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  1. Running into the same challenge. Started fire mission with multiple 155's when spotter got killed a few seconds before fire for effect was called. However, on target was not on target with most of the rounds covering a wide area. There has to be someone in the chain of command that can order cease fire.
  2. Just upgraded to the recent version and ironically the program has not frozen - yet. Hopefully others with the freeze dilemma will have the same positive results.
  3. I have an 2013 Macbook Pro and the game plays perfectly on it. I agree that it has to be the Radeon Vega card. One thing I have found is if you move the camera via the keyboard while simultaneously moving the mouse it tends to lock up more frequently. At least the game is playable which is a good thing.
  4. It will freeze when either moving the camera or following troop/vehicle movement. I have tried virtually all the different combinations of video settings to no avail. BTW, I have the problem on all of the CM games. Having said that, all my games are on turn based and basic training as I play for fun and like to take my time figuring things out. I have not tried any other setting. If you do let me know how it comes out.
  5. Some times I think there are an abnormal number of gun hits but then the next game there is hardly a gun hit. But if I do have a tank with its main gun out of action, that tank now becomes an armored recon vehicle.
  6. I think Schrullenhaft is correct. I tried reinstalling with no effect. Mine usually freezes on camera 1 or 2 when there is movement. Considering the screen and sound stays the same it is almost as if the Vega has entered into an irrecoverable loop. So I save quite often and stay away from camera 1 or 2 except when there is no movement needed. Bit of a pain but tolerable. Keep the faith!!
  7. Trying one more time on the computer freezing. I am running all of the CM games with the latest eng. 4 upgrades and Shock force 2. For troubleshooting purposes I have set different video settings on each game. All of them freeze the computer usually when the camera is on setting 1 or 2. I have not reinstalled them - yet - as I am trying to figure out what is happening. I think one of 2 things may have happened. When I migrated them from my old 2009 Mac Pro (where they worked flawlessly) to my 2017 iMac Pro something happened. Or the games are not fully compatible with the Radeon P
  8. I am running the latest OS 10.15.3. Perhaps reinstallation is the way to go. Thanks for the tip.
  9. Just tried again (CMFI) again with the reduced graphics and using a wired keyboard and it froze again. The only other thing I can think of might be my screen. The iMac Pro has a 5K screen running at 5160x2880 resolution. Like I said I just save alot.
  10. My old Mac was a 2009 Mac Pro with 2- 2.93 4 core processors. I don't remember the graphics card but it was the best at the time and the programs ran OK. No security/antivirus software. Games are on the boot volume. No mods installed. Do have wireless keyboard. Toned resolution down to 1152x768, Vert sync - off, 3d model & 3d Texture - balanced, and antialias - off. Will try this set up and see how it works. As for running activity monitor, once the program freezes the entire computer is frozen; nothing works. I run some pretty involved games graphics wise i.e. Deus Ex Mankind di
  11. Apologizes if this problem already has a forum spot but I couldn't find it. On my Mac In every CM game the game has a random propensity to freeze. It usually freezies on camera 1 or 2. Sometimes if I wait a few seconds it will unfreeze and sometimes it locks up the computer to the point where I have to shut down the computer using the on/off button as the game will not force quit. A while back I had a nice talk with support and we discussed several possible remedies all of which included reducing the graphic options of the game. Now I have a relatively potent Mac, 3 Ghz - 10 core Xeon W,
  12. There must be a challenge with the drones. Aircraft assigned targets by the use of drones for target acquisition had way more duds that those directed by line of sight. For example, using the drone for 3 aircraft Tornado,F-16, F15, not all at once, only five out of 13 bombs were delivered. When using direct line of sight with F-16,F-15 so far both dropped a good bomb on the first pass. I think in the future I will use drones for helo's and artillery only.
  13. I am experimenting. I think the problem may be that the targets I have picked out for the bombs were done so using air controllers and drones. Perhaps the usage of drones is messing things up. I will try line of sight targets and let you know what happens.
  14. Thanks for getting back. I use WEGO. I don't strafe with aircraft. If available I use helos for that. I use planes mainly for buildings or fixed defenses (bunkers, trenches, foxholes etc). I use either medium of heavy. The aircraft go into battle looking for a building and it says "target in sight". I can hear it fly over. Sometimes it will make multiple passes each time dropping a dud. I check the ordinance available after each pass. If the target is indeed destroyed I cancel the remaining mission to save the bombs for a future mission. And yes the aircraft are starting with 4 bomb
  15. I thought I had the answer but I guess not.The rate of duds approaches 50%. The other day I had a flight of 2 tornados each carrying 4 bombs. Of the 8 bombs only 3 exploded. No air to ground, no crossing of artillery gun target lines. I tried using veteran, crack, and elite crews with the same results. Some of the scenarios are pretty time sensitive and when you are moving troops you expect the planes to at least blow something up lest your stuck out in the open becoming fodder.
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