) 4 x 28cm Mörser (f) 7 x 7,5cm Kanone 231 (f) 256. Infanterie-Division (01.06.1944) I. Deutsche Waffen (in Kriegsgliederung nicht eingezeichnet) 7.106 x Karabiner 81 x Zielfernrohrgewehre 162 x Gewehr 41 360 x Gewehr-Granat-Gerät 702 x Maschinenpistolen (davon 38 = MPi 43) 1.679 x Pistolen 65 x Panzerschreck 1 x Nebelwerfer 35 21 x leichte Maschinengewehre 08/15 8 x leichte Maschinengewehr 13 2 x leichte Maschinengewehr 15 1 x schwere Maschinengewehre 08 (zur Instandsetzung und Waffenreserve) 11 x leichte Maschinengewehre 6 x schwere Maschinengewehre 7 x mittlere Granatwerfer 1 x 7,62cm Feldkanone 288 (r) II. Beutewaffen 499 x Gewehre (r) 83 x leichte Maschinengewehre (r) 3 x schwere Maschinengewehre (r) 50 x leichte Maschinengewehre (f) 19 x leichte Maschinengewehre (t) 1 x leichtes Maschinengewehre (e) 1 x leichter Granatwerfer (r) 3 x mittlere Granatwerfer (r) 9 x mittlere Granatwerfer (f) 9 x 4,5cm Pak (r) 42. Jäger-Division (01.06.1944) I. Deutsche Waffen (In Kriegsgliederung nicht eingezeichnet) 10.678 x Gewehre 68 x Zielfernrohrgewehre 23 x Gewehre 41 2.470 x Pistolen 436 x Maschinenpistolen 64 x Granat-Büchsen 403 x Gewehr-Granat-Geräte 10 x 3,7cm Pak II. Beutewaffen 58 x Gewehre (j) 343. Infanterie-Division (01.06.1944) I. Deutsche Waffen (in der Kriegsgliederung nicht enthaltene deutsche Waffen) 6.211 x Karabiner 98K 84 x Gewehre 98 9 x Gewehre 98a 65 x Gewehre 41 130 x Karabiner 98 mit Zielfernrohr 528 x Gewehr-Granat-Geräte 735 x Maschinenpistolen 1.959 x Pistolen 08/38 1.077 x Pistolen 7,65mm II. Beutewaffen (nur Granatwerfer, Maschinengewehre und Gewehre) 804 x Gewehre (j) 305 x Gewehre (f) 870 x Gewehre (r) 674 x Gewehre 24(t) 41 x selbstladende Gewehre (r) 3 x Karabiner 454 (r) 27 x Pistolen (r) 29 x Maschinenpistolen (r) 264. Infanterie-Division (30.11.1943) 7.751 x Karabiner 98K 199 x Zielfernrohrgewehre 200 x Gewehre 41 (W) 3.557 x Pistolen 38 875 x Maschinenpistolen 40 545 x Gewehr-Granat-Geräte 71 x 8cm Granatwerfer 34 12 x 7,5cm leichtes Infanterie-Geschütz 18 6 x 7,62cm J.H.K. 290 (r) 4 x 5cm Pak (leihweise vom OKH zur Ausbildung zugewiesen) 10 x 2cm Flak I could go on.
  7. Ts4EVER

    History accuracy

    These are monthly reports and the one from June might have been destroyed. Also, these don't change that much over a month except for enemy action.
  8. Ts4EVER

    History accuracy

    Dunno where this idea comes from that Infantry Divisions had no G41/G43. For instance, the 352nd Infanterie-Division of Omaha Beach fame reported 395 G41s in February 1944. These do not show up in the 43 kstn, but IIRC there was an amendment saying that 2 were to be issued to each squad if available.
  9. Ts4EVER

    A long delayed update

    Too bad, really not interested in modern warfare. That being said, from what limited experience I have of game development, I get how this kind of mission creep can happen.
  10. Ts4EVER

    Road to Montebourg

    He also made the Road to Nijmegen and Scottish Corridor campaigns for the same game. I'm playing the Nijmegen one on my channel right now, btw.
  11. On a related note, I am playing the Nijmegen campaign by papertiger right now (will be on Youtube as well). Has he ever done another CM campaign? Is he still active in some way?
  12. Probably made no master map because there was no fighting IN Bastogne, just around it.
  13. Means the Sturmpanzer, probably (Brummbär).
  14. That artwork is from the flames of war tabletop game (ironically made by the "Battlefront" Company)...