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  1. Jammersix

    Suggestions Thread!

    I did, I opened a ticket with Battlefront. Pasting graphics into a graphics field in the scenario description results in a mirror image being displayed when the game is run-- all the text is backwards. I sent Battlefront the file along with the ticket. They simply closed the ticket. They're going to ignore it and hope it goes away by itself.
  2. Jammersix

    Suggestions Thread!

    Fix the graphics bug in the scenario editor.
  3. Jammersix

    Black Sea v1.04 released!

    I see that the problem I reported with ticket #13974821: CMBS Scenario Editor has not been fixed, the editor still flips the graphics. Why did you mark the ticket closed, were you tired of working on it?
  4. Jammersix

    Engine upgrade 4.0

    Hopefully it will fix the bugs.
  5. Jammersix

    Mac Users

    Since Combat Mission originated on the Mac, how will the Combat Mission series be implementing the Touch Bar? https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-switch/wp/2016/10/28/im-in-love-with-the-touch-bar-im-not-sure-how-much-ill-use-it/?hpid=hp_hp-cards_hp-card-technology%3Ahomepage%2Fcard
  6. This single sentiment means you and I will never play.
  7. Jammersix

    Black Sea v1.04 released!

  8. He's not fighting a war. He's fighting a battle.
  9. Jammersix

    Black Sea v1.04 released!

    Real Men drink Irish Death. Steve: I acknowledge your warning. I'll consider the implications. What I say here isn't what matters.
  10. Jammersix

    Would like to sell my game

    I don't think you need to worry.
  11. Jammersix

    Black Sea v1.04 released!

    Apple is like the weather. It is what it is. If it changes, it is what it is. Apple sets the OS. Developers (All developers, not just gamers) deal with it, or they vanish. Like wearing a raincoat when it's raining, because turning the rain off isn't an option. Complaining about the snow is less than useless. Refusal to accept what is is a recipe for failure. The rest of the Apple developers dealt with every system change to date, or they left for Florida, sold their computers and became librarians.
  12. Jammersix

    Next Generation Bradley demonstrator

    I think we should go with what we need, and if congress balks, we'll just send in more hookers. I'm playing with the idea of a trailer, but I'm torn between hauling more ammo or setting up a mobile barracks for each squad. I suppose it could be ammo, if we increase all units army wide to the training standards the 75th uses.
  13. Jammersix

    Next Generation Bradley demonstrator

    Personally, I'd be somewhat concerned with using cardboard as armor, but I'm not a tanker. I'd have to bow to their expertise. "It'll work, STFU and get in."
  14. Jammersix

    Black Sea v1.04 released!

    Okay, you guys tell me. Which system broke CM and shut down Mac production? I could have sworn it was 7.0, but I suppose it could have been 8.0 You are correct that I don't remember the specifics, I remember the emotions. I remember disappointment first, at the disappearance of the game for the Mac, and then anger at the attitude by the developers, and at the attempt to blame Apple. At the time, you guys stood in stark contrast to Major Holdridge's attitude and online presence. I was running my own company, and I was a customer of both you and the Major. I watched Major Holdridge, I watched you, and then I established my own policy for the web for my company. I retired when I was 49. Nothing has changed. (Well, except the obvious. I'm retired, and you're still dealing with the public, in spite of having a vastly superior product to what I had.)