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  1. I almost exclusively only play the campaigns and i cant pass this mission because it crashes (no mods both real time and wego and different gfx settings) Anyone have any ideas on how i can make it to the next mission?
  2. Hey guys, I'm in the same boat.. How did you proceed if it just crashes or hangs.. I've never had an issue with CMBN since the day it came out til this mission.
  3. Also on this topic, To get troops to throw satchels at tanks do you need to issue an attack order or will they do it if they're close enough? Or maybe even a blast command.
  4. Do you need to run all 4 files to make this work?
  5. Looking forward to the rest of the RU vehicles
  6. I'm so happy you are modding the RU vehicles because imo they don't look very good with that horrid green colour they chose. Thanks again.
  7. Is it possible to "unequip" items such as the Javelin/AT4s etc so i can lighten my squads load-out after i've finished using them or decided not to use them? And why i have the experts here i have a question about the "Turning out" command. Now i know in CMBN that turning out makes it a lot easier to spot targets etc but i'm not an expert with these modern vehicles.. the M1151 Recce Humvee for instance has a huge Surveillance System on top so is it still beneficial to turn out on that or an Abrams etc??
  8. Pretty sure it had a mechanical fault causing it to steer off into the wall.
  9. I'm running everyone of your mods, Thank you so much!
  10. Hey Mord, have you thought about using (with permission of course) warclaws HQS 2.2 sounds for the vehicles and adding your radio sounds on to them? This would make many peoples day i'm sure as his sounds are superb!
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