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  1. Thanks for your quick reply. Dont invest to much APS grafic whise. I "only" thougt its a matter of options i did not know.
  2. Are there no hit decals on era tiles? Ive seen multiple penetrations where i could see holes in the underlying armor but the era tile was still "intact". Aren´t they supposed to explode/beeing damaged by hit decals or when beeing hit by heat warheads? Ive not seen any missing ones either. Sidenote: What is the visiual difference between T90AM with or without APS? I cant see a difference.
  3. I only find it logically correct to allow ATGs to fire on the move... Tanks are allowed to do the same to represent an abstracted short halt.
  4. That realy much depends on the "thickness" of trees and underbrush. Being 10-20 meters inside a normal forrest doesnt realy block your ability to look outside while someone looking from outside into the forrest will have a much harder time spotting due to lighting and general background. Would be nice Bull if you could provide a screenshot of the situation.
  5. Bull never stated that his tank was 80m inside the forrest and the enemy was stationed just outside the woods. As far as i understand the situation was that his tank is positioned just within the woods and that the enmy tank is 80 m away sitting in unconcealed open terrain. Thats a big difference.
  6. A bit late to jump in, but i still want to add that this seems to be a often repeated myth. The Hetzer had a very bad power/weight-ratio. This combined with a frontheavy weight distribution and an almost overloaded suspension system made this maschine anything but a fast and mobile hunter.
  7. Sorry that i have to bring this up again but somehow i cant do a reinstall without getting grafic anomalies like black unit symbols, strange weapon textures or distortion of weapons. I did the install as Mike Churchmoor suggested. Is there anything besides uninstalling the old installation first, that i have to do?
  8. I might be wrong but isnt lead in the azimuth only dependent on the motion vectors?
  9. The numbers i've read and also the numbers mentioned in the link suggest that the .30 AP and the SMK-mauser ammo has a penetration of about 10mm of steel at 100m at 90 degrees. The front of the 251 is armored at 12.5mm angled at 22 degrees, the flanks are 8mm at 30 degrees. If i remember correctly the 251 were build with high hardened plates. I see nearly no chance for the 0.30 gunner to penetrate the armor at almost any range frontaly or even with flanking shots.
  10. While i am not an expert i highly doubt that halftracks were such vulnerable to small arms fire. Angled plates and hard steels should give good protection vs .30 at any range. Some of the grogs here for a comment?
  11. 40 shots might easily be the bfc-statistical outlier Is there any news on the bug where crewmembers of crewserved weapons crawl away from the weapon? I played a defensive battle yesterday where this happened with 3 of 10 crew served weapons... That screwed up the LOS competely rendering the most vital weapons of my defense useless. Thats is a real problem since a long time and keeps me away from using static atg in the future.
  12. Troops inside jeeps seem to be better protected than Tank commanders. If you move the jeep fast and use some concealment for the movement they are a very very fast way to get the scouts to where you need them.
  13. John, i believe u have linked the wrong thread? This one is about Stugs.
  14. @John Yes, that was meant to be facetious. I always wondered why BFC choosen to strictly restrict any kind of movement with crewed weapons without going through the whole packup process. HMGs could be carried around for some distance on the tripod, smaller guns could be pushed around some distance to get into position and so on.
  15. Seeing the PAK beeing moved into action is heretic! This is a pure propaganda flic!
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