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  1. Scenario Organizer worked well, thanks a lot. I'll play the missions as single battles and send all units lost earlier back to leave the map. Or does the opposition also receive all units they lost earlier?
  2. Thanks a lot for the help. I'll first try the Scenario Organizer. If that doesn't work I'll ask for the save files.
  3. By some dumb mistake my CMBN folder got deleted. Due to that event I lost all my save files, most importantly my current save from "Die letzte Hoffnung" campaign. I've been able to restore some files with undelete, but they seem to be corrupted. Would anyone be able to take a look at one of the files to see why they don't work with my new installation of CMBN (patched to 1.01, I believe I had 1.01 before that as well). Alternatively, would anyone be willing to provide me with a savegame from that campaign at the start of the final battle, with forces at good strength? Thanks for your help, you're my "letzte Hoffnung"...
  4. Hi Schrullenhaft, is there any way to see how many activations are left? And how do I add further activations after 365 days have passed? Regards Tom
  5. I have noticed that infantry models disappear if my camera position moves more than 400-600m away from them even though they should still be visible given their size. My graphics settings are pretty low due to playing on a laptop. However, I have tried playing around with the settings and have not been able to get the models to show further away. Is there a setting that changes the visible range for graphic models?
  6. Just to let you know, there are probably a lot more silent observers like me enjoying this than you think. I find those AARs very entertaining but haven't seen the need to write messages in the thread. Please keep the show going!
  7. Can't open it either. There's a thread in the CMAK forum, but no explanation there, either.
  8. None of those, the M1114 HMMWV w/ Mk19 GL
  9. "Beautiful screenshot key" that turns off all ?s, unit bases, icons and "Pause" text.
  10. I wish it were so, but I think you cheered so much that you forgot to read the whole message. They won't start implementing it before some time next year
  11. Nicht Moon und auch nur noch 6 Wochen lang, aber "Bescheid", das ist ja lustig.
  12. I'm never really sure about irony in posts so I've got to ask: Are you kidding? To me the German versions of CM games have created more problems than they solved.
  13. As far as I understood it the maps for the CMBB battles will be a set of human made tiles instead of generated maps like the ones in QBs right now. My guess is that the campaign designer or a campaign generator could just put together the strategic map from those predefined tiles. I could be mistaken, though.
  14. I don't think the yellow areas are objectives. They are just suggestions how to assault the town. At the end of the scenario, the green objective zones are what counts.
  15. I'm not sure if you meant dismounting troops from their transport, e.g. an infantry group from a Stryker or if you want to make a unit leave the vehicle it is driving, e.g. make an FO team leave their own UAZ. The former is solved by the above answers, but I'm wondering if the latter is possible at all.
  16. This is simply not true. Look at the two example files I attached. It's exacly the same scenario except that the first one is as flat as a snooker table, the second one has got hills, lots of burning tiles, etc. The times on my PC: version 1: AI planning time 3sec, Blue bar time 6sec version 2: AI planning time 3sec, Blue bar time <2sec And this is not surprising, because in the flat example, many more lines of sight exist between units, so there have to be many more calculations which unit will attack which one with which weapon (In this case no one attacks because I picked units which can't harm each other at that distance. Naturally, burning tiles can increase the blue bar time, but only due to their effect on the action in the turn, e.g. calculations whether the adjacent tiles start burning as well, pathfinding, etc ... but the effect is minimal compared to those calculations related to the number of units and most importantly, it doesn't have to do with the graphics of the burning tiles. timetest-scenarios.zip
  17. I guess that's a good reason to learn the English language
  18. I've come to like Red v Red, too. Even though - unlike you - I don't find the Red equipment too cool, I preferably play RvR as I'm not a friend of urban combat, which is just about the only way to get a balanced battle without giving Red superior numbers. The sensor advantage of the Blue side spoils the fun for me in most BvR scenarios. You can drive the M1 into the most sophisticated ambush and still pick off the enemy tanks before they even see you. My favourite setting for CMSF would have been an 80s cold war turned hot theme and the type of battles you'd likely find there. RvR is what comes closest to that.
  19. Well, then I'm probably mistaken, it must have been 4 then. I'm sure that it were more than 3. Maybe the flank shot just killed a BMP. **********SPOILERS************* I killed 2 of them in a single mission must have been lucky. I point targetted them with the 130mm for at least a medium time interval. Got a complete victory and managed to clear most of the town. However, I completed none of the town objectives in the final mission, because there were a couple of units left that I didn't find (Just about one in each objective zone - very annoying ). In the end, my biggest problem was, that I had lost too much of my infantry, so my force wasn't very good at house clearing. I should have used the arty more liberally, taking down any suspicious building before coming close. I decided no to bring down too many buildings because I wanted to use them for the FOs and machine guns but that proved to be too costly; and I wanted to be sure to have enough ammo left for mission 3 (where I didn't use up enough of it again). As I said before, this campaign was great. I like it better than Hasrabit, because the force type is much more appealing to me.
  20. Ok, here they are: http://www.blowtorchscenarios.com/Jason%20Soviet%20Training%20Scenarios/Jason%20C%20Russian%20Training%20Exercises%20Details.html I didn't find them on Scenario Depot II and The Proving Grounds, which are great sites with an abundance of scenarios in case you are bored with the ones included in the game. EDIT: Should have added the URLs: http://www.the-proving-grounds.com/ http://www.the-scenario-depot.com/
  21. You're welcome. BTW, forgot to say welcome to the forums and welcome to Combat Mission. Others are better at welcoming new members My advice on use of infantry in combination with tanks is less than the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of excellent threads on this forum which explain combined arms tactics at length. Using them makes a hell of a difference. Moreover there are some excellent tutorial missions by JasonC. Unfortunately I don't remember the name of the scenarios and where to get them. But I bet there's someone around who does.
  22. I'm 20 minutes from the end of the 3rd mission, but will probably not manage to clear the town without extra time. Tumah crossing was the hardest one for me as well. Only one of my T-55s survived. ***SPOILER***: I already took heavy losses taking the estate even though the enemy forces were not very strong there. When the enemy armor arrived I tried to take them out with artillery, which didn't work (but it worked excellently against stationary tanks in mission 3). What worked was positioning 5 T55s in a semicircle around the open area on the friendly side of the bridge, each one in the woods but close to the edge, and wait for the T72s to drive into the trap piecemeal. I lost about half of my T-55s that way, but got all but one T72 (I had killed one before with a group of flanking T-55s which had gone through the pass to the edge of the woods along the river). BTW PT said something about only 3 of 4 T72s appearing in the mission. I didn't get three, I think I had five of them to deal with. ??? Mission 3 went quite good so far considering I only had Force A left to do it. This campaign has been a lot of fun, I've come to love Red vs Red and I'm a fan of this kind of "tank heavy" force compisition. It's good not to have to suffer the differences in spotting you get in Red vs. Blue scenarios.
  23. The waiting between turns has next to nothing to do with graphics. Between the turns CM does not calculate any graphics. In "Blue bar time" it only determines the action. The graphics are calculted in real time. The main inflencing factor for the waiting time is the number of units on each side. For example: If you double the the number of units on each side the calculations for LOS increases by four instead of doubling, as you might have expected. Now take a scenario with 100 units on each side and there's no surprise that it'll take a while to calculate the outcome of a turn.
  24. Tanks cannot go through wood terrain. However they can go through "scattered trees". In some scenarios scattered trees are used to simulate wooded areas tanks can go drive through (although pretty slowly). Flamethrowers can destroy tanks. Your second tank was possibly destroyed by an enemy unit it could not see or by an infantry squad in close assault. To prevent those close assaults you should always keep some dismounted infantry in front of your tanks. Moreover infantry is much better at spotting enemy units, so you do not walk into a trap as easily as if you scout with your tanks.
  25. I'm glad you posted this here, otherwise I wouldn't have noticed this one quickly enough. Looks great, going to download it right away.
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