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  1. That is why I only bought that pack after the battlepack came out. IMO the quick battles do not offer the best CM experience.
  2. Yes, that is my main criticism of the Red Thunder game (as someone who avoids the quick battle system). Many of the scenarios get a bit samey. "Take that bridge with your T34s / T70s"! Sometimes some SU76s as well. I don't think I have seen one of the heavy assault guns or the SU85 ever, and the IS2s only in one campaign scenario.
  3. Ts4EVER

    CMSF2 Release Update

    Hmmm... do you think it is a good idea to do that? It is one thing if you communicate this here and I totally see your reasoning, but if you include these campaigns in an unfinished state, you are technically releasing a faulty or buggy product. Not every customer browses the forums and will be able or willing to get this information. I'd be careful with that from a marketing perspective.
  4. Ts4EVER

    CM Sniper tactics

    It is almost a running gag on my youtube channel that may snipers always have 0 confirmed kills at the end of each scenario...
  5. In December 1944, the Germans had 179 Infantry divisions. Of these, 56 had 2/3rds of their line infantry platoons equipped with StG44s. A further 10 had a third of their strength re-equipped.
  6. Ts4EVER

    92nd Infantry division

    Oh, no, I meant the 1st FSSF.
  7. Ts4EVER

    92nd Infantry division

    That was the segregated Division? I never heard about them having unique gear. On the other hand, the FSSF used the Johnson LMG, so that might be a possible addition.
  8. That document is not from 1945, but captured then. You can find this information for English speakers here: http://www.wwiidaybyday.com/kstn/kstn131v1sep44.htm
  9. Hello,

    I noticed you are part of the 'Forgotten Hope' series...I remember there was a 'Forgotten Hope' Stalingrad Mod (Red Orchestra 2) a few yrs ago, but can't remember.

    Where can I find more info on the latest of 'Forgotten Hope'.

    Thanks, Joe

    1. Ts4EVER


      We have nothing to do with Red Orchestra. This is out webpage:


  10. Ts4EVER

    StG 44 in the upcoming CMRT module

    I never saw the PPS42 ingame either. That being said, at the scale and graphical fidelity of Combat Mission, the difference would be completely unnoticable. I work on the BF2 mod "Forgotten Hope 2" and for reference, this is how the PPS42 and 43 look in our game:
  11. Ts4EVER

    StG 44 in the upcoming CMRT module

    Are you sure about the PPS42? Because I seem to recall one of the Battlefront staff writing in here that it wasn't ingame, but that they removed it last second because they found out it was not used in the central part of the front.
  12. Ts4EVER

    StG 44 in the upcoming CMRT module

    Are you living in some kind of bubble that doesn't allow reading? Nobody is arguing that all rifles should be replaced by StG44s, but as I and others have demonstrated, the Germans did issue this weapon in bulk and by the end of the war, it was a common weapon to see in frontline infantry units. So there should be Volksgrenadier Companies with 2 assault platoons outfitted largely with StG44s. This, btw, is already the case in Final Blitzkrieg, so I am wondering what you are arguing about anyway....
  13. Ts4EVER

    StG 44 in the upcoming CMRT module

    No it wasn't. It was issued to 1 platoon (later 2 platoons) of line infantry. The Handrich book includes the German original documents from the development process which shows that the intention was to replace smgs and rifles with it completely (initially MGs as well, but they decided against it). This is not a point to argue about, since there is actual evidence.
  14. Ts4EVER

    StG 44 in the upcoming CMRT module

    This thread scares me, mostly because of the apparent inability of this forum's members to actually read the post linked in the op. That is the only reason I can imagine why we still hear the old crap of "StG44s were for elite units!" in this thread even though that was debunked in the first post, basically. So, once more for all those non-readers: The StG44 was not a weapon made for "elite" units. It was supposed to arm the standard infantry and while the Germans did not achieve this due to the war situation, they did issue it in large numbers towards the end of the war. In fact, if they issued it to divisions, they usually gave out a large enough number to equip at least 1 platoon in each company, 2 in Volksgrenadier Companies. According to the Sturmgewehr book by Handrich, a little bit less than half of the German infantry divisions were equipped as such by the war's end. (Going from memory here). The Bulge game actually represents this quite well, which is why I am surprised this thread even exist... obviously they will carry over the ToE from Final Blitzkrieg to the Eastern Front, I see no reason why not. Regarding some other topics that came up in this thread: The G41 was a horrible design and had a limited production run, but it was not as rare as people seem to think. If you look at divisional reports, up to and including the summer of 1944 it is the primary automatic rifle issued to German divisions. Only in the autumn of 1944 does the G43 become more common. However, in contrast to the StG44 these rifles were seen as a stopgap measure to increase infantry firepower and were not issued in bulk. Since they used the same round as the MG42 and K98k, this was possible without complicating logistics. Usually they were issued on a 1 or 2 per squad basis, in case of Panzergrenadiers officially as the weapon of the squad leader's assistant. As the StG44 became more common and infantry divisions formed Sturm platoons, they were supposed to be pooled together as a "poor man's assault rifle" to create makeshift assault platoons, in case StG44 deliveries were not possible. Regarding the Tokarev SVT40: This is an excellent rifle, but it is massively overrepresented in Red Thunder. It is true that the Russian produced a lot of them, but most of that production was pre-war, as well as 1941 and 1942. After that, the production of this relatively expensive rifle was reduced in favor of the PPsh41 / Mosin Nagant combo. What this means is that this rifle was basically the weapon of the "first iteration" of the Soviet Army: The one that was all but destroyed in the battles of 1941 and 1942. Not saying there were none at all around by 1944, some certainly were, but it was no longer a standard, mass issued weapon. Instead of seeing the big numbers of this rifle in Red Thunder, I would prefer to have the historical infantry organisation where one platoon in a rifle company is equipped with SMGs and the other two using the traditional rifle squad structure, as was common late in the war. This would represent the situation on the ground better. The SVT40 could show up if you select "above average" equipment.
  15. Ts4EVER

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    Hard to do an accurate beach landing with the bunkers available.