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  1. transporter

    M-26 Pershing..Super Pershing ??

    Super Pershings were in CM1 along with a plethora of other vehicles and weapons. Historically accurate, maybe not but then this is a game and sometimes it is fun to throw in some stuff to make the game interesting.
  2. transporter

    M-26 Pershing..Super Pershing ??

    You must be referencing the YouTube video of that confrontation. Although a Pershing could indeed knock a Panther, the one at Cologne took all of it's hits in the side.
  3. transporter

    New features curiosity

    I remember reading a story about the Korean War. We knew the bad guys were on the other side of the hill but were not in sight. But they used the mortars to saturate the other side the result of which was many bad guys killed. If you can see something but use area fire some of the rounds will fall where there is no line of sight but can be just as damaging.
  4. transporter

    Naughty or nice... here's some bones!

    Much discussion about blowing up bridges. In CMx1 you could artillery a bridge to death. The scenarios are only 1 hourish +/- long. Some only have 1 bridge strong enough to hold armor. As the game starts one forward observer with a artillery reference point and a couple of big guns can win the game against any number of enemy armored divisions just by blowing the bridge. Realistic, yes. Fun, not too much, unless your the guy blowing the bridge but once it is gone it is virtually game over.
  5. transporter

    Happy New Year's Day! 2018 look ahead

    Unfortunately, CM1 for the mac was designed for system 9 and when system 10 came around they would not work. Something about graphics. Oh well.
  6. transporter

    Happy New Year's Day! 2018 look ahead

    There seems to be much "wish" listing so I would like to add my two cents. I've been war gaming since the early seventy's. Board games, 1/285 scale micro armor, and remember those war games you subscribed to. You would get one every few months that had a battle on a paper map and small cardboard units. Well it was always fun to mix and match units from one game to another, especially with the micro armor. In that light I would like to see all of the vehicles and equipment from the x1 games in the x2 games with the ability to use them in any of the series. Historically accurate no, but fun yes. Also, remember "shoot and scoot". And while I am at it expand shoot and scoot to infantry especially anti-tank folks. Fire that bazooka and run like hell. If a vehicle comes under fire have the troops bail and not sit there and be slaughtered. Also another real nice feature in x1 was the ability to hit the return key and get all the stats about armor and gun penetration values in actual numbers. And of course the ability for vehicles to make turns without "stop pivot move, stop pivot move etc. Sorry I rambled on but I am in my seventies and that is something we old folks do. I do enjoy the games and appreciate the hard work that is put into them and will gladly pay for upgrades. Thanks.
  7. transporter

    Mouse disappearance

    My mouse pointer disappears when I quit the game. I have to move the mouse to where I think the pointer would be at the top of the screen and click. The pointer returns.
  8. transporter

    Armoured Infantry

    If the track has a 50 cal, I try to keep it at least 500 meters away from the enemy and use it for area suppressive fire.
  9. transporter

    The Quad 50.

    I may have asked this before. When a quad 50 (either stand alone or 1/2 track mounted) runs out of ammo how do you get them more. I have tried ammo carriers (like those who carry 50 cal for the infantry Ma Duce) but that didn't work. I have tried dismounting the crew, going to a 1/2 track or truck, acquiring 50 cal and returning and remounting but that did not work. They put out a nice chunk of fire power and it would be nice to keep them in the game. Thanks
  10. transporter

    Tanks in Combat. (War Dept. Bulletin)

    At 1:06 in the tank movie it shows a tank with the 50 cal mounted in front of the commanders position. It would be a nice option for us.
  11. transporter

    How can I get this to work.

    Tried everything, direct target, direct target smoke. There is one think which I failed to mention last time - oops. Every time I try to target regardless of plain direct or target smoke I get a "out of range" remark. No matter what the distance be it 10 meters or 1000 meters it is "out of range"
  12. Either I missed this in the book and in these forums or it has not been addressed but: Is there any way to split a squad while the squad is riding in a half track. This would allow you to dismount half a squad and then drive the other half to a perhaps flanking position. I have a M12 with one WP round remaining. The vehicle is in good shape and the crew is full without casualties or wounds. No matter what I try I cannot get that M12 to fire that WP. It won't do direct fire and it won't do smoke. Any thoughts? Thanks much
  13. transporter

    Help with game activation.

    New ticket sent today. Before I had merely addressed the issue with customer service. Probably why I did not get a response. Thanks for all your help!!! Jim
  14. I am at wits end. I have purchased Upgrade 4 about the first day it was offered and despite my best attempt, including following the special tech tips I continually get the message I tried CMBN with the same results. As a result I am basically locked out of those games. I have submitted two tickets one that is basically a call for help and another with my license number to see if it is one with a glitch. I have been waiting for almost a month for a reply. I know the folks at Battlefront are probably very busy so I thought maybe someone at the forum might have a different idea. MacPro 9GiG memory, 2X 2.93 GHz Quad Core Xeon OS X 10.11.6 Thanks ever so much!!
  15. transporter

    CM games I'd like to see

    Take all the scenarios from the x1 series with their weapons and make them available in the x2 series.