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  1. Wow, 2002. Couldn't even properly speak English back then.
  2. Yes, I am more than willing to pay for packs with well made scenarios about WWII operations.
  3. Good, then someone can make a historically accurate version of the Studienka scenario.
  4. Would be interesting if wounded guys died quicker.
  5. Yes, many of the new scenarios (at least at a glance) seem to be very infantry focused.
  6. French Forces: P14 Enfield rifles has the same icon as the M1917 Enfield, despite the 3d model being equipped with a scope.
  7. Personally I don't play the quick battles at all, so it is all campaigns and scenarios for me. I played one so far, with Brazilians, which I found good. I had short looks at the briefings and maps of some others and there seems to be a good variety of different setups with some really interesting and extreme terrain. So all in all I would give a thumbs up. That being said, it feels like the modul maybe would have needed one more "thing" in it to really round it out. Sure, there are lots of new nations in it, but many feel like variations on what is already there. Realistic of course and not a huge deal, but because of that one wonders if maybe having the RSI in, or the FSSF, or the aforementioned French variants would have made it feel a bit more of a slam dunk. Another aspect is that in many ways, if feels a bit like the "star battles" Anzio and Monte Cassino had been covered in Gustav Line. This is probably unfair, but it certainly feels like you are playing in more of a "backwater" after June 44, with fewer big standouts. On the other hand, that also means you will learn more about an underappreciated part of the war, so I can go both ways on this. One thing I haven't noticed so far by the way are the infamous "version 4" AI misadventures. I had never bought one of these upgrades before, but it seems like in this version whatever bugs there were were largely fixed.
  8. Sorry to dig this up again, but I found this table with SVT-40 production numbers quite illuminating: What this shows is that the SVT was actually already replaced in production in mid 1942, with later models all being the full auto capable AVT-40.
  9. I remember playing this on 2.0 and it was already a bit wonky then. In some cases the terrain was modified to additionally hide the foxholes.
  10. Yes, note that the Germans collaborated with the Soviet Union to destroy the one nation that had actually checked the advance of communism in the twenties... People say that "history is written by the victors", but in this case it was written by former fascists who were now fighting "the good fight" for NATO, in many cases, justifying their genocidals war as something noble. Wish the commies had put them all up against the wall to give them something to cry about.
  11. Completely missed this... anyway, for what it's worth: Combat Mission : Pax Stalina
  12. Yes, in my experience you need to really mass at guns together and open fire at the same time to make them worthwile.
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