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  1. I'm trying to figure out how to create a rolling barrage. I know if you have enough tubes and spotters, you can kinda make something up for turn one up but it is still not the kind that infantry or armor can follow behind. And to merely change the aim point does't work as the new point is usually obscured by the previous rounds dust/smoke cloud plus there would be a lag time before the new rounds would be on the way.
  2. Answered my own question. Yes it does give enhanced damage!
  3. When you use WP rounds, does the program use enhanced damage to the impact point and surrounding area like an artillery round would? For example, while a small artillery round hitting around fox holes might not injure those in a fox hole a WP round would spray WP into the foxhole..e
  4. I understand what Mr. MikeyD is saying but line of fire is line of fire whether it be one man or the whole squad. Also, armor is a single point. As for grey lines of fire, a few men shooting can be suppressive in nature and if one man is tasked to fire the rest of the squad cannot fire at anything else. But this is moot as CM2 does, as it was pointed out, not have this feature. But I have all the CM's and enjoy them. The programing that goes into these boggles the mind. So testers, programers, etc. Please take no offense when I wonder why things happen or don't happen even wish for things like access to all the equipment that was in CM1 and the ability to build scenarios with any of it. (Chuckle) Blessings to you all!
  5. Whew! For a while there I thought err i thought. Dang I forgot what I thought. Well thanks for the info. ;-)
  6. Maybe I missed this but I remember in CM1 that besides seeing all the routes of travel by the units you could also see all the firing lines as well. It was a hot key selection item. This is not too big a deal in small scenarios but in large ones it is sometimes impossible to remember who is firing at what. The result is wasted ammo and perhaps not having those spotters available for other fire missions. Of course you can take the time to go check out the artillery/aircraft usage but to see firing units (tanks, machine guns etc) you must go through each one. Not being able to finish a scenario in one sitting it is just a pain in the keister to check it all out again. And at 71 years of age the old mind isn't quite a s good as it was. Like I said maybe I missed something so please set me straight. I thank you.
  7. Thanks for the replies. CMSF2 was the first one of the CM series I noticed this in. Now that I know some of this behavior is normal I will try to adjust tactics accordingly. Thanks again. Jim
  8. Is it my imagination or does it seem like units are more prone to flee at the slightest provocation. For example. I have experimented with US Army, US marines and UK forces giving them elite status higher that normal motivation and good leadership.. I've tried running into battle, hunting, and assault. In every case should one soldier get killed or wounded more often than not the rest take off at a mad dash for quite a distance sometimes running into the killing zone. It must be noted that they are never listed as panic. I was in the Army in Nam but was stationed at a Marine base. The folks I knew there would not cut and run at the first sign of trouble. I think I remember something being said about the soldiers response being tweaked and if so perhaps it was over tweaked. It is kinda a conundrum as it is extremely difficult to do in town fighting when the guys run away every time one of them gets hit. Whew! Any ideas on how to increase their staying power. Thanks.
  9. Under the apple icon, upper left corner of screen, click about this mac. Then click system report, then under software, applications then find your CM programs. It will tell if the programs are 64 bit or not. All mine, Normandy, Blitzkrieg, Red Thunder, Shock Force 2 Fortress Italy are 64 bit.
  10. I may have an answer. When you assign a plane to a mission use at least "medium" for the attack. Every time I use it the bomb dropped on target. Perhaps the program considers "light" for strafing even though I see no evidence of it.
  11. There is no AAA or SAM radar that I know of. The helicopters work OK. You would think that even if they jettisoned the bomb there ought to be a BANG somewhere.
  12. On several occasions I tried to use air support to bomb a target. Good line of sight, Jtac and/or forward observer team. Heard the jet, cleared hot, but there is no explosion. Then when I check the jet it shows a bomb has been dropped. What am I missing. There can't be that many duds. Thanks
  13. Thanks all for the answers. As I get older I realize I keep getting closer to the "here-after". When I step into my office I forget what I am here after.
  14. Maybe I missed something. I was playing a mission where my officer on a roof top was the only one with line of sight to enemy tanks. So I had them run into a vehicle acquire a javelin and run back to the roof top. Targeted the enemy tanks and nothing happened. They would not fire the javelin. The instructions are printed on the weapon ! Also, had an officer acquire a bunch of 7.62 machine gun rounds to take to a machine gun that was almost out of ammo but the transfer of the ammo would not take place. Do you have to be classified as "antitank"or support for that to happen? In my military time no matter what the weapon was as long as you pointed it in the right direction you were usually good to go and it didn't matter who brought you additional ammo.
  15. Thanks, I guess all of my targets have been ground pounders so I never saw the missiles used. On that note, is it possible to select which system you use. For example, target a building and not use the ATGM or use them without using the 25?
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