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  1. Long time player of CM1.0 and some CM2 ones looks for a player for a PBEM ( still dont get the hang of "modern stuff" ) . I can do 1 to 2 turns a day, I am happy with medium to large scenarios.
  2. How can i manually activate cmsf2 ? I click on the link in the menu and it bring me to a page that says thisnpage no longer exists ?
  3. so this place is not used for oppoent findng anymore ?
  4. Turks are not there , and the Iranians... I dont know about the Iranians but turkish toc can be easy to find
  5. Returning to CM after a few years - I would like to meet worthy opponent in a PBEM game at Iron Level. Will play either side on any of the Normandy / CW / FInal Blitz or the Red Thunder or the Italian campaing. I prefer medium sized games. Any takers? Please send me a PM.
  6. Hi this great news really. I Might have missed if someone asked this before but : 1. will there be new armies like Russian regular/irregulars and Turkish army ? 2. Irregulars such as YPG / FSA and ISIS ?
  7. Adding new forces like the Turkish and Iranian armies along with other non-state actors might be a good idea. In fact why not add Syrian/Russian forces as well.
  8. On a similar topic if I'm to use the Allies to cross a river with no ford points what is the ideal unit type(s) to do that ? Bradley can swim I'm guessing. Also, how can I clear mines safely or move through one with safety ?
  9. I liked the tin can battles of early days where a well placed MG42 can actually knock out a Bt7 from close.
  10. Why cant I capture an IG gun, turn it towards enemy and fire it into their massed ranks ? They do similar things in the movies ?
  11. I couldnt see where to open this thread so I try here. If not feel free to move it under the right forum. Are there any plans to give a chance to early WW2 campaigns ? Afrika ? Barbarossa Opening, Stalingrad and uptill and including Kursk ? I've been playing CM games since they first came up and do like to see new expansion sets like BS and SF but I'll appreciate to try the new engine for the earlier tech of WW2.
  12. Is there a place where such 'vintage'' , re-imagined maps are available for the new engine ?
  13. I had around several tens of favorite maps for my CMAK games and would like to import them back into the FB. Can I do that ? If I cant do this, is there a repository for such ol' cmak maps for FB ? I would like re-play them with this new engine. Any help will be much appreciated.
  14. If there's going to be a sequel, then for the sake of possibilities, Forces from Turkey,Iran and possibly Israel should be modelled in as well.
  15. Just wanted to know if there was one particular scenario that one played over and over, pbem or not. For me it was The Bastogne game, I converted it to CMBB played it PBEM in CMAK and BB many many many times over and even made it into a scenario....
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