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  1. Works like that in Graviteam tactics.
  2. I am a bit disappointed, I don't play quick battles at all, so campaigns and scenarios are where it's at for me. BTW, any infos as to the the themes of the campaigns?
  3. Used them until the end of the war. Another question: I never bought these patches. When the new modules come out, are they included?
  4. I have a playthrough of that campaign on my channel. It is not terrible, but feels rather generic and uninspired, with lots of samey missions. The final mission is a slap in the face, since the briefing misleads you into thinking that you are supposed to solve the scenario in the historical manner by rushing your forces through it, when in fact that is basically impossible.
  5. That is why I only bought that pack after the battlepack came out. IMO the quick battles do not offer the best CM experience.
  6. Yes, that is my main criticism of the Red Thunder game (as someone who avoids the quick battle system). Many of the scenarios get a bit samey. "Take that bridge with your T34s / T70s"! Sometimes some SU76s as well. I don't think I have seen one of the heavy assault guns or the SU85 ever, and the IS2s only in one campaign scenario.
  7. Hmmm... do you think it is a good idea to do that? It is one thing if you communicate this here and I totally see your reasoning, but if you include these campaigns in an unfinished state, you are technically releasing a faulty or buggy product. Not every customer browses the forums and will be able or willing to get this information. I'd be careful with that from a marketing perspective.
  8. It is almost a running gag on my youtube channel that may snipers always have 0 confirmed kills at the end of each scenario...
  9. In December 1944, the Germans had 179 Infantry divisions. Of these, 56 had 2/3rds of their line infantry platoons equipped with StG44s. A further 10 had a third of their strength re-equipped.
  10. That was the segregated Division? I never heard about them having unique gear. On the other hand, the FSSF used the Johnson LMG, so that might be a possible addition.
  11. That document is not from 1945, but captured then. You can find this information for English speakers here: http://www.wwiidaybyday.com/kstn/kstn131v1sep44.htm
  12. Hello,

    I noticed you are part of the 'Forgotten Hope' series...I remember there was a 'Forgotten Hope' Stalingrad Mod (Red Orchestra 2) a few yrs ago, but can't remember.

    Where can I find more info on the latest of 'Forgotten Hope'.

    Thanks, Joe

    1. Ts4EVER


      We have nothing to do with Red Orchestra. This is out webpage:


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