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Question about the versions (PC & Mac)

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Technically you have to buy again. Its two different games.

Since I'm in a similar situation (only the other way round: Mac at home and Win in the office and a longish travel en route). I at least hope that BFC will give us a rebate.

Not to hijack your thread, but does anyone know if the coming modules will work for both systems?

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Right. As long as your Mac is of the Intel version chipset (all of them are for several years now) there is nothing virtual at all - you can run the Mac OS or buy and install Win 7 on a boot camp partition of your hard disk and then chose to run it and load whatever Windows games you care. That's what I do on my early 2011 Macbook Pro. I find myself in situation of others needing two versions noted above - but for me, it's because I play alot of games that I buy right out of the gate for Windows and then get the Mac version later on - many if not most never issue Mac version. My thinking is any company willing to develop for and support two platforms deserves two purchase price $$ in return.

Bootcamp is easy to set up on your Mac - you have everything you need except a copy of Windows which is pricey. Apple support site has how to install Bootcamp and such docs. PM me if you need more.

Having to re-boot to get to the Windows side to play games is one reason to run a Mac version if available I find if you spend most of your non-gaming time on Mac OS like me. Ability to control which video chipset you use if so equipped (and hence control to some measure battery usage and temperature) on Mac side and not Windows OS is another reason to run on Mac side.

Con side is some games get ported to Mac years after Win version and lag in updates and etc. hence usually I find it's nice to have a Win version and stay with the pack, then get the Mac version later (if and when ported which still many never are) for the above reasons and hope it's a stable port after the fact by another company. Note: CMBN is pretty uniquely not like that at all - both versions were released together, updates are in synch, and guys like Phil Culliton bust it to answer questions and address anything on Mac side which there has been nothing on boards of since minor Lion compatibility thing way back was addressed promptly.

I'm running Mac version only of it and really enjoying it. I wish more companies released and supported war-games in dual OS mode like CMBN does so admirably.

Sorry to get off track on your specific situation.


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Unfortunately, there is no way right now for us to support a platform-independent CM:BN (or any other game, for that matter). The platform specifics regarding downloads, licensing and activation, as well as tech support, mean that effectively, these are two entirely different games that need to be purchased separately.

We do, however, offer a *small* discount if you own one and want the other, too. Go to www.battlefront.com/helpdesk, click on Submit Ticket, and ask for it.

For *future* releases, we're working on a platform independent system already, that would allow you to buy the game and switch between platforms.

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Bootcamp is easy to set up on your Mac - you have everything you need except a copy of Windows which is pricey.

The cheap way to get Windows is if you know an employee of Microsoft.

They have access to the employee store, and are encouraged to buy copies of Microsoft software for their friends.

Through the employee store, my ancient copy of Windows cost me around thirty bucks.

There is no reason to own both versions.

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