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  1. That reminds me, I need to buy a new pepperpot.
  2. I last played the Metagame version when I was a kid. There is now a PC version of Ogre on Steam - anyone tried it?
  3. I'd suggest a set of defaults that would apply to both sides, based on relative threat as well as unit abilities. On the AI side this could be varied by a random 'commander demeanour' factor, from cautious to gung ho. The AI may also be influenced by any overall stance or goal prioritisation at that time, e.g. prepared to take higher risks to push through a high-priority objective. There could also be a surprise factor that should give some sort of bonus to the unit less affected, e.g. on a 'hunt' move. I envisage that a 'react' would be pretty much the same set of behaviours you'd expect the AI to carry out during the command phase. I'm not necessarily talking about any new functionality - I'm suggesting that it would be a trigger to standard game functions, and would relate to dealing with a threat. For example, a scout team encountering a tank would retreat immediately rather than fight, whereas a deployed ATGM team would fire a shot and then relocate ASAP. MBTs would go toe-to-toe as usual. In some ways this would be the same as if the encounter happened during the last second of the WeGo minute - the AI would then have to make similar decisions based on this new information. Perhaps some new features could apply; the human side could allow setting a 'retreat to' location (based on current waypoint) while the AI would have to determine where's the nearest cover at the moment of encounter. That way an ATGM team could sit tight until a target appears, take the shot, and then scarper to that predetermined location. I put a post in to the suggestions/requests thread along these lines.
  4. Ah, that was more a joke. While you have a reasonable point, the vast majority of PC users I know use admin accounts for normal use without problems. It's a safety vs convenience issue, but if people are aware of the problems then dangers can be avoided e.g. not downloading & installing anything you don't know to be safe. Even in admin mode it should still need a confirmation before running anything - it needs a deliberate choice to continue. A shared computer will be very restrictive if people are unable to install things - arguably it's better to teach people to be careful.
  5. Maybe unavoidable, but when Stinger-carrying guys are sitting in a Jeep, the end of the launcher protudes through the floor. Expect sparks.
  6. Just a thought - where did you put the installer? If it's also somewhere with elevated security, the same problem happens. You could try putting the installer in another directory under "\games".
  7. Norway. As well as the main push around Fulda there would have been a myriad of smaller fronts, and Norway would be one of the most interesting IMO. It would need winter textures and would provide interesting opportunities for mountain/fjord choke points. Which would need the inclusion of Norgie forces as well as British, probably.
  8. Wait - is that Richard Branson?
  9. That's good advice. "C:\games" is where I put 'em all. Basically avoid installing them under "Program Files" where there is elevated security giving rise to problems as you describe.
  10. More appropriate reaction to events would be desirable. I reckon the Tac AI here could be improved by a configurable "react" posture that would be automatic during WeGo resolution, e.g. hit the dirt, fight back, and/or retreat. That way troops could be instructed to behave more realistically when reacting to events during that golden minute. There's an inherent difficulty in the WeGo approach where the main intelligence is the player who only sees what he sees during the command phase, and the pixeltruppen who tend to behave like unthinking robots, slavishly following those orders given less than a minute ago. That's certainly a challenge for AI to mitigate but I do think a few basic reactions would make an enormous difference there. It could work just the same way for the AI side so no imbalance there.
  11. Not if it's a home machine and you trust the people who live with you. Of course if your work involves dealing with nuclear launch codes and your lodger's name is Philby, Burgess or Mclean, then it might be an issue.
  12. Also, if you log into your account it'll be there. Yup! Just tried Dollbach Heights, and was caught with my khakis down by a very early appearance.
  13. I guess most players will use their home machines, where typically there's only one admin account. It will be different for shared machines and/or those also used for (now delayed ) work.
  14. I like the way the training campaign uses a 1/10 scale mini-map to decide the initial deployment - it's rather useful to give a good sense of the lie of the land. I'll suggest that's used in future campaigns to provide an immersive geographical perspective.
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