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  1. Not sure why but it looks like some images took a step backwards in quality. The soviet uniforms definitely... And as far as the armor we modded, we only based it off the most reliable sources.
  2. I gotta play this old Mod again. Like an old car you find in a barn?
  3. According to my old timeline from late 2016, CM Space Lobsters should be nearly ready for release!
  4. Hello everybody. I swung back by to see how all you fine folks are doing. Now I see another CMRT Winter Mod is being talked about. 3 years since my heart attack. All that time off while recuperating allowed me to collaborate with so many fine folks to help create that mod. I have indeed missed CM, all the comradeship and creativity. Looking forward to the CMRT Module... ~Phil
  5. Memories light the corners of my mind Misty water, colored memories For the way we were Oh darling Scattered pictures Of the smiles we left behind Smiles we gave to one another For the way we were Could it be it was all so simple then Or has time rewritten every line? If we had the chance to do it all again Tell me, would we? Could we?
  6. I am happy to hear all that Steve said. My worries that the battlefront guys got busted with a mistress and their spouse's lawyers took away the company are proven false. I will continue my CM hibernation for several more years and hope to emerge to see some new modules. No different from when I went into hibernation after CMAK and never emerged until well after CMBN came out.
  7. Hello to all my forum buddies: Still on my 2017 break from CM but now headed to work for FEMA and will be deployed to hurricane damaged areas. I wish I had popped on here and would have been shocked to see some new modules I had fantasized about! Oh well, I hope the CM salary guys are all well and can balance their real life to soon shekel out some CM material to us in the audience. I think some of the mods I was involved in are still out there to be enjoyed? Best wishes to everybody. ~Phil
  8. @mjkerner Hi Mark! Spring is coming here in Texas, I was thinking of you probably gearing up for some fishing and camping once the weather clears? I know you might still be neck deep in your parts! I hope Martha is well. I am enjoying a nice break from CM as I see nothing new as far as CMRT or CMFI modules seem to have been released.... Have an awesome new girlfriend and built her an AR-15 for Valentine's Day. Aint love grand? We've gone shooting and she keeps me busy. Plus my day job and upkeep of my property and animals, I am wondering where I ever had any time for modding and such! I will keep an ear out for new modules. Would love to see a schwimmwagen one of these days. Hello to everybody else out there in CM land. Best wishes and happy gaming, Phil (kohlenklau)
  9. @3j2m7 I will TRY to take a look and see where I left off with this Hungarian Mod and what I can put in a dropbox link....
  10. @SchnelleMeyer That is great. This problem of getting a base color vehicle (Allies or Axis) has always been a huge obstacle to my attempts to vehicle mod. If I ever do some more vehicle modding I will try your procedure. Thanks.
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