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  1. CM1 had a good "shoot and scoot" command but I think it was for armor only.
  2. Tried this. Extended game by an hour then deliberately slowed down my attack. Still got end of game without all objectives met and OPFOR having undeployed reserves.
  3. Perhaps a solution would be to go to scenario editor and increasing the length of the game before you start it.
  4. When the "Victory" page is displayed instead of merely having the choice to view the map or end the game, how about another choice of "10 more minutes" You could play to the last man if wanted or perhaps figure out a way to pull victory from the jaws of defeat. Granted you could continue to press 10 more minutes many times but eventually you would end the game. PS. to be fair don't view the map before extending the game.
  5. I remember in CM1 that virtually every weapon used was available, from the puppchin (s) to the super pershing. Not exactly historically accurate but a lot of fun to add to a scenario.
  6. Right now it is in UK "The Full Monte" but I have noticed it in other British scenarios.
  7. Apparently the command folks with the 51mm mortars cannot call in other indirect fire support. Also, after they use the 51 mm HE rounds and all that is left is smoke I get "out of range" when I try to use even ranges as close as 150 meters. The mortar info says it is good to 800 meters. Even if I try to target with the AR's it still says 'out of range" Is this a glitch or am I doing something wrong. Thanks.
  8. Interesting. I agree with the challenges mentioned above. Others would be: 1. If you have both smoke and WP rounds, be able to pick which ones you want to use. Smoke is just smoke while WP especially fired into a building can cause much damage. 2. Noticed that a smoke round fired from a 51 mm mortar does not seem to have the same range as a HE round. 3. It would be nice to separate squads while on board a vehicle. There by you could drop a few off, drive farther, drop some off etc. 4. And this is just for the sake of fun. In CM1 you could add any vehicle or weapon system to a scenario. 5. In CM1 (if I remember correctly) you could display all gun target lines at once. Kinda like displaying all vehicle movement routes now. If you are in a large game it is not easy to remember who you have firing at whom unless you go to each unit individually. I have had units run out of ammo because i forgot they were firing. But, despite everything, I enjoy playing the games even if I get my butt kicked now and them. (Of course I can always replay the scenario with one I have modified lol)
  9. Running into the same challenge. Started fire mission with multiple 155's when spotter got killed a few seconds before fire for effect was called. However, on target was not on target with most of the rounds covering a wide area. There has to be someone in the chain of command that can order cease fire.
  10. Just upgraded to the recent version and ironically the program has not frozen - yet. Hopefully others with the freeze dilemma will have the same positive results.
  11. I have an 2013 Macbook Pro and the game plays perfectly on it. I agree that it has to be the Radeon Vega card. One thing I have found is if you move the camera via the keyboard while simultaneously moving the mouse it tends to lock up more frequently. At least the game is playable which is a good thing.
  12. It will freeze when either moving the camera or following troop/vehicle movement. I have tried virtually all the different combinations of video settings to no avail. BTW, I have the problem on all of the CM games. Having said that, all my games are on turn based and basic training as I play for fun and like to take my time figuring things out. I have not tried any other setting. If you do let me know how it comes out.
  13. Some times I think there are an abnormal number of gun hits but then the next game there is hardly a gun hit. But if I do have a tank with its main gun out of action, that tank now becomes an armored recon vehicle.
  14. I think Schrullenhaft is correct. I tried reinstalling with no effect. Mine usually freezes on camera 1 or 2 when there is movement. Considering the screen and sound stays the same it is almost as if the Vega has entered into an irrecoverable loop. So I save quite often and stay away from camera 1 or 2 except when there is no movement needed. Bit of a pain but tolerable. Keep the faith!!
  15. Trying one more time on the computer freezing. I am running all of the CM games with the latest eng. 4 upgrades and Shock force 2. For troubleshooting purposes I have set different video settings on each game. All of them freeze the computer usually when the camera is on setting 1 or 2. I have not reinstalled them - yet - as I am trying to figure out what is happening. I think one of 2 things may have happened. When I migrated them from my old 2009 Mac Pro (where they worked flawlessly) to my 2017 iMac Pro something happened. Or the games are not fully compatible with the Radeon Pro Vega 64 16GB video card. If anyone else has a similar setup let me know how the games run. The next step is to reinstall one game and see how that works. I'll let you know.
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