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  1. Yes. The same unit also had more M38s than long rifles, but concentrated in the artillery portion of the division.
  2. Nice to hear about the improved Soviet oob. Lots has been said about smg issue, but what about carbines? The long mosin nagant rifle was phased out of production in early 1944, with front line infantry receiving the M44 Carbine instead. The 57th Guards Rifle Division, which took part in fighting around Berlin, reported 806 M44 Carbines, compared to only 580 M91/30s, on 1st of March 1945.
  3. I have seen a few pictures of it from the Berlin operation, but not much before that. It was a reaction to the massive increase in "Faustniks" that they saw when entering built up areas in Eastern Germany.
  4. Yes in the first scenario you need to "sneak up" on the enemy using the dead ground.
  5. Peiper certainly didn't have a high opinion of them.
  6. Are you sure about that? I am 90% sure that at least the US mountaineers have them (quite a few actually). What is weird about them is that they only use the M3 Greasegun and no Thompson, but that might be intentional. (?)
  7. Absolutely not true. If anything they made rock solid, reliable stuff without bells and whistles. Like the AK, which a child can use in his sand pit and still shoot someone with.
  8. Wow, 2002. Couldn't even properly speak English back then.
  9. Yes, I am more than willing to pay for packs with well made scenarios about WWII operations.
  10. Good, then someone can make a historically accurate version of the Studienka scenario.
  11. Would be interesting if wounded guys died quicker.
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