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  1. transporter

    Use of vehicle mounted ATGM

    Thanks, I guess all of my targets have been ground pounders so I never saw the missiles used. On that note, is it possible to select which system you use. For example, target a building and not use the ATGM or use them without using the 25?
  2. In a scenario where you know there will not be any enemy vehicles can the mounted ATGM like on a Bradley be used to target a building even if the Bradley would still have gun ammo. The ATGM may not do much damage to the building but it it could be an immense aid in suppression.
  3. transporter

    CMSF irregular thoughts

    It doesn't give the experience level of the mortar personnel, just that the JTAC team is veteran. I guess we will just have to wait for the full game.
  4. transporter

    CMSF irregular thoughts

    I have the drone but am using the FO on a direct line of sight on a building or to lay a smoke screen in front of the buildings. The FO is on the roof of the observation building.
  5. transporter

    CMSF irregular thoughts

    Concerning the 120 mm mortars. My experience with mortars is limited to my time in Nam back in the 60's so forgive me if I seem a bit critical. In playing the training scenario in the CMSF 2 demo I have come to the conclusion that they cannot hit the broadside of a barn. The targeting shots are a long ways from where you want them to go and the fire for effect is not much better. You seem to spend a great portion of your meager supply of rounds just trying to get close to where you want them. I would think that veteran crews with a good line of sight by the FO would yield good results. We know exactly where the mortars are and we have good coordinates of where we want them to go so you would think with all the fancy electronic hardware we have they could better. For anyone of you who have served in with the 120 are they really that inaccurate?
  6. A lot of good posts here and we seek many things. For my two cents I love the graphics and admire those who are smart enough to make them. Having said that I look for playability too. I really don't care if helmets don't have chin straps or the pistol holster is on the wrong side or if the shoulder patch isn't quite historically correct. I want vehicles that go around corners without stop pivot move stop pivot move etc.. I would like to see, in the WWII games, all of the equipment from CM1 into CM2. But I do like the products and will continue to purchase them.
  7. transporter

    Bradly fire power

    If a Bradly runs out of 25 mm can it be reloaded from another Bradly that might perhaps be immobile and basically useless. Also if a Bradly runs out of 25mm and there is no armored threat can it fire it's TOW missiles at a building or fox holes?
  8. transporter

    New features curiosity

    All the equipment in CM1 and the ability to use it in any of the CM scenarios. Not exactly historically correct but makes for more fun.
  9. transporter

    Shock Force 2 Beta Showcase Video

    Actually I was not joking. Having witnessed Arc Light strikes in Viet Nam I saw first hand what those B-52's could do.
  10. transporter

    Shock Force 2 Beta Showcase Video

    Great video. However since the town was being destroyed anyway and beings that a B-52H can carry 51 750pound bombs, I think a squadron of B-52's could have done the same job without putting any of the good guys in harms way.
  11. transporter

    M-26 Pershing..Super Pershing ??

    Super Pershings were in CM1 along with a plethora of other vehicles and weapons. Historically accurate, maybe not but then this is a game and sometimes it is fun to throw in some stuff to make the game interesting.
  12. transporter

    M-26 Pershing..Super Pershing ??

    You must be referencing the YouTube video of that confrontation. Although a Pershing could indeed knock a Panther, the one at Cologne took all of it's hits in the side.
  13. transporter

    New features curiosity

    I remember reading a story about the Korean War. We knew the bad guys were on the other side of the hill but were not in sight. But they used the mortars to saturate the other side the result of which was many bad guys killed. If you can see something but use area fire some of the rounds will fall where there is no line of sight but can be just as damaging.
  14. transporter

    Naughty or nice... here's some bones!

    Much discussion about blowing up bridges. In CMx1 you could artillery a bridge to death. The scenarios are only 1 hourish +/- long. Some only have 1 bridge strong enough to hold armor. As the game starts one forward observer with a artillery reference point and a couple of big guns can win the game against any number of enemy armored divisions just by blowing the bridge. Realistic, yes. Fun, not too much, unless your the guy blowing the bridge but once it is gone it is virtually game over.
  15. transporter

    Happy New Year's Day! 2018 look ahead

    Unfortunately, CM1 for the mac was designed for system 9 and when system 10 came around they would not work. Something about graphics. Oh well.