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  1. But even if BFC can't get it out until 2021, I still wish them Green Grass and High Tides... even
  2. "A CMRT module being released soon would be as smooth as Tennessee Whiskey, sweet as strawberry wine..."
  3. "Long-necked, ice-cold beers never broke my heart... Wait-ing on B-F-C is tearing this boy apart"
  4. T-34 Palinka recipe. 1 nearly full canteen of T-34 brake fluid. Add 1 tin can of U.S. lend-lease Georgia peaches. Strain through bread. Let sit in sunshine during next battle. Enjoy in cup over crushed snow.
  5. Oksana, Steve's summer intern from Kyiv, has thumb-tacked the back of a junk mail envelope on the wall outside the BFC breakroom...
  6. Yeah buddy! Schwimmwagen looks great. Thanks BFC
  7. Row, row, row your schwimmwagen, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream. I am so excited to soon see your new labor of love. Thanks guys
  8. Have we seen a schwimmwagen screenshot yet? Please post one if you can. Thanks.
  9. Will there be any Valenki felt boots?
  10. Nice fur hats and quilted jackets! Reminds me of toilet paper that once existed...
  11. Yes, I will try. Please shoot me a private message with your email address and I can send you a dropbox link. I probably have your email address from our previous interactions somewhere but shoot it to me just in case. Best wishes Phil
  12. Call me an armchair general or whatever is the best label for my slacker approach to creating a mini-scenario of hodge podge teams purchased and plopped on the smallest map possible. Been a long time. Is it 252 x 252 meters IIRC? The valiant efforts by BFC to make TOE exact and precise and accurate are respected but not an aphrodisiac for me. I am really excited to pre-order F&R and will be watching closely for that announcement. NA BERLIN!
  13. Schwimmwagen is great news. Thanks guys. So, after we get the schwimmwagen here with the CMRT module, I will port it over to CMFB in place of the Kubelwagen. ...and then maybe in your next CMFB module you can just sweep in the Schwimmwagen as new content? I hope. I am very excited to soon see official BFC snow in CMRT versus dealing with mod tags. @BarbaricCo Stjepan! Now we can let others worry to catch every single roof.
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